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IN MANYWAYS, Earth Day was born in the muck of an oil spill. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and has grown to be celebrated annually in more than 180 countries around the the world. Have you ever wondered how it got its start? Let's go back more than 50 years ago to the 1960s. It was a different world back then. There wasn't a smorgasbord of regulations limiting pollution from industry or cars, there was no Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, no Endangered Species Act to protect our most vulnerable animals. People grew frustrated with the pollution, smog, and lack of respect for the planet. But the 'final straw' came in early 1969. A well offshore near Santa Barbara, California leaked and began spewing out From Island to Bay, News on the Level Volume 7 Issue 25 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 Right... All Along Cont. pg 15 Production@sunbaypaper.com www.TheSunBayPaper.com 10 land and conservation easement acquisitions totaling more than 17,000 acres to preserve wildlife and natural habitats have been approved by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The land will be managed and monitored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Seven of the projects, totaling 16,706 acres, are in the Florida Wildlife Corridor. “These essential land and conservation easement acquisitions are important to protecting Florida's rich natural areas and will preserve Florida's critical ecosystems,” DeSantis said in a news release. "Since day one, my administration has prioritized protecting and restoring Florida's environment and natural resources." Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Shawn Hamilton said the state has approved over 113,000 acres of land and conservation easements for acquisition through the Florida Forever program since 2019. The state’s Florida Forever program is “transparent, accountable, and science-based,” Julie Wraithmell, executive director of I can sum up my response to the soaring price of gasoline in just one word: AARGH! While waiting for prices to come down (Do you think they will?), don't sit around complaining all the while paying through the nose to drive your car. There are lots of things you can do to increase the number of miles you can squeeze out of each gallon of gas, effectively reducing its cost. Here are a few ways to get better gas mileage: EMPTY THE TRUNK: Call it science. The heavier the car, The $80 million road construction project that started in November of 2015 to "modernize" the busiest stretch of FM Beach roadway in Lee County officially came to an end at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 30 when county and city officials and other dignitaries gathered in front of Charlie’s Boat House for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to signify the end of the historic road project which came in under budget and was completed early! A job well done, while the verdict is still out on the center lane pavers which most agree, will require maintenance, how much will remain to be determined in time, …..but I digress….. Warning! Warning! Warning! Do not attempt this yourself!...... but we made a special trip down to the end of the Island and back just to check it out and enjoy the construction free ride… (if you must,……. do as we did…. Wait at least until early evening… not to add to already bad seasonal traffic) The project was estimated to take 10 to 12 years and covered six miles of roadway, from Crescent Street to the end of the Island ran into many complications. Hurricanes, Covid-19, a two foot water table to name a few not to mention they had no documentation of what to expect under the asphalt. Some of the improvements to the road seem almost mundane or matter of fact to us who came from northern states. Sidewalks for instance… Hmmm sidewalks,…… really, well yes….it’s true we didn’t really have sidewalks, (if you pay attention you will notice many roadways in Fl, still do not have them) the gulf side of the road had mostly nothing north and south of DiamonHead and the bay side of the road had some sidewalks (closer to down town) but mostly, we had a line painted on the road which separated the road from the walking area, but now we have them…. Cool …. and on both sides of the road too… nice! Another nice improvement is that center turn lanes are now on much of the island, as well as ‘on the road’ bike lanes are now available for travel……. but only from Red Coconut RV Park to the South End of the Island, north of that you are to fend for yourself on the road, I recommend taking the whole lane, as much as I hate this myself when I’m driving…. I was recently squeezed off the road (by the library I think) as I attempted allow room for cars to travel next Cont. pg. 11 Happy Birthday: Earth Day Turns 52 Florida Approves 10 Land & Conservation Easement Acquisitions High Gas Prices: Improve Your Gas Mileage ! Cont. pg 10 Cont. pg 11 Estero Boulevard Improvement Project Comes to a Welcomed End! Aaahhhh! The joy of driving down Estero Blvd. without any road construction workers! FINALLY Taken, headed north..... on Estero Blvd before Santini Plaza

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The Sun Bay Paper Page 3 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 Love the convenience of Amazon.com and want to also support the nonprofit charity of your choice? The AmazonSmile Foundation gives 0.5 percent of your purchase price (minus shipping, handling, taxes and gift wrapping fees) to the charity of your choice. All you have to do is visit smile.amazon.com and select your charity. That's it! Just one simple move to support your favorite worthy cause. Many of us know not to flush old prescription pills and medications down the toilet, since pharmaceutical drugs can contaminate our water supply. But according to the Food and Drug Administration, you should also avoid disposing of old vitamins and herbal supplements this way. They, too, can contaminate our water supply and cause what they call "safety risks." Instead, mix old vitamins with coffee grinds and use a nonrecyclable container to dispose of them. You can also give a few multi-vitamins to household plants; they'll thrive from the nutritional boost. If you brew a pot of coffee every morning and have leftover java, save the brew to give your grill a good cleaning. The natural acids in coffee help break down grease, grime and other baked-on messes that have collected on your grill grates. Just pour lots of leftover coffee into a basin and soak the grill grates. Let them sit overnight, and rinse them off the next day. They'll be clean and ready for some barbecue. Coffee Cleaner A common barrier to recycling in the bathroom is the fact that most homeowners have a recycling bin only in their kitchen or garage. Luckily, there are many easy fixes to make recycling that shampoo bottle a routine habit. One way is to conceal plastic bins inside stylish baskets. Look for inexpensive recycling bins and find baskets that the bins fit snugly inside. If your bathroom has the space, designate one bin for extra storage (rolls of toilet paper or extra towels) and the other for recyclables. My go-to website, CareToRecycle.com, has tons more tips on how to be a more efficient recycler. Care to Recycle According to the animal advocacy website AcctPhilly.org, when you see a healthy cat wandering your neighborhood, it may be best to just leave it alone. Healthy felines who are not in danger are often best left alone so they can find their own way home. Trying to trap the cat and bring it to a shelter when it is not in need of medical care "is the least likely way for that cat to get home." But if you are concerned for the cat's safety (after being attacked by a dog, for example), you should intervene. Healthy Cat If you've ever had something shipped to you that needed to stay frozen or icy cold, it probably came with frozen gel packs. The blue liquid "gel" inside the packs can be kept frozen, and the packs can be reused over and over again in a cooler for your picnic, for example. But if you want to get rid of the packs, go ahead and let them thaw. Open the packets with scissors, and let the liquid go down the drain. It's completely nontoxic. The empty plastic pouches can be recycled with plastic shopping bags at grocery stores. Danny Seo Gel Goes Down Drain In the spring and summer months, you may keep lighter fluid or oil for tiki torches outdoors to make lastminute backyard soirees a breeze to put together. But these items are considered hazardous chemicals and should not be stored outside. According to the EPA, hazardous chemicals should be stored in covered areas to avoid rainfall. When rainwater mixes with flammable or toxic chemicals, it can carry the chemical mixture into the ground or make it nearly impossible to clean up. Impossible Cleanup Old Vitamins Smile Foundation

WHY…would America’s leaders, destroy our energy independence…forcing us to buy products, produced by our enemies, and again, make us dependent on those who want to kill us…Russia, China, Iran, OPEC?! WHY…would those same leaders, destroy the security we had on America’s Southern borders and allow the good, the bad and the worst bad, unchecked into our Nation … by open borders… and prevent our border protectors (Border Patrol, ICE, Customs, Immigration) from doing their jobs? WHY…would those same leaders, direct America into a direction of certain failure by reducing our power plant output by over 45% (from 2008 to 2016, Obama’s war on US Fossil Fuel production), and at the same time increase the demand for electric power by becoming dependent on electric powered transportation, all at a time that the leaders have NO REPLACEMENT for the electric power they have taken away and continue to take away? If you can grasp this concept, the OVERTHROW of your Constitutional Republic…you will completely understand what they are up to… A relatively small group of Radical, “Progressive”, liberals lead by a former president, Hussein Obama , have gained control of your government by numerous, deceptive, surreptitious, fraudulent, illegal methods that are working, funded by a very wealthy Oligarch. An oligarch is a word that refers to wealthy elites, people who don’t just hold power and money but who control enough resources to influence politics or government in a meaningful way. This Obama led coalition, in my opinion, is directing Biden’s every move. Obama is doing all he can to, “Fundamentally change America”, his words, into a Socialist, Islamic State, my words! They have convinced a relatively small group, combined of some ignorant, greedy and corrupt… followers, who have gained power by various methods. By using the deceptions of Global Warming (now defunct), which has been replaced by the “control” of Climate Change (an impossible task)…some have gained great, personal wealth and power on their way to making America the Socialist nation, that Obama desires. See, if any, elected officials or the Obama and Biden families have invested in Electric Transportation, in China, Russia, or any other foreign governments…one way or another! Look no further, though, than Hunter Biden’s emails which will be prima facie evidence in the trial of his entire crime family! Once you grasp that concept…which, to most of America, is obvious…then, all the rest makes sense. Just follow Obama’s stated beliefs in the teachings of his Mohamed/Allah and his two favorite Professors, Cloward and Piven! They explain how to “Fundamentally Change America, into a Socialist nation, by bankrupting all our social systems and give away programs”… by flooding America’s borders, and spending her into oblivion…cut off electric power, cut off food supplies, and do anything that helps CREATE CHAOS! Now …what if the majority of Scientists, power experts and most of Americans, including me, all say that… 1-To stop fossil fuel energy, production, before replacing that power with reliable electric power, is a direct road to disaster for America? 2-Neither Solar nor Wind power are capable, from a Science, cost, reliability, or mathematical perspective…of EVER becoming a replacement for fossil fuels… augment… maybe… but replace…NEVER! From a column on 1/15/22 by Dr Jay Lehr and Tom Harris, Geo Engineer, Heartland Institute, and well respected scientists, both… “Electric Cars will never become the mainstream of transportation…” “ In order to match the 2,000 cars that a typical filling station can service in a busy 12 hours (on fossil fuel), an EV(Electric Vehicle) charging station would require 600, 50-watt chargers at an estimated cost of $24 million and a supply of 30 megawatts of power from the grid. That is enough, to power 20,000 homes”. That folks is ONE “gas” station for EVs! I’m not an expert on the environment, even though I created and then Directed the FBI Environmental Crimes Program for the entire Western District of NY (all 17 counties) and was at that time, an expert on Environmental Crimes such as “Clean air” and Clean Water”, both Statutes of the EPA Big 8 Laws… but with a Bachelor’s of Science in Metallurgy and a minor in Chemistry I can safely say that ,based upon today’s technology the ONLY current and viable replacement for fossil fuel is nuclear power and I defy any scientist to disprove that! Just add it up…it takes a 75 amp service JUST for one, EV charger to charge 1 car overnight! No neighborhoods in the US have the line power to charge more than about 6 cars in a single neighborhood block. How many cars in your neighborhood? The average electric service to an American home, is currently 100 amp service! The power lines, the transfer stations, the transformers ALL, must be updated/replaced, if we had the power output…which we do not! There’s more bad news… many of those millions of transformers still contain PCBs, Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls…a coolant, bi product from Agent Orange and extremely hazardous, carcinogen …that cannot be land filled…what to do with all that…geniuses? There isn’t enough power, now, on the 3 Grids, right now to provide 100% of the power America needs, NOW! Grasp that very true FACT!! That’s because of what…and this is an indisputable fact…because of what Hussein Obama ,on his own, by executive orders and by weaponing the EPA... shut down… some 45% of the fossil fuel electric power plants (coal, oil and Natural gas), from 2008 to 2016. When he took office we had 125% Grid capacity…when he left, he had reduced it to 85% of needed Grid capacity…we are, right now …at least 15% SHORT of what we need…so what happens…brown outs and catastrophes like Texas?! Obama shut down fossil fuel plants and built Solar and Wind! Remember Solyndra? They received a $535 million loan and 3 months BEFORE they filed for Bankruptcy, Obama gave them another $500,000!! Neither worked because in storms, there’s no sun and too much wind…duh! That’s coming to your neighborhood soon…if Biden/Obama, et al, continue to Rule America…my opinion! All because of Climate Change….folks smarten up… chickens don’t have lips…the moon is not made of cheese…you can’t pick up a piece of poop from the clean end AND we cannot control Climate Change!? If Mother Nature wants snow, rain, wind, calm, hot or cold…she will get it… no matter what scientific scholars/geniuses like Hussein Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and AOC have to say! You “Green Morons”, have no idea what you are doing! Science hasn’t figured out how to dispose of Lithium ion used-up batteries…they can’t bury them nor burn them …so now what? What will you do when you find out how much more toxic, carcinogenic, dangerous, as well as 1000s of times as costly it is to dispose of lithium ion batteries which also contain toxic cadmium and cobalt, known carcinogenic elements! Compare that to the by-product of fossil fuel…Carbon Dioxide, which produces oxygen for you to breathe and grows green life…all your food!! The ….ium elements, kill people, fossil fuels safely provide life’s needs!! You have it all up-sidedown! Of all the fuels that the world uses to produce power…the most available, least expensive are also…the least damaging…Water for Hydro Power and, you guessed it …Fossil Fuels…morons…I swear!!! Fossil fuels ARE the only true Green power source! therightsidejgarydilaura.com J.Gary DiLaura FBI RED Retired Extremely Dangerous The Sun Bay Paper Page 4 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 The Right Side WHY…

This April, don’t be a fool, travel to Fort Myers Beach and visit the iconic Mound House! One of Southwest Florida’s most-beloved historic attractions. As the oldest standing structure on Estero Island, the Mound House traces its roots to the ancient Calusa of over 2,000 years ago. Operated by the Town of Fort Myers Beach as a museum complex and cultural and environmental learning experience that offers numerous monthly fun and educational programs, including for children. An April highlight is the next Mound House Lecture with Dr. Michelle LeFebvre for adults only on Tuesday, April 12, with the reception at 5:30 p.m. and program from 6 to 7 p.m. Dr. LeFebvre is the Assistant Curator of South Florida Archaeology & Ethnography collections. She investigates longterm trends in human procurement, consumption and use of natural resources to better understand and model relationships between humans and their environment through time. Due to limited seating, advance registrations are necessary at 239-7650865; $7-per-person for Mound House members & $12-per-person for non-members, with all unvaccinated guests encouraged to wear masks. The Mound House is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., enforces Social Distancing guidelines and requests that all unvaccinated visitors wear masks. It is at 451 Connecticut Street with overflow parking at 216 Connecticut. Admission is $10 for ages 13 & up, $8 for students with IDs, $5 ages 6 to 12, and 5 & under free, with Fort Myers Beach residents receiving a 50% museum admission discount. For information, reservations, and a monthly programs schedule, call 239-765-0865 or see www.moundhouse.org. Shell Mound Tour For all ages Tuesdays through Saturdays at 11 am & 1 pm. If you dig archaeology, the Mound House’s signature program is for you! Tour the one-of-a-kind underground 2,000-year-old Calusa Indian Shell Mound, explore the site’s archaeology to unearth clues about this ancient society. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission; Free for members.. FREE: Newton Beach Park Guided Beach Walk For all ages Tuesdays and Thursdays weather permitting at 9 am. This twice-weekly free outdoor nature program is different every single time, walk roughly a half-mile down the beach and back, discussing whatever you find that morning. Meet at the thatched hut closest to the beach, with Social Distancing in place. Bring sunscreen, shoes to get wet, sunglasses and hat. No reservations necessary; while free, parking is $5-per-hour, with one hour generally enough. Newton Beach Park, 4650 Estero Boulevard. Cool Calusa Tools For families with children ages 6 & older Tues., Thurs., & Sat. at 10 a.m. Learn to hunt, fish, and make masks and pottery, just like the Calusa! In this exciting hands-on tour of the Mound House grounds where staff demonstrate Calusa tools and artifacts, then help you make Calusa-inspired artwork where your imagination runs wild! $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, Free for members. Guided Kayak Tour For ages 12 & up every Wednesday through Saturday at 9 a.m. Explore the winding mangrove creeks and hidden waters of the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve as only a kayaker can on this Environmental Educator-guided tour of the ancient realm of the Calusa! Witness birds, fish, manatee and dolphins as you paddle through the natural beauty of Estero and Hell Peckney Bays in a tandem kayak. All paddling & safety equipment provided; $45-per-person with Mound House members $15 that includes Mound House admission. Advance reservations necessary at: moundhouse.org. Untold Stories Tour For adults, every Thursday at 2 p.m. The Mound House is the oldest standing structure on Fort Myers Beach, with an intriguing cast of characters who called it home, ranging from farmers to casino owners; scientists to developers! Learn about their individual stories along with a good dose of island history on this guided tour through the Mound House Museum, native gardens, and majestic grounds. Adults $15; Mound House members free. Garden Tour For all ages Tues. & Fri., at 2 p.m. Stroll through the Mound House gardens to discover how its unique plants conserve water and protect wildlife, while learning how the Calusa and other Native Americans used them in their daily lives. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission; Mound House members free, with Social Distancing guidelines in place. Family Fun Kayak Tour For ages 6 & up weather permitting every Wed., Thurs & Sat.,at 2 p.m. This specially-designed Environmental Educator-guided kayak tour is perfect fun for families with children ages 6 & up! See birds, dolphins, manatee, and other wildlife while paddling through the Estero Bay mangroves. $25-per-person ages 13 & up; $15-per-person ages 6 to 12 that includes Mound House admission. Equipment provided. Advance registrations necessary at www.moundhouse.org. Archaeology: Can You Dig It? For all ages every April Wednesday & Friday at 10 a.m. Learn what it takes to be an archaeologist! Handle real artifacts and discover how archaeologists study past cultures in a program perfect for families. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, Mound House members free Sunset Kayak Tour Ages 12 & up weather permitting on Fridays, April 1, at 5:45 p.m.; and April 8, at 6 p.m. In addition to catching a breathtaking sunset, explore the tidal creeks and winding mangrove tunnels that extend into the hidden backwaters of Estero Bay while experiencing the estuary’s abundant wildlife in the quiet of twilight. Equipment provided. $45-per-person; Mound House members $15, with advance registrations necessary at moundhouse.org. Latino History Tour For all ages on Saturday, April 2, and Wednesday, April 6 at 2 p.m. Perfect for Florida history buffs! Learn about the Latino fishing village known as a “Rancho” that existed on the shell mound between the ancient Calusa and Anglo-Pioneer eras. Explore the site’s archaeology and history through unearthed clues about this multicultural society. $5-per-person that does not include Mound House admission, Free for members. FREE: Caloosa Carvers For all ages on Tuesdays, April 5 & 19, from 9 a.m. to Noon April is your final opportunity this tourism season to learn more about woodcarving firsthand from the local group of woodcarvers who made some of the Calusa replica artifacts for Mound House exhibits and programs. If you miss the Caloosa Carvers this month, they do not return to the Mound House grounds until December! Gary Mooney The Sun Bay Paper Page 5 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 A Tourism & Environmental Smorgasbord

Gitmo: Bush and His Torturers The Sun Bay Paper Page 6 Last week, prosecutors and defense counsel at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, completed three weeks of plea negotiations. At the end of the three weeks, the military judge presiding over the trials of the five plotters of the attacks on 9/11 signed an order reflecting that progress had been made and anticipating a continuation of the negotiations in May. Among the defendants is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the admitted and acknowledged mastermind of the attacks. All five have been defendants in the same capital murder prosecution for 10 years. None has had a jury trial. What were the lawyers negotiating? Here is the backstory. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush opened a military prison at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to house persons arrested for 9/11-related attacks and other acts in what he called the war on terror. Bush believed that since Cuba is outside the United States, the Constitution would not restrain the government there, federal laws would not apply there and federal judges could not interfere with the government's behavior there. Bush's CIA began a program of systematic torture of detainees by CIA and foreign intelligence personnel at so-called black sites in foreign countries. Much of the torture was inflicted on people who knew nothing of value to the CIA. The victims of CIA torture, whether they had information of value or not and whether they revealed what they had or not, were transferred to Gitmo. Bush's extraconstitutional behavior embraced the false belief — soon corrected by the U.S. Supreme Court — that it could confine detainees without charges for the remainder of their lives. While the foreign torture was being conducted by the CIA on some detainees and others were being housed at Gitmo, the U.S. military tried its hand at torturing some of the prisoners it was supposed to be protecting. When FBI agents arrived at Gitmo to interrogate detainees and informed them of their right to counsel, the torture stopped; it is a federal crime. The prisoners secured lawyers who filed complaints with the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., which was assigned to hear these cases. The complaints revealed horrific torture, and they were met with the government's horrific and tortured interpretations of the Constitution. In six cases that eventually found their way to the Supreme Court, the detainees argued that their constitutionally protected rights to due process had been violated. The Bush administration argued that the judicial branch had no jurisdiction over the government's behavior at Gitmo, because Gitmo is outside the U.S. It also argued that, even if federal courts did have jurisdiction over the government at Gitmo, the detainees had no valid claims to present to the courts because the Constitution only protects Americans. Congress jumped into this fray by suspending the right to habeas corpus for those at Gitmo. The right to habeas corpus is an ancient personal right in which the prisoner may compel his jailer to bring the prisoner to a neutral judge and legally justify the prisoner's confinement. The Constitution permits Congress to suspend habeas corpus only when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it. The Bush administration lost five of six Gitmo cases in the Supreme Court. The case it won involved the location at which a detainee who is an American citizen was to be tried. The jurisprudence of the remaining five cases held that wherever the government goes and confines people against their will, the Constitution goes with it, since all who exercise government power have taken an oath to do so consistent with the Constitution. Moreover, since there was no invasion or rebellion at Gitmo, the suspension of habeas corpus was nullified. The court held that since the two operative amendments to the Constitution — the Fourth and the Fifth — protect all "people" and every "person" from the government, their protections are not limited to Americans only. All this litigation eventually forced the government to commence the process for military jury trials with the full panoply of constitutional protections. Gitmo was established by Bush's executive order on Jan. 11, 2002. In 20 years, there have been no jury trials of any 9/11 defendants. Now, back to the current negotiations. They were initiated by the government because the Departments of Defense and Justice — after continual changes of judicial and prosecutorial personnel — now no longer want to try anyone, particularly those defendants who have been tortured. That's so because numerous military judges at Gitmo have consistently ruled that defendants may subpoena records of their torture and inform juries of it. Those of us who believe that the Constitution means what it says argued that 9/11 was a series of federal crimes and the defendants should have been accorded constitutional protection from Bush's torturers and tried in federal courts where their alleged crimes occurred — in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Had the feds done that, these cases would have been completed, and the defendants either convicted or acquitted, and the government would not be spending $100 million a year on Gitmo. But Bush's disdain for constitutional norms has wrecked the rule of law in these cases and made it nearly impossible to try any of them — thus, the plea negotiations that are now under way. The lawyers are negotiating dropping the death penalty and protecting the defendants' religious liberties, medical treatment and creature comforts in prison, in return for guilty pleas. The fanaticism of George W. Bush — under whose incompetent watch the attacks of 9/11 occurred and who killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to produce regime change because Saddam Hussein "tried to kill my daddy" — continues to haunt and demean the American judicial system. Because Bush irreparably assaulted the Constitution he swore to uphold, the government is afraid to try the men who killed 3,000 Americans. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022

ASK THE DOCTORS Getting the perfect swing can be downright painful when golfer’s elbow makes an appearance. This condition is painful and debilitating from inflammation of muscles and tendons caused by overuse, also known as repetitive stress/strain injury. Although it’s named for the sports which often cause the problem, there are many causes for it. Keep on reading to find out how massage can help ease pain and fast-track recovery. The Mayo Clinic describes it as: Golfer's elbow is a condition that causes pain where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the bony bump on the inside of your elbow. The pain might spread into your forearm and wrist. Golfer's elbow is similar to tennis elbow, which occurs on the outside of the elbow. It's not limited to golfers. Tennis players and others who repeatedly use their wrists or clench their fingers also can develop golfer's elbow. The pain of golfer's elbow doesn't have to keep you off the course or away from your favorite activities. Rest and appropriate treatment can get you back into the swing of things. It’s categorized by: • Pain and tenderness. Usually felt on the inner side of your elbow, the pain sometimes extends along the inner side of your forearm. Pain typically worsens with certain movements. • Stiffness. Your elbow may feel stiff, and making a fist might hurt. • Weakness. You may have weakness in your hands and wrists. • Numbness or tingling. These sensations might radiate into one or more fingers -usually the ring and little fingers. And symptoms can also include hand, wrist, shoulder, and neck pain. How massage can help with golfer’s elbow Treatment for muscle and tendon overuse and repetitive strain injuries calls for soft-tissue experts, and massage therapists are uniquely suited and extensively trained to address these exact conditions. Your massage therapist will evaluate the level of tenderness at the elbow, as well as any pain or dysfunction in the hand, wrist, and shoulder. He or she will assess your range of motion, ask about the symptoms you have experienced, and what activities precipitate or exacerbate your pain. Your massage therapist will use this information to plan a treatment protocol to reduce or eliminate pain, restore function to your elbow joint, and allow you to return to normal activity. Armando’s is well known for their massage, located at 2101 Estero Blvd on Fort Myers Beach. in the same location and family owned for over 21 years You can reach them at: 239-483-1200, go to: www.armandosdayspa.com Or Just Search “Best Massage” on the web.... Dear Doctor: I'm about to turn 60, and when I spend the afternoon playing with my 7- and 9-year-old grandsons, I'm wiped out. Is there anything that I can do to feel and be more energetic? I want to be an active grandmother and not just sit on the sidelines. Dear Reader: We'd like to begin by reassuring you -- it's the rare adult who can match the activity level of a young child, who is basically a marvel of perpetual motion. However, your question does address certain realities of older adulthood. As we age, particularly when we reach our 60s and beyond, certain changes begin to take place in our bodies. We experience a decrease in muscle mass, which results in a loss of both strength and balance. A change to sleep patterns, including less deep sleep and more frequent awakenings during the night, can cause fatigue, a drop in mental sharpness and even lead to depression. Add in the various other changes that take place in the aging heart and brain, and the result is often a feeling of low energy. Lifestyle plays a role as well. For many adults, older age or retirement means less daily contact with a variety of people, less decision-making, a lower level of physical activity and even less time spent outdoors. As you suspected, there are some simple steps you can take to feel better. -- Eating a diet based on lean proteins, healthful fats, a variety of high-fiber fruits and vegetables, and limited added sugars. -- Drink enough water. It's easy to forget to stay adequately hydrated. (And no, diet and caffeinated beverages don't count. In fact, they can act as diuretics and result in net fluid loss.) -- No smoking. Not only does smoking tobacco quite dramatically cut down on your lung capacity, it is a risk factor in heart disease and many cancers. -- Get enough vitamin D, which is essential to bone health and helps with depression. Spending time in sunlight or taking a supplement are necessary for adequate vitamin D. -- Make daily exercise a priority. Walking is an excellent way to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. It takes no equipment, is low-stress, and can be done with a partner or in a group. Yoga is a great for both the body and the mind. Weightbearing exercises are also important to muscle and bone strength, and to stability. -- Avoid constipation. Diet, exercise and adequate water will put you on the path to regularity. If you find you're still having trouble, the occasional use of a fiber supplement and a stool softener can be helpful. -- Be creative about getting enough sleep. Daytime naps can make a big difference. If napping isn't in your skill set, simply taking the time to lie down with your eyes closed for five or 10 minutes can leave you refreshed. Taken as a whole, these changes to your daily routine can help you feel more energetic -- and help you to keep up with your grandsons. Massage For Golfers Elbow Tips on Staying Active and Refreshed After 60 Eve Glazier, M.D., MBA, and Elizabeth Ko, M.D. Sun Bay Paper Available Do you like this News Paper? Interested in having your own Franchise in your hometown or in taking over this one? 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Recently, The New York Times quietly admitted the Hunter Biden Laptop-from-Hell was real. The laptop was originally announced to the world three critical weeks before the US 2020 election. It should have been one of the hottest election scandals in history — bigger than Watergate. Instead, with one voice, and no questions asked, nearly every media outlet immediately knew it was a “Russian fake”. And now, the polls are showing that most of the voters believe President Biden is implicated, that it is a very important story, and half of America thinks Trump would have won if the media had told the full story of the Hunter Biden Laptop and the evidence on it. Of 1,000 US voters polled by Rasmussen Reports, 66% believe the laptop story is important and 48% percent say it is “very important,” according to the survey published Thursday. The poll found 65% of voters believe it is “likely” President Biden was consulted about — and potentially even profited from — his son’s foreign deals. By contrast, 28% say it’s unlikely Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings at all. Most shockingly, the Rasmussen survey revealed that almost half of Americans (48%) believe Trump would have won a second term if the media had fully reported on the laptop’s revelations rather than ignoring and attempting to suppress them. The FBI had the lap top for at least ten months and said nothing while the Democrats picked the oldest, corruptest candidate they could find. This week, under questioning, the FBI still claimed to know nothing about it! Everything is broken, Not only was the son of the Vice President selling US policy for family favors, but the Times, America’s supposed historic Masthead of Record had covered up for the crooks, deceived the public, and withheld the full story, and so had most of the other newspapers and chat shows, and worse, so had the FBI. National security was for sale, domestic security was a bomb crater, the media and the FBI were effectively rigging the election outcome for their own agendas, and currently half of the nation thinks the wrong guy is President. These are the moments in history when soldiers wonder what they are risking their lives for. If there is no reckoning — the US, the whole West, risks a phase change from “high trust” to low trust — when everyone knows everyone else is on the take — a whole cohort of honest people flip in the middle — and bribes for business become the norm, not the exception. It doesn’t have to be this way. But justice must be done, as more Americans learn about the scandal and draw negative conclusions about Biden’s integrity, the White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the dam is about to burst. For 17 months, Joe Biden and his aides have ignored the scandal, broken by The Post three weeks before the 2020 election. They have denied their revelations, refused to respond to their questions, told lies, and relied on their media and Big Tech allies to censor and cover up credible allegations of corruption involving the president and his family. It’s still happening! An exclusive Rasmussen poll obtained by The Post shows a staggering 65% of voters believe it is “likely” that Joe Biden was involved in — and may have profited from — his son Hunter’s overseas business deals; 48% say it is “very likely.”........48% And as a grand jury in Delaware moves closer to potentially indicting Hunter, 52, over alleged tax evasion, money laundering and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, pressure is mounting on the president finally to explain his role in the international influence-peddling scheme run by his son and his brother Jim Biden while he was vice president. The laptop, along with evidence provided by Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, and Treasury documents provided to a Senate inquiry, reveal millions of dollars flowing to the Biden family and associates from dubious foreign sources, including three flashpoint countries vital to US national security: Russia, Ukraine and China. Evidence also exists showing that Joe Biden financially benefited from his then-drug-addicted son’s overseas business dealings — perhaps by several million dollars. One of the few to report it, timely and accurately was The Post, which was promptly blocked from Twitter during the last two crucial election weeks. But hey, Jack Dorsey admitted it was “wrong” and reversed it — after most of the postal votes were sent in. The last question, is the NY Times admitting this now because the court is about to indict Hunter, and they didn’t want to look silly, or are they paving the way for his dad’s replacement? The Sun Bay Paper Page 8 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 Letters To The Editor Editorial To the Editor, I am dumbfounded and astounded at the position that Disney has taken on Florida HB 1557. When raising children if there is even a modest concern on making a decision about their best long term development, one should ALWAYS weigh in on the side of being conservative. Youngsters DO NOT need to be sexually tutored that early in life. There are more important things they need to absorb than what kind of sex they are, or who has two mommies or daddies….….and why. A corporation like Disney that exhibits the morals of a Harvey Weinstein do not deserve the business of people of the general public and more specifically those citizens of Florida. We shall govern our state with overall support of it’s citizens without input from some Goofey woke leftists. My wife and I were planning a trip to Disney World. We may reconsider. If at least one member of your BoD wishes to see some of the public’s thoughtful responses to your CEO’s position on HB1557 please share the above. George Ballantyne – Fort Myers Beach, Florida Ed. Note: We agree whole heartedly, Why are we even contemplating discussing such things with K-3rd graders ... just the fact that we needed to pass HB 1557 is the real problem if you ask me! George sent this email to responsibility@twdc.com ... The Walt Disney Company and to us to share........ To the Editor: The 5-week water war over Senate Bill 2508 has slowed to a simmer in the public forum. Thanks to the outpouring of public opposition, this bad water bill was stripped down to a shell, removing most of the harmful Everglades language. Floridians were able to protect Florida’s water from yet another political scheme intended to preserve the status quo water mismanagement which has destroyed our economy and quality of life for far too long. From our entire team at Captains For Clean Water, all thanks go to you—our friends, supporters, partners, and every concerned citizen who spoke up, showed up, and took action. Without you, this unfortunate bill would have been fast-tracked into law with devastating consequences for the Everglades and our water. Alycia Downs Captains For Clean Water Ed. Note: The efforts of your organization, and we in local media have helped stifle this terrible bill...... see page 12 for more info on this. Quote of the Week “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” - SorenKierkegaard The information contained in this publication is for informational, educational, general information, and entertainment purposes only and is never intended to constitute medical or legal advice or to replace the personalized care of a primary care practitioner or legal expert. 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The Sun Bay Paper Page 10 April 1, 2022 - April 7, 2022 America Guarantees Swift Justice, Yet Hundreds of Alleged J6 Participants Remain Jailed All that’s been going on in Ukraine and with the Supreme Court nomination hearings has relegated the January 6 (J6) investigation to being little more than background noise. It’s time to direct attention to the aftermath of that unfortunate day. First, let’s recall some of what led up to that day. Trump came onto the scene in 2015 as a nouveau populist presidential candidate – rude, crude, disagreeable, and too often outrageous. He appealed to Americans who believed our government wasn’t listening to them. He became president because he talked about popular ideas, and support for him grew as he delivered on many of his promises. Supporters of Trump grew in number, but so did detractors, many becoming bitter enemies. His conservative policies often got tangled up with his controversial style, causing a myriad of negative characterizations and accusations – some false, some speculative, and others well deserved. Uncertain supporters still struggle with deciding whether he was a breath of fresh air, or a puff of bad breath. The year prior to Biden’s inauguration demonstrates the chaos and controversy Trump consistently attracted, including: the fraudulent Steele Dossier and related Russian collusion scam, pandemic related controversies, two unsuccessful impeachment trials, George Floyd dying at the hands of the police, months of street violence, radical movements to defund police departments, and a divisive and controversial presidential election. Finally, the chaos of January 6 arrived. The mostly peaceful demonstrations of outrage following George Floyd’s death were soon hijacked by thugs and anarchists. Burning, looting, and destruction lasted months with little resistance from far too many intimidated governors and mayors. Sadly, the biggest losers were minority businesses and homeowners. The Biden campaign was virtually silent about these events, except for Kamala Harris who enthusiastically provided financial support to arrested rioters. Understanding what happened and how, is essential to prevent repeating mistakes. Our 16th president offered insight. In his “Lyceum Address” Lincoln’s message was that mobs beget mobs, and violence is dangerously contagious. The country’s mood eventually led to unrest and conflict from radicals of both political extremes. The 2020 summer riots lasted 7 months, approximately two dozen were killed, over 150 federal properties were damaged or destroyed. State and local properties were destroyed, along with thousands of small businesses and homes. Property damage was in the billions of dollars. J6 lasted a few hours, damage to the Capitol was limited, and the only direct casualties were Trump supporters - one shot by a panicked Capitol policeman, the other was crushed under a pile of demonstrators. Guns were not an issue as only one was confiscated from the demonstrators. The symbolism of the event is important however, and it significantly magnifies the importance of those few hours. Several hundred Trump supporters were involved in the Capitol break-in. Virtually all other supporters immediately, and consistently thereafter, condemned the event. Trump’s actions at the rally that day were reckless, but I’m betting even he was shaken by what happened. He reacted slowly, the result was disastrous, and he’s paying a high price. “Mobs beget mobs.” Selective outrage is dangerously contagious. A few hundred radical Trump supporters were swept up in a destructive cycle encouraged by the virtually unopposed summer riots, culminating in the reckless actions of January 6, 2020. America guarantees swift justice, yet hundreds of alleged J6 participants remain jailed under squalid conditions with no trial date set. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee proposed putting one Trump supporting Senator on the “no fly” list. Some democrats have suggested retributions against all who supported Trump. Some organizations want to taint all 75 million Trump voters. I’m reminded of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Scarlet Letter.” Imagine Trump supporters being required to wear a scarlet “T.” Public shaming is happening. We’re now in the formative stage for proceedings in the House investigative hearings. Controversial issues abound, starting with the selection of only two republicans for the committee. And those two are devoted Trump haters. Where will this end? Suppression of freedom and liberty would be the worst possible result. Watch for political wildfire by the time the summer and fall campaign season hits full speed. I’m looking forward to assessing the House Select Committee proceedings – coming soon. myslantonthings.com Steve Bakke, Fort Myers Florida Land & Conservation Easement Acquisitions Audubon Florida, said. “… The most important places are being protected for a reasonable price, and willing sellers can be confident their projects are evaluated on their merits.” Land acquisitions were approved for five Florida Forever projects. They include property within the Wolfe Creek Forest project, the Wakulla Springs Protection Zone project, the Pumpkin Hill Creek project, areas in the state’s Strategic Managed Area Lands List, and a part of the Florida Keys Ecosystem. Conservation Florida CEO Traci Deen said the approved projects “are examples of the power of partnership between agencies, nonprofit land trusts and landowners – and how beneficial it is to the protection of Florida’s biodiversity, wildlife corridor, water and rural lands.” In the Wolfe Creek Forest project, 3,610 acres were approved adjacent to Blackwater River State Forest. It’s part of a large-phased landscape acquisition partnership among the DEP’s Division of State Lands, Santa Rosa County, the U.S. Navy and others. In the Wakulla Springs Protection Zone project, 313 acres were acquired to help connect the Wakulla State Forest north to south from the Leon-Wakulla County line south to the existing WSF. Preserving this area will “help provide a vital linkage, additional public access and recreational opportunities within WSF, and protect the vital water resources of Wakulla Springs, the Wakulla River, St. Marks River and Apalachee Bay estuary,” the governor’s office said. Within the Pumpkin Hill Creek project, 241 acres were approved as part of the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park. Within it are four known archaeological sites that contain evidence of human history dating back 4,000 years. The acquisition falls in the Seven Creeks Recreation Area, including creeks, preserves and parks managed by local, state and federal governments and local non-profit organizations. Within the Florida Forever program’s Strategic Managed Area Lands List, another 160 acres were approved. It’s “critical for the overall protection of the regional water supply as well as the entire Floridan Aquifer,” the governor’s office said. The acquisition allows the property “to remain in its natural state, aiding in water resource sustainability by restricting development, preserving natural systems and promoting water retention and aquifer recharge.” Another 2.85 acres was acquired to add to the Florida Keys Wildlife and Environmental Area. The approved projects are a “win for Swallow-tailed Kites, black bears, water quality, climate resilience and the natural heritage of all Floridians," Wraithmell said. Five conservation easements were approved, including within the Fisheating Creek Ecosystem project, the Red Hills Conservation project, Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem project and two projects in the FDACS Rural and Family Lands Protection Program. More than 864 acres were approved for the Fisheating Creek Ecosystem project designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as habitat critical to the endangered Florida panther. It’s an 11-mile-long by one-mile-wide wildlife corridor around Chaparral Slough, a tributary to Cypress Branch. More than 4,132 acres in the Red Hills Conservation project were approved. It's an area that’s been used for agriculture and recreational hunting since the early 1900s. The acquisition will protect the region, preserve archaeological and historic sites, and increase the amount of natural forestland available to sustainable management of natural resources. Another 354 acres in the Lake Wales Ridge Ecosystem were also approved. It includes property contiguous to Highlands Hammock State Park and falls within the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. Two easements were also approved for the FDACS Rural and Family Lands Protection Program: 932 acres for the Todd Clemons Unit 1 project and 501 acres for the Charlie Creek Cattle Company project. The first includes 40 acres of wetlands with numerous creeks that contribute to the flow of the Kissimmee River. The second will now protect 67% of the Charlie Creek Cattle Company project. Charlie Creek, a tributary of the Peace River, flows through the property for more than three miles. Bethany Blankley The Center Square Cont. from pg 1