Volume 7 Issue 26a_Sun Bay Paper

The Sun Bay Paper Page 25 April 8, 2022 - April 14, 2022 Local Dent ist Helps Uninsured Adul ts Dr. Andrew Frey, Dental Assistants Alex and Ali and Dental dental care exclusively to Uninsured Adults in the Fort Myers area. Our facility is very modern but still modest while using the latest technology and treatment modalities. We focus on the technology that delivers the highest quality care without all the glitz and gadgetry that increase costs. This allows us to offer lower fees to serve the people in our community. Dr. Frey grew up in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, which has been ranked as the top dental school in the United States for the past four years, according to the QS World University Rankings. Dr. Frey comes from a family legacy of dental providers and has moved to Southwest Florida with his wife Valerie, currently a middle school teacher. After watching the dental profession change, we felt it had to be done a different way (A Non Insured Way). Patients often remark they find our office to be a breath of fresh air in an age where profit and greed driven corporations and insurance agencies are invading every aspect of our lives including our healthcare. Here at Independent Dental Care, we treat all patients like we would our own family and friends. Dental insurance itself is a huge clerical expense for a dental office. If we worked with insurance companies we would have to hire more people just to process and reprocess claims as the insurance companies decide the best treatment for the patient. Dr. Frey said in his opinion the entire concept of dental insurance has led to today’s inflated dental fees and a climate that encourages treatment based on fees rather than needs. The insurance system is a breeding ground for greed, fraud and prejudice. We see a number of new patients each week, yet have always been able to get people in for the emergency care they may need. “We explain to our patients that we don’t cut corners on treatment, care or materials”, said Dental Assistant Alex. “We provide ourselves in treating people, not just their teeth. We love dentistry and feel great about providing excellent care driven by our desire to help others.” Many of our patients are seniors or those with a very limited healthcare policy that gives them only a few benefits and then charges more for their other needs. We offer no gimmicks just to get you in the office. We offer only modern quality dental treatment at an affordable cost. Dr. Andrew Frey, D.D.S. License Number 22529 (239) 738 - 3523. 13611 McGregor Blvd. Suite 3, Fort Myers, FL 33919 Paid Advertisement ACROSS 1 Nick's barker 5 Doting 9 Ham it up 14 Ahab's crew 15 Mythical archer 16 Wanderer 17 Hebrew prophet 18 Kind of package 19 Take a turn 20 Jazz trumpeter 23Slipped 24 Christian god, in China 25 Ringlet 28 Took a break 32 Sideline support 35 Milan's USA locale 37 Egg cells 38 Jazz guitarist-singer 42 He thrilled 'em in Manila 43 Bottom or Ariel 44 Staffordshire river 45 Carny lingo 48 Earl _ Hines 50 Lather ingredient 52 Chef's utensils 56 Jazz and gospel singer 60 Deserve 61 Kind of rags 62 Pittsburgh suburb 63 Marry 64 Privileged person 65 Harvest 66 Extremely cold 67 Nicholas or Peter 68 Sch. term DOWN 1 In any way 2 Mead's setting 3 Bowler Guppy 4 Gave a hand 5 Phony appearance 6 Gen. Bradley 7 Standard 8 Prepare for eating 9 Dinner course 10 Blockheads 11 Tea-leaf reading 12 Citric quality 13 "Kookie" Byrnes 21 Saw: prefix 22 Palpitate 26 Aria, e.g. 27 Bookcase board 29 Popular bag 30 Score, at overtime 31 Feathered flier 32 Suffer windburn 33 Luau entertainment 34 Review articles 36 Inventor's need 39 Flynn, of film 40 Group character 41 Bloodhounds, e.g. 46 Gauguin's retreat 47 Tickled pink 49 Merchant 51 Henley crew 53 Ms. Lauder 54 Jaffe and Barrett 55 Pies 56 Early graffiti 57 Seed envelope 58 Word with a sob 59 Cuppa Joe 60 Make faces Solution to last weeks puzzle ‘Wherever’ on page 27