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Veterans Day origi-

nated as “Armistice Day” on

Nov. 11, 1919, the first an-

niversary of the end of World

War I. Congress passed a reso-

lution in 1926 for an annual

observance, and Nov. 11 be-

came a national holiday begin-

ning in 1938. Unlike Memorial

Day, Veterans Day pays tribute

to all American veterans—liv-

ing or dead—but especially

gives thanks to living veterans

who served their country hon-

orably during war or peace-


Veterans Day occurs on

November 11 every year in the

United States.

In 1954, President

Dwight D. Eisenhower offi-

cially changed the name of the

holiday from Armistice Day to

Veterans Day.

In 1968, the Uniform

Holidays Bill was passed by

Congress, which moved the

celebration of Veterans Day to

the fourth Monday in October.

The law went into ef-

fect in 1971, but in 1975 Presi-

dent Gerald Ford returned

Veterans Day to November 11,

due to the important historical

significance of the date.

Great Britain, France,

Australia and Canada also

commemorate the veterans of

World War I and World War II

on or near

November 1- November 7, 2018

From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level

Vol. 4 No. 7

Cont. pg. 10

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One of the most popular

events in Cape Coral is coming back

to the Sun Splash Family Waterpark!

Located at 400 Santa Barbara Blvd,

Cape Coral, Florida 33991

The Coconut Festival is a

"nutty" 4 day event that features na-

tional performers, community enter-

tainment, carnival rides, fireworks,

food, vendors, games, craft beer gar-

den, live entertainment, cirque acts,

Polynesian dancers, stilt walkers,

shows and performances. Highlights

of the event include 2 nights of na-

tional entertainment on the Main

Stage with Classic Rock and Coun-

try with an amazing fireworks dis-

play to end the night. The Achieva

Coconut Run 5K & Kids Run, Foot-

ball Saturday & Sunday on the LED

screen inside the big tent & more!

The Festival offers a long

weekend full of family fun for resi-

dents and visitors from all over. The

Coconut Festival is about spending

time with your friends & family,

making memories, celebrating &

going a little "coconuts".

Everything is energy! So why not recy-

cle energy and help the environment too?

The same way we recycle other things,

new technology can recycle carbon out of the

atmosphere, combine it with hydrogen and oxy-

gen to a create fuel that it is the same chemi-

cally as gas, diesel or jet fuel that can burn

without pollutants as a biproduct. No pollu-

tants? YES! No pollutants! No black smoke

you see from trucks when they go up hill...

even the diesel fuel burns completely clean!

With high-profile Democ-

rats, such as speculative 2020 presi-

dential nominee Joe Biden and the

party’s 2016 presidential standard-

bearer Hillary Clinton, making a

rash of appearances across Florida

on behalf of candidates last week –

and expected to do so again – the

Republican National Committee

(RNC) is sending in the proverbial

cavalry next week to boost GOP

candidates’ prospects in the “battle-

ground” state.

Leading the charge: President

Donald Trump.

Trump held a rally on Oct.

31 at the Hertz Arena in Estero, near

Fort Myers, that included gubernato-

rial candidate Ron DeSantis and

U.S. Senate hopeful Gov. Rick Scott,

who are both embroiled in nip-and-

tuck campaigns in which they are

trailing by razor-thin margins in

polls in what are, essentially, toss-up


Trump’s Halloween rally in

Fort Myers, which is in Southwest

Florida, one of the state’s “reddest”

regions, is a mobilization effort

staged specifically to help DeSantis

and Scott, with little direct benefit

for the party’s candidates in five

GOP-held congressional districts

that face stiff challenges from De-

mocrats in other parts of the state.

Fort Myers is in the state’s

Congressional District 19, where

polls put incumbent U.S. Rep. Fran-

cis Rooney 10 percentage points, or

more, ahead of Democratic chal-

lenger David Holden. Trump won

the district with 60 percent of the

vote in 2016.

But Trump is

Trump Halloween Rally For DeSantis and Scott

Kicks Off GOP’s 11th-Hour Push

Take Time To Honor AVeteran!

Cape Coral

Coconut Festival

Recycling Energy,

Air To Fuel

President Trump returns to the Hertz Arena in support of

Gubernatorial candidate DeSantis and Senate candidate Scott.

Florida's K-12 public schools

are among the best in the nation.

Find that surprising? Well, if so,

you might be mired in the misguided

way we have been taught to think about

education progress, according to Stan

Liebowitz, an economics professor at

the University of Texas at Dallas, and

Matthew Kelly, a UT Dallas research


They have authored a new

report analyzing education data, which

is featured in the November issue of the

libertarian magazine Reason, and their

study should cause us to rethink what

we think of Florida's schools and educa-

tion policies.

Liebowitz and Kelly looked at

the best-known graders of state educa-

tion systems and how they have led the

public to believe "the highest-quality

state educational systems tend to be in

big-spending states in the Northeast or

Upper Midwest."

The narrative, they write, then

becomes: "These places apparently

honor and respect teachers, while

Southern states inexplicably abhor

them. But the cheapskates in cheap

states get their just desserts: Sophisti-

cated northern jurisdictions grow ever

smarter, while stingy

Florida's Schools Have

High Value

Cont. pg 13

Celebrating it’s 30th year

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