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Big Tech’s battle against disinformation can start with a long look in the mirror. While tech execu- tives have often warned that unfounded claims on social media damage our democ- racy, they’ve been the loud- est peddlers of misinformation against Par- ler, an up-and-coming social media platform. Corporate execu- tives at Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook all claimed Parler did nothing to stop the riots at the United States Capitol. This was their justification for ef- fectively de-platforming Parler and its 15 million users. These claims even be- came the foundation of a Congressional investigation into Parler’s role during the riots. The investigation’s findings so far are bad for Big Tech and vindication for the small startup. In a letter to the House Oversight and Re- form Committee, Parler re- vealed that it was monitoring users to identify potential threats, despite claims from Big Tech exec- utives that Parler failed to moderate content. Not only did Parler identify danger- ous content, but it also warned the FBI more than 50 times about potential threats against the Capitol. Parler also high- lighted the arrest records from the Department of Jus- tice showing that Facebook was mentioned by alleged rioters nearly 11 times more often than Parler. YouTube, a product of Google, and In- stagram, a product of Face- book, received more than double the mentions of Par- ler, as did Twitter. The reality is the op- posite of the narrative that Big Tech corporations quickly spun after Jan. 6. At the time, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg speculated -- without evidence – that small platforms like Parler were the platforms of choice for the rioters. Google and Apple cited Parler's alleged failure to moderate content as the justification for its re- moval. Why did these cor- porations each take steps to disparage and de-platform Parler when their own plat- forms were just as culpable – if not more? There are both profit and ideological motives. Big Tech, which over- whelmingly donates to left- wing politicians, could kill two birds with one stone by snuffing out the platform of choice for many conserva- tives. In a continuing effort to motivate our residents and visi- tors to personally get involved, we are covering the water issue on all fronts to keep all of you informed on what is happening and again asking you follow up with your representatives in Govt. to let them know we are not going to let up on this issue ... see the end of this article to get information on how you, yourself can help. A component of the larger Central Everglades Plan- ning Project (CEPP), which also includes the Everglades Agri- cultural Area (EAA) Reservoir Project. CEPP to help deliver additional clean water from Lake Okeechobee south to Water Conservation Area 3, Everglades National Park and Florida Bay is underway to re- move about 5 miles of old road bed of the old Tamiami Trail, the plan is to improve water flow south to Everglades Na- tional Park. “Protecting Florida’s natural resources for future gen- erations has been a priority of my administration since day one,” said Governor Ron De- Santis on March 30, during a ceremony at the site. “At my direction, the Florida Depart- ment of Environmental Protec- tion and the South Florida Water Management District continue to prioritize expediting crucial Everglades and water quality projects including the removal of roadbed from the old Tami- ami Trail. This project which will be completed by January of 2022, will increase the flow of clean, freshwater into the North- east Shark River Slough by more than 220 billion gallons per year and support reduced es- tuary discharges.” “The old Tamiami Trail Roadbed Removal project im- proves water quality, restores the ecology of the From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level Volume 6 Issue No.29 Take us home with you! TheSunBayPaper.com April, 9, 2021 - April. 22, 2021 Cont. pg 14 Cont. pg. 11 Town Council continues the rezoning decision for property known as Myer- side to April 19 Town of Fort Myers Beach, FL – At the Mon- day, April 5, Town Council meeting, meeting began with public comment, speaker were: Carlos Chavez from Mozzarella Pizza and 2000 Flavors Ice Cream complained about street performers bothering his outside table patrons. Edwina "Eddy" Foster bringing up littered cigarettes on the beach, stating it takes 7 years to biodegrade a cigarette butt and California has non smoking beaches, maybe we can find out how they enforce that... she spoke about dirty sidewalks, parking and handicap park- ing not being close to the ramp, suggesting we move those spots closer to the ramp. Cathy Lite? Chair of the Anchorage Advisory Committee, making a pub- lic comment because she was not able to attend the last meeting, she is in sup- port of the motion the AC made at that meeting Linda Maldinato? she spoke about her chil- dren wanting to use the pool but the pool is closed at 2pm., her kids get out of school at 2:15 and the pool is already closed, asking how can we change the hours of the pool, "How do we do that?" I missed the name... a resident from 126 Palermo, complaining about the town's beach pa- trol... talked about the "po- lice department you're trying to create" fining a restaurant for a A decade-long dream is on the verge of re- ality at Lovers Key State Park (LKSP), between Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach! The Wel- come & Discovery Center (W&DC) will open to the public on or around Thurs- day, April 15, reported Deb Voorhees, Executive Direc- tor of the Friends Of Lovers Key State Park (FOLKS) Capital Cam- paign, though she cannot yet confirm the exact date at this time. “LKSP up- dated its sewer line system to accommodate the new building, and we are still awaiting the final connec- tion and that might account for a day or two delay be- fore we can finally unlock the doors to visitors. When we know the actual date, we will post it on the LKSP webpage so periodically check that out over the next few weeks.” The State of Florida paid for the $4-million W&DC construction, with FOLKS raising an addi- tional $1.5 Everglades Restoration Project: Phase 2 Congressional Probe Reveals Big Tech Deception Cont. pg 12 Fort Myers Beach Town Council Meeting Report Welcome & Discovery Center To Open at Lovers Key State Park Deb Voorhees at one of the educational exhibits in the Welcome & Discovery Center Exhibit Hall. An excavator digs up Old Tamiami Trail, North of Everglades National Park Cont. pg 15