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Thursday, 01 March 2018 13:17


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There is only one way to really keep the kids/teachers safe on school grounds and that is to keep the people who mean to do them harm, OFF, the school grounds!

Now that may sound facetious but it really isn’t. You can make all the gun laws you want but if you don’t restrict access to school grounds and inside the schools, you can’t keep anybody safe. I have not heard one single explanation from the school, Police, community leaders or anybody on how Cruz got into the school. With all the warnings…how did he walk right in and out? If the “campus” is an “all open to the public” facility then you need to immediately change that. That would be the “least” expensive of all avenues to safety for the children!

If you really want to protect the kids, go back to the ONE building concept and stop trying to be something that you are not…a college campus!

There are “entire” College “Campus” Police Departments , trying to keep our Colleges safe…”very” expensive but necessary because they cannot put even a small College in one building!

All schools buildings should be under a lockout policy from the last late bell to dismissal, period. If you do not have that policy then change whatever you have to change, to lock the doors from start to finish! If there are special circumstances during the school day, then place school “guards” to open and close the door and take security precautions that are mostly common sense. That’s a small price to pay to save 17 young lives, wouldn’t you agree?

If possible, set up a “late “entrance with a “foyer” so that there are two locked doors, outside and inside. After the last bell all late comers or visitors must go to the security entrance where all bags, back-packs etc. must be left until the person is cleared by the office.
Schools spend tons of money for education but how much is spent for security?

Now they want to spend 25 million dollars to tear down a perfectly good building and another $500,000 for a memorial?! I have a better idea… spend that 25.5 million on making that facility SAFE and name the buildings after those who lost their lives!
Fences, security entry points, metal detectors, cameras, guards and anything else that helps keep trouble makers out? My guess there isn’t much of that on most public schools.

The other problem goes much deeper than simply gun control. The guardian, foster parent had to know that this Cruz kid was “other than normal”. How could he have access to the guns and ammunition without supervision? Needing special attention, how did they not check his social media postings? There is no way they didn’t know this kid could not be trusted. They could not control his mental state or know what he was thinking…they were not even his natural parents BUT…they sure could have kept him away from getting to any guns in the house, no excuses there, I’m sorry. I’ll bet they are too.

I’m saying parents need to say more to their kids than, “See you later”.

Legislation...Long Overdue!

We need legislation that makes it a Federal Felony to make a “threat” to harm anyone or damage property, by any means, on line, by phone, guns, bombs, fire…anything . If you call in or write or email or twitter any threat to harm, destroy property, the mere threat is the crime! The crime must be the “making of the threat” and there must be a Judicial Assumption that the threat is real and intended, so the Police or FBI will expend funds to ID the subject as all that is needed, to convict, is to prove they/he made the threat!

There would be a lot of convictions at first but when idiots realize they will go to jail, for one year “mandatory”, for the first conviction and more mandatory time for more threats, the threats will stop. Mandatory means just what it says, no bleeding heart, advocate Judge can say “Johnny didn’t mean it” or he has issues. He comes off the street for jail, psychiatric evaluation, safe keeping for ONE full year for 1st offense, period, no exceptions!

People must understand that more gun laws will not solve anything. There already is a law that prohibits converting any semi auto gun to a full auto gun by any means. The ATF made a mistake, and I have no idea how they did, when they tested and allowed the “bump stock”. The ATF should reverse their opinion on the bump stock modification. They’re the Agency that approved it…so unapproved it! There is no doubt, whatsoever, that it allows a semi auto gun to shoot full auto…not simulated but for real, full auto. The Law states a single pull of the trigger for each shot is semi auto but it also prohibits ANY modification that makes a semi, shoot full auto. If any ATF Agent can’t recognize full auto…they should be shoe salesmen instead of ATF Agents.



Schools “must” take steps themselves to keep disruptive, destructive, troubled kids away from the schools. School boards must start putting the safety of the majority above the “right” of a disruptive or abusive child! They must support what teachers tell them about troubled kids. If a board member wouldn’t take a troubled kid home to dinner, keep them out of the school.

J Gary DiLaura
Retired FBI Agent

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