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If passed a new bill in the

Florida legislature HB 849, could

arm teaches as well as anyone

with a Florida concealed carry li-

cense, allowing them to legally

bring a gun into any religious in-

stitution that has a school.

Rep. Neil Combee, R-Polk

City, said, "I think we need to pro-

tect the children." Also stating,

"this is about protection of stu-

dents and parishioners during

church services."

Fort Myers Beach resident,

Sheena Brook, 33, made it onto

"Team Adam" on the NBC's TV

singing competition “The Voice.”

Brook is a familiar face in

the Southwest Florida music

scene. The country singer-song-

writer often performs at local bars

and festivals. Sheena Brook stated,

"I've kind of done all this different

stuff, and I always get a little nerv-

ous, but this is a different experi-

ence. I was wicked nervous."

Brook auditioned for “The

Voice” in Atlanta last year, she

never imagined she’d be chosen

out of thousands of singers to be in

the top 48. “It’s such an honor,”

she says. “It really is.”

"I was just going out there

to sing, and I cant even describe to

you what it felt like. It was like,

'Holy cow, you just pressed your

button for me,' and for

McGregor Blvd. is often

backed up this time of year at the

intersection of Colonial Blvd.

Sometimes it can take 3 to 4 traffic

lights just to get through the inter-


New construction slated to

begin at the end of the month from

Colonial Blvd. to Poinciana could

make, as many say, expected delays

much worse.

Many wonder why they

would decide to begin this project

now, instead of waiting until after

Easter when there is less congested

traffic flows in the area? Further in-

quiry reveal the project is proposed

to be finished by Fall 2018, mean-

ing the sooner it begins the better

chance of completion by "Snow

Bird Season" 2018.

The project is a necessary

evil, since similar to the low lying

areas of Fort Myers Beach (where

major reconstruction for drainage

purposes is ongoing) this stretch of

McGregor Blvd. floods during

rainy season, specifically north of

the Country Club, where they will

be replacing drainage pipes in

hopes to relieve this issue.

Included in the plans, the

project will update crosswalks, re-

place sidewalks where needed and

resurface the road, yet the overall

look of the Boulevard should not


We recommend alternate

routes of travel when headed down-

town Fort Myers.

Weekly Edition March 23 - March 29, 2017

From Island to Bay, News at Sea Level

Vol. 2 No. 27

Cont’d pg.4

President Donald Trump

signed a bill on Tuesday that au-

thorizes funding of NASA and the

exploration of Mars,

S.442 - The

National Aeronautics and Space

Administration Transition Au-

thorization Act of 2017

With a stroke of the pen,

the Trump administration commit-

ted to funding NASA’s continued

plans for deep space human explo-

ration, this bill approved $19.5 bil-

lion allotted towards those goals

including a proposed crewed mis-

sion to Mars, scheduled to take

place by 2033.

The Act was introduced to

Congress back in February and

presented to President Trump for

approval on Tuesday, March. 9th

and was signed on the 21st. This

new Act is consistent with the

Space Administration Authoriza-

tion Act of 2010 and the NASA

Transition Authorization Act of

2016, this bill approved funding

for NASA for fiscal year 2017.

Much of the budget is ear-

marked for the continuation of

NASA’s “Journey to Mars”, the

Act also expressed the need for a

continued commitment to the Inter-

national Space Station and the uti-

lization of Low Earth Orbit, and

other related space ventures.

Surrounded by a bipartisan

group of lawmakers, the president

signed the bill in the Oval Office

surrounded by astronauts and sup-

porters of the bill, including Sen.

Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), who traveled

into space in 1986 aboard the

Space Shuttle Columbia and Sen.

Marco Rubio (R-Fla).

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McGregor Delays

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