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Thursday, 01 March 2018 13:37

Sea Level is Rising! We Can Fix That! Featured

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Today the majority of Global scientists claim, that sea levels will continue to rise over 3mm a year, even if we cut back on CO2.

Oceans warming is the real problem, what if we can increase our natural cloud cover a bit to have more natural cooling...How? With new Man made rapid evaporation!

We believe that if we can transform 75% of our desert zones, to become Green Zones that will suck up CO2 and water, then we could actually start to slow down sea level rise! This is easy to do with Saltwater towers or saltwater pools on top of a beach side hotel.

Once we have a body of saltwater, 200 feet above sea level like on top of a oceanfront hotel, it could be used like a siphon at not need any energy to send that water deep into the desert , Up to 200 feet above sea level.

With this new system and with many beach side hotels involved, we could drain as much saltwater into a desert region as we want to evaporate. We could easily and quickly be draining over100 million gallons of saltwater a day into each desert, just for starters.

That would create a new rain pattern, and the established wind currents would deliver that moisture 10 miles or more downwind for new rain in our deserts.

Globally there are 10 large desert depressions like we have in our Death Valley that could create over $1 billion in sales in hydro-power a year.

We could use some of that energy to pump salt water to any higher location on the planet that we want to make a saltwater lake, potentially we could create 1000 lakes in one desert.

Our goal would be to make a series of 100 or more connected salt water lakes that will go deep into each desert. (in the United States we could have a 10 mi.² lake every 5 miles along the 200 mile road that is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, imagine the value of that road someday providing easy access to pristine, new sandy beaches!)

In our future we could be draining over 1 trillion gallons of salt water a day for rapid evaporation in all our global desert zones.

Draining so much water from the ocean every day, and having that moisture create new lakes and potentially new snow caps on mountains now bare, can slow down sea level from rising as they are today.

This new cycle of rain will feed and create new rivers and lakes north of our evaporation zone in the USA.

Someday transforming our baron midwest to resemble a lush greener environment, with many new benefits, like the rain will also help increase volume to Lake Mead , the Colorado River, and The Salton Sea all of which are now at their lowest volume in their history.

In a very short time new industry, cities, farms, and crops will be growing in our greener midwest.

If and when this is done globally and 75 percent of our deserts become green zones that are sucking up water, CO2, and naturally cooling the desert area. It will become very desirable and many will move to the new waterfront property in the desert.

This project pays for itself and creates new revenue by transforming some of the most worthless land, to become some of the most beneficial in increasing our freshwater supply and also one day valuable waterfront property.

This solution has the potential to someday slow down sea level rise and maybe reverse it by 2050.

The next faze would be going Geothermal in the deserts, Geothermal energy is only 2% of energy in the USA , Because we have no water in our Midwest.

Once we introduce salt water into our desert region we can expand on our geothermal energy program, and someday be 50% geothermal green energy, because our Midwest has the greatest potential for geothermal heat energy than any other country in the World, and if we trap all the steam that comes from geothermal energy it will condense naturally in 6'pipes underground, making a new fresh water supply that can be sent to a reservoir in California or to farms and crops , and new cities. We believe this is the solution to slowing down sea level rise, it also has the potential to double our freshwater supply globally.

It would make our crops increase as the demand for food increases.

This solution promotes health with new freshwater, as close to 2 billion people today have poor quality water. Droughts and deserts are expanding, we must increase our freshwater supply, this solution can transform 75% of our dry zones to be green very quickly. I know this still needs work but the concept is solid, would love to discuss it with any interested parties and take this to the next level.

. P.Mimmo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
USA tel-413-695-4820

Ed. Note: Interesting ideas for
an interesting and complicated
problem-Guest Opinion

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