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Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann

Friday, 24 November 2023 12:35

JFK: 60 Years! Questions Still Remain!

On a November day in 1963, the world changed. In Dallas, President John F. Kennedy, young and full of promise, rode through the streets. Then, in a moment that would define an era, he was struck down, his life ending as the nation watched in horror.

In the aftermath, Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of the crime, was himself killed. The nation, reeling and desperate for truth, found little solace.

The Warren Commission, tasked by Johnson, JFK’s successor, tried to piece together the narrative. They presented a conclusion: Oswald, acting alone, was the assassin. Yet, this explanation was met with skepticism, questions lingering in the air like the smoke from Oswald’s rifle.

How could Oswald, known for mediocre marksmanship, execute such a precise act? His words, “I’m just a patsy,” echoed in the public consciousness, a refrain for those who doubted the official story. And then there was Jack Ruby, with ties to the criminal, silencing Oswald before he could speak more.

In 1979, a Congressional committee acknowledged these doubts, suggesting the possibility of a conspiracy, yet without the evidence to turn the possibility into certainty. Today’s skeptics continue their quest, sifting through the fragments of that day, searching for the elusive truth behind the tragedy of John F. Kennedy.

Sixty years later, we will look at some of the alternative theories on who killed JFK.

The Mob Did It ?

Presidential mistress Judith Campbell claimed to bridge a clandestine meeting between Kennedy and Chicago mob boss Sam Gianciana during the ‘60 presidential race.

Yet, the Mafia’s sentiment toward the Kennedys soured. RFK’s relentless pursuit to cleanse the Teamsters Union of mob influence turned them from potential allies to embittered enemies. Frank Ragano, attorney to Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa, penned in his 1994 book that Hoff a conspired with mob bosses Santos Trafficante and Carlos Marcello to orchestrate JFK’s assassination. Hoff a vanished in ‘75 and was declared dead seven years later. In a deathbed confession, Trafficante reportedly lamented his role in the assassination, regretting that it was John, not Bobby, who fell to their plot.

The mob’s involvement is a hauntingly plausible narrative among the myriad conspiracy theories. Even G. Robert Blakey, counsel to the House Select Committee, conceded in ‘79, “I think the mob did it.”

Oswald was a Soviet Agent ?

In ‘59, after leaving the Marine Corps, Oswald ventured into the Soviet Union. For 32 months, he called it home until disillusionment crept in, and he returned to American soil with Marina, his Russian bride. Back in the States, Oswald’s leanings towards communism didn’t waver. In September ‘63, he journeyed to Mexico City to seek Soviet and Cuban visas.

Was Oswald’s defection a mere facade? Some theorize he was a Soviet pawn recruited to assassinate Kennedy. Oswald’s final phone call in Mexico City was to a KGB official skilled in espionage and assassination.

KGB files on Oswald, handed to President Clinton by Boris Yeltsin, painted a different picture. The Soviets, far from enlisting him, deemed Oswald unstable and unreliable, even suspecting him as a CIA plant.

Oswald was working for the CIA ?

According to veteran investigator Dr. Cyril Wecht, Oswald was a pawn in a larger game. Wecht, a forensic pathologist, posits that Oswald was acting on the orders of Allen Dulles, the former CIA director whose career was tarnished by the Bay of Pigs fiasco. According to Wecht, Dulles harbored a deep-seated resentment towards Kennedy, leading him to manipulate Oswald—a former Marine—into executing his vengeance.

Wecht points to unpublished interviews with Oswald’s widow and with George de Mohrenschildt, a CIA affiliate who was close to Oswald and later committed suicide. Both support the theory of Oswald being a mere “patsy” in a grander, more sinister plot.

Oswald was likely a CIA operative, Wecht asserts. He notes the ease with which Oswald returned from Russia during the Cold War, accompanied by his wife Marina, daughter of a KGB agent. Only a network of influential connections could have allowed that to happen.

Dulles’ appointment to the Warren Commission, tasked with investigating Kennedy’s death, raises suspicions, according to Wecht.

Fidel Castro Payback ?

The CIA’s covert endeavors against Fidel Castro during Kennedy’s term are well-known. Poisoned meals, exploding cigars, and other secret plots wove a tapestry of espionage, as uncovered by a congressional inquiry in ‘75. The question arose - did Castro, cornered and provoked, strike back in kind?

LBJ aired his suspicions in a secretly recorded conversation with Ramsey Clark in ‘67. He spoke a tale of Castro’s retribution. The Cuban leader, having uncovered CIA schemes through torture, decided to reciprocate. Oswald, known for his pro-Castro leanings and failed attempts to enter Cuba, was implicated in Johnson’s theory.

Yet, no definitive evidence of Cuba’s hand in the aff air has surfaced. Castro himself, in a ‘77 interview, dismissed the notion of assassinating Kennedy as madness, knowing well it could draw the ire of a superpower upon his island.


LBJ Orchestrated It ?

The alliance between JFK and his vice president, the rough-hewn Texan LBJ, was a political union forged for convenience. After JFK’s death, Jacqueline Kennedy revealed her husband’s deep concerns about Johnson’s ambitions.

Some say that Johnson, eager to usurp, orchestrated the assassination during the president’s visit to Texas, floating the idea that Johnson, possibly in league with Texas oil magnates, sought to protect their lucrative tax breaks threatened by Kennedy.

Another author suggested that Johnson, seeking to protect his friend, then-Texas Governor John Connally, attempted to rearrange the seating in the Dallas motorcade.

Multiple Gunmen ?

Dr. Wecht is one of many experts who challenges the lone gunman theory in Kennedy’s assassination. In ‘78, he testified before the House Select Committee and said it was improbable Oswald, firing from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, acted alone. Wecht said there was a second gunman, hidden behind the grassy knoll’s picket fence, presenting a compelling case against the bullet’s implausible upward trajectory and supported by eyewitness testimonies of echoing gunshots.

He also alleges that Secret Service agents forcibly barred Dallas coroner Dr. Earl Rose from examining Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The body was swiftly removed to Washington, D.C., with no proper examination.

James Files Was the Shooter ?

In a 2003 interview, James Files claimed he was the triggerman in President Kennedy’s assassination. Files implicates Sam Giancana, Chuck Nicoletti, and Johnny Roselli, as straddling the line between organized crime and undercover operations. Files said David Atlee Phillips, a CIA Special Operations Officer, pulled the strings in Dallas, orchestrating the events that unfolded in Dealey Plaza.

Files honed his skills as a marksman doing counterintelligence in Laos in ‘59. He says he previously met Oswald during a CIA gun-running operation in Louisiana.

Roselli was a bridge between the CIA and the criminal underworld, aided by CIA agent Frank Sturgis. Files recalled driving Roselli to meet Jack Ruby in Fort Worth, where Ruby handed over a folder detailing Kennedy’s parade route and counterfeit ID cards. Giancana stood at the heart of the conspiracy, orchestrating the assassination on behalf of the mob.

Files claimed the weapon was a prototype .222 Remington Fireball rifle equipped with a 3-power scope. From behind the grassy knoll fence, he said he fired the fatal shot at Kennedy while Nicoletti fired from the Dal-Tex building. The ammunition was bullets tipped with mercury.

While Files claims appear believable, the FBI says it investigated them in 1994 and found them “not credible.”

Still Questions !

Sixty years have passed since November 22, 1963. And yet, the official account of JFK’s assassination fails to satisfy many. The National Archives have said 99% of the Kennedy files have been made public. For the skeptics, as time passes, evidence deteriorates, and witnesses die, the probability that the official narrative will be toppled becomes more and more remote. As the events of that fateful day fade further into history, we will probably never know the whole story of what happened on that fateful day in Dallas.

Friday, 24 November 2023 17:12

Crafting Culinary Excellence in Fort Myers

A hidden gem lies off McGregor Boulevard; an Italian outpost of culinary tradition owned by Craig Komatz. It has a story as seasoned as the dishes he serves.

It’s 6:00 p.m., and a line is already out the door. The atmosphere, a welcomed escape from the Southwest Florida scene.


After a bite of their classic soft meatball in a home made basil red sauce, and a sip of red wine..... you close your eyes, and magically you find yourself on Mulberry Street or in Boston’s North End. ....... Wow!

The wine list, a curated selection of over 100 varieties, leans heavily on Italian classics, offering a journey through Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, and Sardinia. True to Komatz’ Pittsburgh roots, the pricing speaks of value and fairness.

The cuisine is adventurous and classically grounded at the same time. From the pistachio-encrusted halibut to the veal alla Sorrentino to the seafood fra diavolo, each dish is a story; each bite is a narrative of passion, tradition, and resilience.

The current investment in it’s continued success is evident in this past summer’s recent remodel – a physical manifestation of the belief that to cease evolving is to fall behind.

Choice Components

The kitchen, helmed by Executive Chef Sean Deckter, mirrors the restaurant’s journey. Deckter has been at the restaurant from the very beginning, for 25 years since he graduated from Bishop Verot High School. He’s married to Carmen, who works front of house and has been at the restaurant just as long.

Cibo ChefDeckter   Chef Deckter

Deckter started as a “pantry guy” and worked his way up to Head Chef. Growing in tandem with the establishment, his career parallels Cibo’s expansion. The menu, while evolving, retains the high standards set in its early days, a harmony of innovation and tradition.

At Cibo, the ingredients are the stars – fish, pasta, and produce arrive fresh daily, their journey from market to table a short one.

Each morning, Komatz’ mother rolls out their signature ravioli, an act of love and tradition. This dedication to quality and consistency, fostered by Komatz’ ability to inspire ownership in his staff, sets Cibo apart. Here, everyone has a stake in the customer’s experience, from the kitchen to the table.

A world apart amidst a sea of chains and franchises, the service at Cibo transcends mere transaction. “It’s a country club level of service without having to pay the dues.” Komatz is hands-on with his knowledge. “I love the young kids in the business. You can only teach the old timers so much.”

The consistency with the service is reflected in the tenured staff, where six have worked for over twenty years. The team is literally family, as parents, children, and even grandparents work together and pitch in.

“When we were ten employees, I was doing everything. Now, I have a team to do what we do.” Komatz has employees dedicated to ordering food and wine and managing the bar and kitchen. “I write the checks,” he says with a smile.

The Prosperous and the Perilous

Cibo, born “Cafe Cibo” with a modest team of ten and humble earnings, has, under Komatz’ vision, burgeoned into a thriving establishment boasting forty staff, thrice the space, and revenues nearing $3 million. It’s a testament to his acumen, shaped by the best shows in Chicago and New York, his finger ever on the pulse of industry trends.

Yet, the past year has been a crucible for Komatz and Cibo alike: Hurricane Ian’s wrath, limited tourism, displaced people, and the sudden loss of his brother, business partner, and operations manager, Dan, on New Year’s Day. “I was getting ready to hand it all over to him,” the restaurateur said.

This adversity could have spelled the end for a lesser team. But these challenges are but grist for the mill. They’ve helped their owner fill the void left by his brother’s departure with the tenacity that’s second nature in the restaurant business, a world where long hours, hard work, stellar food, and impeccable service are the currencies of survival.

Komatz doubled down, drawing inspiration from his Italian grandmother, a native of Parma. Cibo’s roots are entwined with Komatz’ own lineage. Nonna’s kitchen was his classroom, her recipes his textbooks. This familial culinary heritage melds seamlessly with his industry insight, delivering a dining experience that is both intimate and exquisite.

Satisfied Patrons and Rave Reviews

Regular patrons, some hailing from the culinary meccas of Chicago, Boston, and New York, sing praises of a menu that rivals the best of their hometown offerings.

“Cibo is right up there with the best restaurants in Massachusetts and New York. The food is consistently great,” said Joe Roche, from New England, dining with his wife, Joan. “I’m from Chicago, and this place is the best. When we land, we come here. Before we leave, we come here. Chicago is the ‘Who’s Who’ of Italian food, and this place beats everyone in Chicagoland,” said Terry Abraham, a restaurant frequenter.

Brad and Mindi Fisher came over from Cape Coral to celebrate a birthday dinner. They raved about the chocolate and espresso martini. Audra at the bar let the secret slip. “It’s made with freshly brewed espresso,” she said as she tended to the bar patrons enjoying hearty meals, fine wine, and cheerful conversation. “This is a ‘Cheers’ bar. If you don’t know everyone, you will by the end of dinner.”

An Enduring Journey to Success

For twelve years, Komatz has steered this ship with a steady hand; his course charted by a lifetime in hospitality that began at the tender age of 14 in Oakmont, PA. Komatz, who could swing a baseball bat as well as he now orchesrates a fine dining establishment, realized early that his future was not on the diamond but in the warm glow of food and drink. He pursued this passion at Michigan State, honing his craft in hotel and restaurant management and, from there, wandering through the country club landscapes of Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. Each step was a rung on a ladder he climbed with relentless determination.

In 2011, he was at a top country club in Philadelphia when the Cibo opportunity came up. After 35 years in the business, Komatz dreamed of opening his own restaurant. Over a decade later, despite absorbing some broadsides, his dreams are realized.


Cibo, under Komatz’ stewardship, is more than a restaurant; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of his team with an unyielding dedication to their craft, a family’s legacy, and the community they serve. It stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, where each meal is a celebration, each visit a return to something familiar yet wonderfully new.

Here, the Italian spirit thrives, where every guest feels like the star of a story that continues to unfold with each plate served and every glass poured. In Cibo, you find the heart of Italy beating strong in the heart of Fort Myers.

They are located at : 12901 McGregor Blvd #16, Fort Myers, FL 33919

Friday, 24 November 2023 11:52

Proposal Shakes Up FMB!

Tolling Bridges Sparks Debate Among Council Members

At a recent town council management and planning session, Fort Myers Beach Councilmember Karen Woodson shook things up with a ground-breaking proposal. She suggested that those entering FortMyers Beach might soon need to pay a toll akin to the Sanibel system to cross the town’s bridges. This idea is aimed at addressing the town’s recurring seasonal traffic woes.

Woodson     Karen Woodson

The Matanzas Pass Bridge, leading into Fort Myers Beach and owned by the state, along with the Lee County-owned Big Carlos Pass Bridge, currently under construction, could both potentially see toll booths. Woodson’s proposition includes a potential discount for town residents, either minimal monthly payments or no fee.

However, this concept met with opposition from other council members. Councilmember Bill Veach highlighted potential conflicts with the state constitution, noting that it prohibits different toll rates for different groups. He added that current discounts on Sanibel tolls are state-sanctioned and apply uniformly to all tolls.

Veach also pointed out that Woodson’s proposal would effectively mean that every town resident would pay a toll each time they enter or exit the town. Implementing such tolls would require approval from both county and state authorities, as the town does not own the bridges.

Post-meeting, Fort Myers Beach Vice Mayor Jim Atterholt firmly opposed any tolls for entering or exiting the town. Similarly, Councilmember John King expressed willingness to consider proposals but could not support a toll for the bridges now.

Mayor Dan Allers has not yet commented on Woodson’s proposal.

This discussion comes against the backdrop of a 2005 referendum where 72% of Fort Myers Beach voters opposed the initiation of bridge tolls without a public vote. This requirement for a referendum remains a significant hurdle for future toll proposals.

Sunday, 12 November 2023 07:18

Beach Vibes and Live Tunes

Fort Myers Beach is set to host a spectacular series of free outdoor concerts, promising a blend of relaxation and excitement. Starting November 12th, Bayside Park will come alive with the sound of music every Sunday afternoon, featuring a lineup of the best local bands. From high-energy dance rock to classic grooves, there’s a beat for everyone.

Locals and visitors alike can kick back with lawn chairs, enjoy the company of well-behaved pets, and immerse themselves in the vibrant tunes from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The atmosphere is perfect for danc-ing or just chilling out.

Great food and drink are just steps away from the park’s cordon, with the event’s title sponsors, Wahoo Willies Tiki Bar and Grill and Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant, within earshot of the festivities.

Bill Ignatti, Jr., is the manager at Wahoo Willies and has been working in the restaurant business on FMB since he was fi fteen. He invites concertgoers to enhance the experience by exploring the nearby establishments and culinary delights. “It’s about supporting the local businesses bouncing back with vigor,” he said.

Like many, Ignatti views these concerts as a sign that real tourism and economic activity have returned to FMB.

“We were supposed to open last year the day Ian hit. We were lucky with the storm and were up and running six weeks later, serving meals from a food truck. We’ve come a long way, and Old San Carlos is back. Wahoo’s and Snug are the place to be, especially for these upcoming shows.”

Mark your calendars for Sundays, as the concert series showcases bands like The Echo, Guilty Pleasure, and King’s Chambers, with their dynamic performances bound to get attendees on their feet. Whether it’s the nostalgic hits of the 70s and 80s or the “fat-bottomed rock” of Jacob’s Ladder, Fort Myers Beach is the place to be for an unforgettable auditory journey this holiday season.

Bayside Park Concert Series
All concerts are on Sundays from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Upcoming Dates:
November 12, 2023 | The Echo - 5 piece High-energy dance rock band, playing your favorite rock tunes of the 70’s & 80’s!
November 19, 2023 | Guilty Pleasure - experienced, professional musicians backing the powerful voice and star power of Lisa Nixon
November 26, 2023 | King’s Chambers - High Energy Band Located in SWFL who plays Rock & Roll, Blues, and more!
December 3, 2023   | Riverside - Playing your favorite classic rock, new rock, funk, and groove hits from the 60s to 90s.
December 10, 2023 | Jaco’s Ladder -SW Florida-based band, with “fat-bottomed rock” that will knock your socks off !

The Biden administration’s dereliction of duty at the southern border has been quantified by a recent report unveiling a chilling statistic: a record number of illegal immigrants on the FBI’s Terror Watchlist have been apprehended in the past 12 months.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) disclosed these alarming figures detailing the trou­bling reality of homeland security under the stewardship of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Eighteen individuals on the federal terror­ist watchlist were encountered at the southern border in September alone. The cumulative total for fiscal year 2023 ascended to an unprecedented 169 encounters— the highest annual tally since the inception of Border Patrol in 1924.

Homeland Security Sec­retary Alexander Mayorkas has presided over the single greatest border failure in American history.

Republican lawmakers are sounding the alarm. With the recent devastating attack on Isra­el looming large, the presence of potential terrorists attempting to infiltrate US soil has set off warning sirens and questions of whether the nation’s borders are secure.

“The Biden administration is turning a blind eye to the glaring vulnerabilities exposing our nation to potential terrorist incursions,” asserts Rep. Eli Crane (R-Ariz.), a member of the Congressional Free­dom Caucus.

CBP’s revelations have un­veiled a staggering escalation. The 169 encounters in 2023 tower over the 98 recorded in 2022 and the 15 in 2021, drawing a haunting curve of escalating threats.

Another chilling statistic also emerges from the security reports - over 18,000 illegal immi­grants, their identities shrouded in mystery, have evaded border patrol officials since the dawn of fiscal year 2024.

With over 2.47 million encounters recorded in 2023 and fentanyl seizures escalating by 800% since 2019, many believe the nation is embroiled in a full-scale security crisis.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) voiced growing consternation, “Biden’s open border policies have not only instigated this crisis but have laid out a welcome mat for illegal incursions, including those from terror-supporting nations.”

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigra­tion Reform (FAIR), also added a dire warning,

“This month’s terrorist attacks against Israel, and threats of ‘global jihad’ issued by Hamas and their overlords in Tehran, mean that the open-borders pol­icies of the Biden administration have placed the American public at greater risk than at any time since 9/11” he said.

Florida is amidst a political maelstrom following pro-Palestinian/Hamas rallies across the state and the country. Governor Ron DeSantis and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio have been vociferous in their support for Israel in the wake of these demonstrations.

Governor DeSantis criticized the rallies, especially those in Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, for their pro-Hamas stance, labeling them “abhorrent.”  DeSantis said, “Hamas is a terrorist group that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and commits atrocities to further that end. We are proud of the relationship between Florida and Israel and remember well the support we received from the IDF following the Surfside tower collapse. Florida stands with Israel as it faces one of its greatest challenges.”

“I have asked the Biden Administration to follow our existing laws by canceling the visas and immediately removing foreign nationals who support Hamas.  Any foreign national marching on our streets calling for ‘intifada’ or celebrating the slaughter of Israeli babies needs to go,” the Florida Governor stated resolutely. DeSantis is also firmly against the U.S. admitting Palestinian refugees. He argues that the U.S. should not be a hub for individuals carrying ideologies rooted in anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism. He stated unequivocally that if he were president, no individuals from Gaza would be admitted into the country.


Senator Rubio, meanwhile, has echoed similar sentiments. Calling upon the Biden administration, he demanded the rescindment of visas for foreign nationals advocating terrorist activities, particularly those supporting Hamas, which is officially designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. Rubio stressed that while America is a generous nation, it cannot play host to individuals who champion terrorist entities like Hamas. Backing his stance, Rubio cited federal statute 8 USC § 1182, which deems ineligible for visas or admission those endorsing terrorist activities or supporting terrorist organizations, a category into which he places pro-Hamas demonstrators.

“We are in no position to accept additional refugees, especially from a region with as high a risk of terrorism, given our nation’s inability to secure our own border or vet those who are already here,” the Florida Senator said. Rubio’s concerns also extend to America’s border security. With reports highlighting that CBP agents apprehended 659 known or suspected terrorists in fiscal 2023, Rubio emphasized the gravity of the situation, pointing to potential threats from unrecorded entries.

Florida is home to one of the largest Jewish populations in the U.S. The Miami area has the second largest population of Israeli Americans in the U.S.

Amid mounting concerns over civil liberties, renowned conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza unveils a provocative, feature-length documentary titled “Police State,” set to jolt the American populace awake to the imminent perils of eroding freedoms.

A courageous storyteller, D’Souza warns of a nation where the foundational tenets of freedom, enshrined in the unblemished parchment of the Bill of Rights, now tremble under the ominous specter of authoritarian encroachment.

“This sad revelation unveils a reality where none of these cherished liberties are safe,” laments D’Souza. His cinematic revelation “Police State,” a chilling narrative blending cinematic artistry with unvarnished truth, is slated for a virtual premiere on October 27. The film promises to thrust audiences deeper into the enigmatic confrontation between freedom and security, civil liberties, and the unnerving specter of a rising police state, echoing an alarm that may very well define the future of a nation at the crossroads of its destiny.

D’Souza paints a harrowing picture of a nation lulled into complacency. “Police State,” he avows, is a clarion call—a beckoning to rouse a nation from the slumber of indifference to the looming predators of authoritarianism.

Audiences are confronted with a stark reality—an America inching perilously close to the authoritarian governance that defines nations mired in oppression. From the surveillance-laden dystopia of North Korea to the censorship-draped regime of China, D’Souza’s poignant queries plunge deep into the soul of a nation at a crossroads.

“We’re at a pivotal juncture, a six or seven on a scale to total police state,” warns D’Souza, his voice a haunting echo amidst the tumul-tuous silence of a nation grappling with its identity.

D’Souza is joined in this cinematic endeavor by influential voices, including radio talk show host and former NYPD officer and Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino and investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer, unveiling a narrative as chilling as it is forewarning. Questions of civil liberties, the specter of domestic terrorism, and the tumultuous tension between freedom and security are laid bare. Audiences are exposed to an unnerving reality: the shifting focus of government security apparatus from the specter of global terrorism to the enigmatic shadows of domestic extremism.

“Police State” emerges as a revelation, not just a cinematic spectacle but a clarion call to the frontlines of liberty’s defense. D’Souza presents a nation confronting its own identity - what sacrifices we are willing to make, and at what perilous cost to the soul of a nation?

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 21:20

Lee County Floodplain: Repair, Elevate, Buyouts

Fort Myers Beach, FL - Lee County is taking steps to enhance resilience against potential future hurricanes, floods, and natural disasters. A new program proposed by the Lee County Office of Strategic Resources and Government Affairs (SRGA) could impact properties in 100-year floodplains or wetlands.

Quick Highlights:

Programs: Lee County SRGA introduced the Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Elevation Program alongside the Voluntary Residential Buyouts Program.
Funding: $250 million from the CDBG-DR grant will go towards home repairs, reconstructions, elevations, and acquisitions after Hurricane Ian damages.
Duration: The project will span from 2023 to 2029.
Purpose: Repair damaged homes, elevate structures, and acquire properties prone to repetitive loss. Once bought, properties will turn into open green spaces for recreational or environmental uses.
Location: The initiatives will occur in various Lee County locations. The specifics will be decided later.

Why Should You Care?:

Environmental Concern: The county wants to gather opinions on these floodplain and wetland projects. They're keen to hear alternatives and insights that might reduce environmental impact.
Risks & Impacts: If the Federal government gets involved in floodplain/wetland projects, those in these areas might face greater risks or ongoing challenges.

Voice Your Thoughts:

Lee County encourages residents and interested parties to provide feedback by October 23, 2023.

Online: Send comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Early Floodplain Comments" in the subject.
Offline: Drop written thoughts at Lee County Government County Administration, c/o Strategic Resources and Government Affairs, 2115 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901, between 9 AM to 5 PM.
Detailed plans, maps, and more info can be found at Feedback is welcomed from everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

LEHIGH ACRES, FL — Mark your calendars! On Saturday, Oct. 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Lehigh Acres Senior Center will be transformed into a bustling marketplace of creativity. Located at 219 Plaza Drive, the fair promises to be a treasure trove for early-bird holiday shoppers.

From intricate artwork to cozy knitted scarves, you'll be dazzled by the array of handcrafted items curated by the gifted seniors of our community. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store:
• Stunning Artworks
• Lovely Crocheted and Knitted Goodies
• Unique Jewelry Pieces
• Exquisite Pine Needle Baskets
• Beautiful Quilted Wonders
• Mesmerizing Stained Glass Items
• Adorable Teddy Bears

But that's not all! The Lehigh Acres Senior Center is a hive of activity, hosting crafting classes, invigorating exercise sessions, and lively card games. Looking for travel opportunities or discounted theater tickets? The center's Travel Desk has got you covered. For those who love a good bargain, the Golden Shell Thrift Shop is a must-visit. Feeling peckish? Head to The Kitchen for some delightful bites.

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Senior Center welcomes everyone aged 50 and above. With affordable membership rates and an engaging community, it's the perfect place to get active, learn something new, and make lasting friendships!

So, gear up for a day of shopping, discovery, and fun. See you there!

This event is being held in conjunction with Lee County Parks & Recreation. For more information about locations, amenities, and events, visit, call 239-533-7275 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fort Myers, FL - Gear up, bookworms and event enthusiasts! The Lee County Library System has unveiled an extensive lineup of November programs for bibliophiles and hobbyists of all ages.

Online Opportunities:
Engage in some digital camaraderie at the Online Spanish Conversation Club on Nov. 9. Whether you're polishing your conversational skills or simply looking to practice, this is a perfect fit. Details are available at

Spotlight on Fort Myers Regional Library: Located at 2450 First St., this local hub is brimming with activities throughout November:

For the Adults:
• Dive into literature with Mona Awad's "All's Well" on Nov. 1.
• Unlock your German ancestry secrets on Nov. 4.
• Express creativity with Ink on Glass Ornaments on Nov. 6.
• Delve into dystopian fiction with "The School for Good Mothers" on Nov. 7.
• Enhance your artistry with Pencil Still Life on Nov. 8.
• Entrepreneurs, get insights on doing business with Lee County on Nov. 13.
• Movie buffs, savor a Hitchcock classic on Film Noir Night on Nov. 14.
• Get crafty with Paper Quilling and discuss "The Tobacco Wives" on Nov. 15.
• Graphic novel enthusiasts, brunch & discuss "My Favorite Thing is Monsters" on Nov. 18.
• Crafters, share and learn at Knit and Stitch on Nov. 28.

Children's Corner:
Preschool Storytime on Wednesdays.
• Bounce along to Baby Rhyme Time on Thursdays.
• Families, enjoy "Puss and Boots: The Last Wish" movie on Nov. 4.
• Experience interactive Toddler Tales on Tuesdays.
• Erase overdue fines through reading with Kids Read Down Fines on Nov. 18 & 27.

Teens Take the Stage:
• Relish a movie day on Nov. 4.
• Show off anime flair on Nov. 7.
• Dive into STEAM subjects on Nov. 13.
• Belt out at Karaoke for Teens on Nov. 14.
• Minimize fines with Kids Read Down Fines on Nov. 18 & 27.

For registration or more details, ring 239-479-INFO (4636) or hop over to Dive into a month full of learning, creativity, and community connection!

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