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Thursday, 30 March 2017 06:31

Wells Fargo ATM’s Go Cardless Featured

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Last week, Wells Fargo announced that they would to allow customers to use ATMs without a physical card. By upgrading all of its 13,000 ATMs, Wells Fargo will enable customers to use a smartphone instead of a debit card to withdraw money from their checking or savings account.

Wells Fargo has 20 million customers who use the bank's mobile app, they can now access its 13,000 ATMs via their phone. Customers will be able to login to ATMs using their PIN number and an eight-digit code sent to the mobile app.

“Mobile continues to be the channel of choice for millions of our customers, so it only makes sense to leverage it for new, convenient ATM experiences,” , head of virtual channel operations at Wells Fargo, said this week during an employee town hall

“Whether a customer happens to have a card on them or not, One-Time Access Code provides another simple and secure way to withdraw cash at any of our ATMs.”

Card-free ATM transactions will be quicker, reducing the time down to about 15-20 seconds and they can be more secure than those involving plastic. Thieves use skimmers they have attached to ATMs that copy card information and/or cameras that record users entering their PIN, mobile technology is harder to crack. a thief would need both your phone itself and your password to the bank app, and the app stores no personal information.

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