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A NOAA-funded study led by Duke University has found that the Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” drives up the price of large shrimp relative to small shrimp, creating an economic impact that directly affects consumers, fishermen and seafood markets.

The northern Gulf of Mexico region, known as the “dead zone,” is actually a vast area of hypoxic (low oxygen) bottom water during the summer. Caused by excessive nutrient pollution delivered from the Mississippi River, primarily from agriculture and wastewater, the low oxygen levels are insufficient for supporting most marine life and habitats in near-bottom waters and threaten the livelihood of many fisheries. While the negative effects of these low oxygen waters on marine life are well known, understanding the economic impact and importance has been difficult to achieve.

The study, conducted in collaboration with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service and funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) provides the first evidence linking Gulf hypoxia to economic impacts.

According to lead scientist, Martin D. Smith, George M. Woodwell Distinguished Professor of Environmental Economics at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment,

“Many studies have documented the ecological impacts of hypoxia, but establishing a clear causal link to economic losses in affected fisheries has been elusive. Our study does this by showing how seasonal hypoxia off the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts drives monthly fluctuations in market prices in the Gulf brown shrimp fishery, a major fishery that was once the most valuable in America.”

Analysis of monthly trends in the price of Gulf brown shrimp from 1990-2010 showed that the price of large shrimp relative to small ones was high during hypoxic events. Previous efforts likely did not track this type of market impact due to a focus on shrimp quantity over fluctuations in pricing.

When the dead zone is present, fishermen catch more small shrimp and fewer large ones, making small shrimp cheaper and larger ones more expensive. The total quantity of shrimp caught could remain the same during hypoxic periods, but a reduction in the highly valued large shrimp would lead to a net economic loss.

Other fisheries affected by hypoxia likely undergo similar fluctuations, and further studies are needed to understand how lethal and sub-lethal hypoxia effects, along with human decisions, can have an economic impact on fisheries.

It is a dynamic and complex issue, and has been a focus of NOAA’s Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystems and Hypoxia Assessment Program (NGOMEX), that funded the work.

“Understanding the effects of hypoxia on valuable Gulf of Mexico species has been a long term focus of NOAA’s research,” said Dr. Robert Magnien, Director of NCCOS’ Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research. “These findings are a breakthrough and an important step toward quantifying the economic value of reducing nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin.”

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 22:07

Raging Wildfire Burning 6000+ Acres

Residents in parts of Southwest Florida are under an evacuation order as a result of a raging wildfire. In Florida's Collier County, wildfires burned more than 6,000 acres, and are only about 30 percent contained.

“All the sudden we started seeing the black smoke coming up and that’s when the sheriff’s department came in and told us to take whatever we had and get out of there,” said one Naples resident.

Florida Highway Patrol shut down part of I-75 between mile marker 80 and mile marker 105 until visibility improves.

Authorities credited high temperatures and low humidity with creating hazardous fire-prone conditions, with strong wind gusts fueling the flames.

According to Wayne Martin, the deputy director of the Greater Naples Fire Department, the fire started up Sunday afternoon.

Florida Forest Service ordered mandatory evacuations for the Naples Club RV Resort, Panther's Walk RV Resort, the entire Forest Glen community, the Aventine at Naples Apartments, and horse stables in and along Newman Drive.

I-75 will remain closed until conditions improve. Drivers should find alternate routes and expect delays near the area of the closure.

The first amendment states,” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEFULLY to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

At what point, does a Religion become a “criminal” organization? Can a Religion become a “criminal organization”? I say that when a Religion violates our Rule of Law, our bill of Rights, our Constitution or our separation of Church and State, it is NOT a Religion. When a Religion wants to overthrow our government by force, it is not a Religion!

In general, our Judicial system prohibits and hinders lawful investigations when a “religion “is involved or suspected to be involved in criminal activity.

I was still a working Agent in 1992 and spoke to Agents I knew from the NY FBI Office (NYO), where I worked for almost 6 years. I learned that FBI NYO had obtained information that a blind Muslim sheik in Brooklyn was preaching violence, advocating blowing up tunnels and bridges, and the FBI sought to open an investigation.

DOJ approval was necessary to OPEN the investigation and DOJ said “no”! This was BEFORE the 1st World Trade Center Bombing in 1993. AFTER they blew up the first Tower, that same blind, cleric was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for his involvement! That was preventable! Who’s really to blame, the then Attorney General and her boss, Bill Clinton!

As I stated, our DOJ requires the FBI to obtain permission to even open a case on a religious group! “So what …”you say? When FBI Minneapolis obtained the computer from the Muslim who wanted to learn to fly commercial planes but not learn to take off and land, the Department of Justice (DOJ) would not authorize a search warrant to access his computer! From what I learned from Agents involved in that case, there were flight plans of the 9/11 planes, escape routes and other incriminating evidence that had the FBI been allowed to do its job, the info on that computer would have prevented 9/11; no maybe about it!

There are over 35 religious “retreats” in the US claiming to be a Religion, Islam. Residents in nearby towns report hearing gunfire and explosions. Law enforcement hands are tied. They are denied access by armed guards at the gates and cannot search the “encampments” as they are “religious” retreats. Obama’s DOJ would NOT allow Federal warrants and threatened local PDs with Civil Right violations!

We must put an end to this insanity and determine what distinguishes a religion from a criminal organization and stop people from using our Religious freedom against us.

If a group of two or more people gather together, claim to be a Religion and proceed to violate our Rule of Law by preaching death to unbelievers, practicing honor killings under Sharia law (their Rule of Law), shouldn’t we investigate and put an end to it? When we see people murder other people in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, and dozens of other Muslim Nations, shouldn’t we believe that they are carrying out their teachings, the words of their Book of Faith? Why, then, should we allow any of those people into our Country? We do now, have been for a long time and have paid dearly for it! Ask any surviving spouse, son, daughter of a 9/11 victim!!!

I believe we would ALL agree that in order for a group to be a Religion, practicing their Faith, they must preach and practice peacefully and NOT violate our Constitution, or our Rule of Law! When their book of Faith demands death and violence, when they preach and practice violence, when ENTIRE countries of that same Book of Faith preach/practice acts of violence, it’s time to wake up!


1. No individual or group of two or more people, that claims to be a religion and preaches or practices violence of any type, where that violence is in direct conflict with the Constitution or violates the Laws of the United States, or the Laws of the States, may be considered a Religion, as set forth in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

2. No individual or group, described in 1 above, shall be afforded any of the protections, either criminal or civil, afforded to Religions by the Constitution or the Laws of the United States or the Laws of the States and by this Amendment is defined as a Criminal Organization, and may be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by law enforcement agencies of the United States and the States in accordance with the laws of the United States and the States.

3. No investigation of any individual or group, as defined in 1 above, by any duly appointed and sworn Law Enforcement Agency, may be thwarted, infringed or hindered by anyone or any Agency or any Judicial Jurisdiction under the claim of religion, religious group or faith.

4. Gunfire, explosions, military training, the practice of assault techniques by any individual or group of 2 or more people who claim to be a religion, are all probable cause to believe that they are not a religion.

How could anyone disagree? If you agree, send this to your elected officials! PEOPLE ARE USING AMERICA’S RELIGIOUS FREEDOM TO DESTROY HER!

J. Gary DiLaura,
FBI Retired

I've been waiting for some good news about U.S. health care, which is the world's most expensive but not even close to the world's best. So far, I've been seeing very little that sparks joy.

The Affordable Care Act is in limbo, to be kind, and that's creating deep anxiety nationwide.

All the talk from policymakers dealing with health care reform is focused on making insurance companies happy and prosperous. There isn't a peep about improved patient care, less illness and injury, more community health centers or fewer untimely deaths.

And none of the politicians dealing with "reform and replace" -- including our new secretary of health and corporate services -- ever mention prevention and patient education, two obvious ways to bring down the crippling cost of health care simply by lowering demand.

Think of it: If our citizens were healthier, we could save tens of billions of dollars every year. It's so simple ... and simply not part of the debate. That's because health care is viewed from the perspective of a for-profit business. And while a business-like mentality is fine in other contexts, when it comes to health care, it means that there is a built-in incentive to have as many customers, and tests, as possible.

And yet, something did happen on Feb. 14, a secret Valentine, that I consider very good news. And you should, too.

The American College of Physicians -- the largest medical specialty organization in the United States, with more than 140,000 internists and related subspecialists -- came out with new guidelines for treating lower back pain, and their advice is so revelatory and radically patient-centered, and such a reversal from drugs, drugs, drugs. It's a sign that something good might be happening out there. Doctor Land is waking up.

Stop with the drugs, the ACP is telling doctors and the 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic low back pain (to the tune of $600 billion a year in medical treatments). Not only are prescription drugs for treating back pain not effective; the most popular ones are addictive and have led to an out-of-control opioid epidemic that is killing Americans at an astonishing rate.

So if prescription drugs aren't the answer, according to the new guidelines, what is?

"Treatment recommendations," it says front and center on the ACP website, "include massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, tai chi and yoga."

Yes! Finally! Non-drug therapies! Massage, body work, yoga and acupuncture are getting the evidence-based respect and attention they deserve, and the same-old, same-old drug-based therapies are being called out as being ineffective and even dangerous.

"Physicians should reassure their patients that acute and sub acute low pain usually improves over time regardless of treatment," ACP President Nitin Damle, M.D., says. "Physicians should avoid prescribing unnecessary tests and costly and potentially harmful drugs, especially narcotics, for these patients."

I don't expect an overnight turnaround, but it's two giant steps forward in the right direction, toward wellness, away from wackiness. Slowly, word is getting out, even from mainstream doctors, about what helps you prevent and recover from low back pain, and what doesn't. Gentle movement -- especially in a therapeutic yoga class, going slowly, with awareness -- does help. Steroids do not.

What else helps, you might ask?

Now we're talking. When it comes to reducing low back pain, working at a stand-up desk is one of the great health care discoveries of the modern sedentary era. So is something that may be new to you called dynamic sitting.

"For sitting to be healthy, it needs to be what I call dynamic sitting," says NeuroMovement specialist Anat Baniel. "It's not about doing large movements or stretching; it's about creating a fuller map of the body in the brain while in a sitting position."

You can read lots more about the benefits of stand-up desks and dynamic sitting in the February 2017 "End Back Pain Forever" issue of What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine. It includes specific big and little exercises you can do -- in your office or at home -- to wake up and strengthen and lengthen your spine enough to fulfill the promise on the cover.

It takes some study and effort, but so does resisting drugs. And no one ever died from an overdose of yin yoga.

"Studies have shown that bed rest can actually be harmful and result in deconditioning of the muscles around the spine."
-- Jonathan Stieber,
spine surgeon.

Marilynn Preston

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but sometime over the past decade or so, the general population of this country formed a belief that bottled water is better than tap water -- and safer and healthier.

It's pretty ingenious, if not shocking, how bottled water suppliers created an entire industry by convincing millions of people to pay between 240 and 10,000 times more for water in a bottle than getting it from the supply we're already paying for in our homes.


These days, a 16-ounce bottle of "spring" water goes for about a dollar, which works out to about $8 a gallon -- twice the cost of milk and on par with bottled soft drinks. Home delivery of water in those great big, heavy bottles is less per gallon but still costs around $40 a month, according to online averages. How does that compare with the water coming out of your kitchen tap?

The average household cost for town water in the U.S. is 66 cents per cubic meter, which is 265 gallons, or 4,240 8-ounce glasses of water -- enough to last the average person 530 days (consuming eight 8-ounce glasses per day). Another way to price it: Sixty-two 8-ounce glasses of water cost about 1 cent.

There's no doubt that people love their bottled water. There are dozens of brands, and new versions and advertising slogans are showing up all the time. In 2013 alone, Americans drank 58 gallons of bottled water per capita.


This may startle you, but it is absolutely true: Tap water is safer than bottled water. How can that be? The reason is simple: The water supply in the U.S. is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, under very strict guidelines and rules that are heavily enforced.

Bottled water is subject to FDA rules, which are far less stringent. For example, tap water by law requires disinfection. Testing for bacteria must be conducted hundreds of times per month.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is not required to be disinfected. The frequency of bacteria testing is fewer than five times each month.


Tooth decay in children is making a big comeback. The culprit? Bottled water. It's not the water that's causing the decay, according to the World Dental Congress. It's the lack of fluoride.

Parents believe they are giving their children a superior product in bottled water, but in fact they are depriving kids of the fluoride and minerals they need to build healthy teeth and bodies. Despite all of the controversy, community water fluoridation has become recognized as a key preventer of tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association.

So the next time you feel thirsty, don't reach for a bottle. Instead, turn on the tap. You'll be drinking water that is just as safe -- or safer -- than bottled water and saving money, too. Get the kids to switch, and you just might head off big dental bills down the road.

Don't like the taste of your tap water? Invest in a filter pitcher or dispenser. Install an inexpensive faucet filter or a reverse-osmosis system. Taste comes from negligible amounts of minerals. Filtered tap water removes minerals and chemicals, rendering it with no hint of aftertaste, even at room temperature.

Mary Hunt

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 23:19

Spring Break!!!

How and when did the world decide that for one week in March or April, college kids would have carte blanche to leave their local town, and head to a tropical location, engaging in kegstand, wet tee-shirt contests (ect) on beaches and in bars.

The historical origins of spring break started with the Greeks ancient masters getting liquored up and taking off their pants in public. The ancient Greeks celebrated a spring festival called Anthestreria, which honored Dionysus, the god of theater, fornicating, and getting totally hammered. Festival goers dressed up, sang, and engaged in wine chugging contests.

Of course, there were a few thousand years in between the ancient Greeks and modern spring breaking which brought back public wine (beer) chugging contests.

During World War II, wealthy Ivy Leaguers traveled to Florida, being scared off by rumors of German submarine activity in the Caribbean.

During the '50s the media began to report Florida's reputation as a place to spend spring break drinking, dancing, and looking for "love".

1965, Elvis stared in "Girl Happy" a film which suggested that spring break might be a place to meet and greet Elvis, instead of just a place to get beer poured down your bra.

In 1975, the wet t-shirt contest was invented at Pierre's Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana, which soon became a spring break staple.

At the end of the '80s, Ft Lauderdale citizens begin enacting ordinances, banning open containers of booze and putting up a wall separating the beach from the street. Students began gathering in locations through out the southern states.

From the end of Prohibition, Florida maintained a drinking age of 18 until 1987.
In 1986, MTV aired Spring Break from Daytona Beach, Florida. The episode featured Mr. Mister, Beastie Boys, and high-cut '80s bikini bottoms.

40 percent of college students travel for spring break, spending almost $1 billion on hot spots in Florida and Texas alone. In fact, 500,000 partiers spend over $140 million just going to Panama City, Florida, the "spring break capital of the world."

If you're visiting SW Florida and heading out to party for "Spring Break 2017"......Have fun, be safe.

If you don’t get the chance to catch the Lee County Fair, running until Sunday March 5th, at the Fairgrounds located at 11831 Bayshore Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33917, you will have another opportunity to catch a county Fair.

The Collier County Fair !

They kick off their 41st annual fair in two weeks with a grand opening ceremony at 6 p.m., on Thursday, March 16 at the Collier County Fairgrounds, 751 39th avenue N.E., Naples, Florida and will run till the 11pm on the 26th.

Celebrate St. Patricks Day on Friday, with their Midnight Madness.

Besides all the great Livestock competitions/shows, there will be a Demolition Derby this Sunday with first heat at 5pm.
See the event schedule at:

The Collier County Fairgrounds is not a part of the Collier County or State of Florida government and receives no tax dollars or other subsidies and is a non-profit organization that is run by a board of 20 volunteers.

Proceeds go to various community organizations. They have contributed to our community by providing support or fundraising opportunities for the following organizations: Collier County Sheriff’s Junior Deputy Program, Catholic Charities, 4-H Foundation, Open Youth of Collier County, Boy Scouts, Kiwanis Club, Naples Bears, Immokalee High School Band, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Youth Haven and Palmetto High School Fishing Club, Marching Band and Band Boosters.

In addition, they are a pre-designated Emergency assembly area for FPL, the state of Florida and Collier County.

They invite you to share in their community spirit and help support our community and youth of Collier County and are looking for more program to help with, if they can help your program, contact them at (239) 455-1444

Lawrence "Larry" Gavin peacefully passed away last Sunday with only 76 days to go to complete his 90th year!

Born in Chicago, on May 13, 1927 and was a US Army
veteran of WWII.

Larry married Rita Stier on August 4, 1974 in Hinsdale, IL. He spent his career with Ace Hardware Corporation and retired as President of the corporation. He owned Gavin's Ace Hardware with his wife Rita and sons Ron and John on San Carlos Blvd, in Fort Myers and they recently opened a second location on Nicholas Pkwy, in Cape Coral.

Larry is survived by his wife Rita and their nuclear family: Richard, Rick & Marla, Ron & Laura, Randy & Kitty, John & Cindy and Ron & Dawn, and his daughter-in-laws: Jody and Shari; 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Larry’s heart was in community service. A Freemason and Shriner he was involved in Boy Scouts, The United Way, Children’s Hospitals and other like groups.

Friends and family are invited to the Celebration of Life service at 10:30 am Sunday, March 5, at Hodges Funeral Home at Lee Memorial Park 12777 State Road 82, Fort Myers.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in his name would be appreciated to the United Way of Lee County 7273 Concourse Drive Fort Myers, FL 33908.

Info (239) 334-4880.

Thursday, 23 February 2017 02:04

The Right Side: EMP AND US/us?


(EMP) is a "collateral" effect of Nuclear bomb detonation that was accidentally found by everyone who detonated a Nuclear device! A nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere was found to destroy anything electrical within its "range".

Russia conducted 5 tests of atmospheric detonation (180 miles above the Earth); 2 at 1.2 Kilotons October 1961 and then 3 at 300 Kilotons in Oct/Nov 1962. The "accidental" results of the test on 10-22-62 were devastating! The EMP destroyed hundreds of miles of wires, destroyed the devices set to measure the results and destroyed the entire Karaganda power plant,

ALL by EMP! Oops!

Since then, according to many sources, most recently in a article 1-13-17 by Peter Huessy for Gatestone Institute, "contrary to some "expert" analysis, both the recent North Korean nuclear and the Iranian ballistic missile tests are deadly serious threats to the United States". I believe he is accurate. Here is what I believe we know and I had previously confirmed by many available government sources over the past several years, they are no secret!

The United States’ power grid is not protected, in any way, from an EMP attack! I believe a few "experts" may have told some VERY ignorant leaders that although an EMP attack would be devastating to an "area", and the US is vulnerable, it would take a lot to cause crippling damage, and billions and billions to prevent! How dumb would a leader have to be to not understand a threat on their own? Consider this…Carter’s advisors convinced him, in 1979, that the Shaw of Iran was bad and should be removed and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini, they said is a humanitarian who was exiled in Egypt. How did that work out? That’s the best example I can think…oops…forgive me, here’s another… "Just sign it, we’ll find out later what it says"(really a quote)…wait, I had a brain fart…just give Iran the 170 billion, they’ll honor their word ( not really a quote, but you get the idea).

Our Country has advanced to a technologic point that we are 101% dependent upon electric technology. Heck some …most of our planes (civilian and Military) can’t fly without electricity and computers! Good or bad? Good, if we can protect it , bad if we can’t! We can’t!

Most of our Naval ships are EMP proof but NOT our planes. None of our power plants/grid are protected. There are transformers on our grid that, under ideal conditions, take at least 2 years to build, are NOT built inside the US and a loss of a very few will shut down the entire grid!

Power experts tried to get Obama to build backups to these critical transformers and he refused!

Russia and N Korea have many old, lets say, tube type equipment. Many of Russia’s bombers still use antique technology that IS EMP proof because they didn’t have the money to "update" to circuit boards, computers and cellular technology! Maybe that’s not so bad for them?

Here’s what I believe is the biggest threat to our Nation RIGHT NOW!!!

Russia has had the capability to launch the most devastating EMP device in the world, from a commercial tanker 100 miles off our coast, where 1(one) would kill our entire East coast grid and we probably can’t react fast enough to stop it! 1(one) EMP device on each coast and 1(one) in the center, three total, would kill over 90% of our entire ability to make electric power, for years! Here’s the scariest part of this weapon. Russian has had the ability to do this for years. Could Iran have bought one from Russia with their Obama gift of 170 billion? Naw…they wouldn’t do that…would they? China has it, right now, as well, both the bomb and the launch ability! North Korea has a 1-10 Kiloton EMP weapon, right now and has tested it at least 3 times and is very close to a launch capability. Iran is closer than we think and could even have the weapon!


I believe I have a very good solution to several of our problems!

By Executive Proclamation or EO declare an Energy, Economic, and Security Emergency and order all 50 states to participate in a Power To Prosperity and Security (POPS) program (call it what you want)!

Utilizing "interest bearing stimulus loans" to each State, direct a new EMP protected (as best we can) , power plant be built, in each state, utilizing made in America materials and US Citizens. Put all environmental issues on a fast tract and direct the States to project manage the entire projects with Federal oversight! If Republic Steel says they must build new plants as well as LaFarge Concrete and so forth; loan them the funds, the same way. They must use US citizens and Made in America materials. When the plants are built, the States MUST sell to private utility companies and repay the loans!

Then do the same with our power grid! The TOTAL cost would be LESS than Obama's stimulus and what do we have to show. I figure less than 500 billion to build all 50 power plants utilizing all our Natural Resources, including Nuclear and probably the same for the EMP improved grid!

In case you’re interested, I’ve written about this several times in the Niagara Falls Reporter, starting around 2014! Someone please tell President Trump, Obama couldn’t understand the concept!

J. Gary DiLaura,
FBI Retired