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Last month, we wrote a story on Circadas, telling you of their coming this year.

Well they have arrived and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. They are emerging in the central US States.... Broods have already been reported an area that spans from upper mid Texas, Mid Kansas, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa all the way to upper-central Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, with broods expected to emerge in N & S Carolinas, and Virginia too.

Many are planning viewing trips as this won't happen again for another 17 years!

Once they make it to the surface, they shed their original bodies and emerge with wings and will only be alive for 6 weeks’.....

1 - 17yr Cicadas have many different color eyes. Most 17yr Cicadas have red eyes, while others could have white, grey, blue or even 2 tone color eyes.

2 - Cicadas suffer with STD's. The STD's are transferred to other Cicadas with mating. The massive Massospora fungus infects Cicadas by filing their abdomen to the point where their whole abdomen will completely fall off. This will then prevent the Cicadas ability to reproduce.

3 - If you want to get close and personal with Cicadas the go mow your lawn. The sound of the lawn mower tricks the Cicada into thinking the noise coming from the engine are other Cicadas. Although if you ever heard a Cicada you know they sound nothing like a lawn mower. So I don't know why they flock to the sound.

4 - Cicadas are very nutritional and are eaten by humans world wide. If your interested in experiencing the delicious taste of Cicada go have yourself some....I don't know...Cicada Gumbo or Cicada Soup. If you live in VA you can get your hand on Cicada Crunch ice cream made with real 17yr Cicadas. YUMMY !??!

5 - Not all Cicadas make sound. ONLY males can cake that iconic sound we all know and love. I'm not saying females Cicadas are mute but the female Cicadas make noises by flicking their wings to respond to the males. Which sounds very similar to a cricket.
Here is a Bonus...

6 - There is roughly 1 Cicada for every Human. As of 2021 there are approximately 7,900,000,000 (7.9) Billion people on this planet. And yes there are about 7.9 Billion Cicadas sharing the planet with us.

small smiley face with sunglasses1


Last year, the Salty Crab, located on Fort Myers Beach, held their 5th annual Rum Bucket fundraiser benefiting Golisano Children’s Hospital!

Each year, during the fundraiser, $1 from every Rum Bucket is collected for the fundraiser.

Even though last season was affected by the pandemic with all Florida restaurants being closed on March 17th, cutting the fundraiser short. 

With the help of local patrons and visitors alike, they were able to collect $6,400 for their fundraiser. Which due to circumstances is quite a lot but was less than their projected goal. However due to a local patron Jesse Schmid who donated an additional $10,000 for the event, The Salty Crab was able to present the hospital with a donation of $16,400,

saltly crab2

which was considerable more than their projected goal of $9,000. This year the funds will be going towards Pediatric Neurology.

"The hospital is such an important part of the community and we love giving back, we have 11 restaurants throughout Florida each one gives back, and its vital to the community" said Jamie McElhone, the marketing director for the Salty Crab.

jamie McEnorhan

Jamie McElhone

Despite the challenges of 2020, this is a great example, when we come together as a community to help out, we can all make our world a better place. In this case.... one Rum Bucket at a time!

More than 53,000 Florida homeowners will be looking for property insurance on June 1, the day hurricane season begins, if Gov. Ron DeSantis approves requests by three state-based insurers “in hazardous financial condition” to shed policies.

The contractions are another upheaval in Florida’s stressed property insurance market after state-based insurers reported $1.7 billion in 2020 losses, approximately 60 independents remain after corporate insurers left the state 15 years ago.

The wave of early cancellations and non-renewals comes as the state’s 6.5 million businesses and homeowners are seeing – or will see – double-digit rate increases as high as 45 percent in property insurance premiums when they renew policies.

The state’s Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) reported it approved 105 property insurance rate changes in 2020, including 90 for increases and 55 for increases above 10%.

The rate hikes are necessary to stay solvent, claim insurers, citing ballooning reinsurance costs, “loss creep” from 2017-18 hurricanes, coastal flooding and excessive litigation in a market “spiraling towards collapse,” according to a January report, “Florida’s P&C Insurance Market: Spiraling Towards Collapse,” co-authored by Tallahassee-based James Madison Institute.

Among the report’s findings is about 6% of Florida homeowners insurance claims are in litigation, amounting in annual costs to a “solid Cat 3 hurricane.”

Florida lawmakers addressed roof-related litigation during their recently-concluded session by adopting Senate Bill 76, which slashes the time to file claims from three years to two, reduces attorney “multiplier fees” and allows insurers to cover only depreciated value of roofs more than 10-years-old.

The bill, which goes into effect July 1, has not been signed by DeSantis. If he doesn’t veto the measure, it is enacted after 15 days without his signature.

DeSantis is also required to endorse consent orders authorized by the OIR allowing the three companies to pare policyholders as “an extraordinary statutory remedy reserved to address insurers which are or may be in hazardous financial condition.”

“Allowing for the early cancellation or nonrenewal of policies is not a decision made lightly and requires a finding that such action is necessary to protect the best interests of the public or policyholders,” OIR said in a statement.The three companies combined insure about 250,000 Florida properties and seek to shed 53,205 policies:

• Universal Insurance Co. of North America (UICNA): The May 6 order allows UICNA to drop 13,294 of 57,000 residential policies in Florida as part of a merger with Texas-based Universal North America Insurance Co. and in response to losing $4.1 million in 2019 and $22.5 million in 2020.

• Gulfstream Property & Casualty: The May 6 order allows Gulfstream to drop 20,311 of 56,000 residential policies in Florida or it “will deteriorate to an unsustainable level by mid-2021.”

• Southern Fidelity Insurance Co.: The April 28 order allows Southern Fidelity to not renew 19,600 of 133,000 Florida residential policies over 14 months, with approximately 2,300 removed June 1.

In early 2020, the OIR agreed to Southern Fidelity’s request to raise rates by 31%. But the order states the company remains in peril.

“Without the approval of this plan of non-renewal, (Southern Fidelity) would not be able to satisfy the surplus requirements of (Florida law), nor complete its long-term restructuring plan,” the order states.

The stressed property insurance market is placing increasing pressure on the state-backed “insurer of last resort,” Citizens Property Insurance Co., which is seeing its ranks – and the state’s potential liability – grow as private insurers constrict.

In January, Citizens President/CEO Barry Gilway said the state-subsidized insurer was adding about 3,000 new policies a week.

In February, Citizens held 630,000 homeowner policies, up from 542,000 in December. By the end of 2021, the number is expected to top 700,000.

John Haughey
The Center Square

The meetings usually begin with public comment but that was preluded with discussion of the timing requirements for the performance evaluation of the town manager and the approval of the final agenda.

If you were a speaker and I got your name wrong, I will apologize in advance, but it isn't posted anywhere and hard to hear.

First speaker for public comment was Janet Kirtin? asking why Beach Talk Radio was denied a permit to broadcast from Times Square, and asking for consistency from the Town Council.
Next was Jessie Hallman? subject: Consistency of permitting process in zoning and building. Talking about the new zoning change ... "10 foot setback" ... he said "other residence of the community whom filed in Jan and Feb were granted an extension on that 10 foot setback reducing it back to the 7 foot 6 setback.... and I ask the council to consider allowing me that same extension to the 7 foot 6 setback on my lot so I can continue with my project"

His second issue with planning and zoning, he purchased a property that has plants that were legally permitted for plants in the old setbacks, but now that he wants to move his home 3 feet in the air, without disturbing the plants at all, he is told it is now encroaching the new setbacks. Asking for consistency in zoning, and where he can find said rules that prevent me from lifting a home from its original footprint 3 feet in the air.

Third speaker was Tommy Kolar from Light House Resort, subject: Sidewalk from Crescent Street and 3rd Street connecting to Old San Carlos being proposed by the town. Stating they like the sidewalk Idea, asking for it to be put in at ground level like another property on San Carlos where it seems to work very well.

Town Council continues to review location options to provide Mooring Field upland services.

In continued discussion about acquiring or building a facility to be owned by the Town to provide upland services for Matanzas Harbor Mooring Field, Town Councilors reviewed a list of seven possible sites at their regular meeting on Monday, May 17.

These four sites were chosen for further review by Town Council:

• Property for sale at the north end of the island on Estero Boulevard

• Property at San Carlos Maritime Park on San Carlos Island owned by Lee County

• Lots behind Town Hall on Chapel Street that are privately owned

• Bay Oaks Recreational Campus

In other business related to the Mooring Field;

Town Council authorized staff to apply for and execute a grant agreement for approximately $41,000 with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the Clean Vessel Act Grant.

Town Councilors also:

• Approved allocating $15,000 from the Town Hall remodeling project to contract for monitoring and surveying the beach profile along the entire length of Fort Myers Beach, and surveying the burrow area offshore of North Estero Island;

• Authorized the Town Manager to execute the professional services agreement for beach renourishment not to exceed $170,000 and allocate the funds to be reimbursed by the Tourism Development Council (TDC);

• Conducted first public hearing on Ordinance 21:04 for amendment to the Land Development Code related to residential uses and setbacks on non-conforming lots and administrative setback variances; second public hearing is scheduled for the June 7 Town Council meeting;

• Authorized vacation of a portion of the School Street Right of Way to the Lee County School Board;

• Authorized the Town Manager to execute a supplemental task authorization with Tetra Tech for additional services not to exceed $241,780 for North Estero Phase 2 Side Street water and stormwater improvements.

During Councilmember, Town Manager, and Town Attorney reports, topics included a proclamation to designate May 18 as Casey Bishop Day for her success with the American Idol Show on ABC.

Dates for the Lee County Household Chemical Waste Collection days at Bay Oaks.

Use of the FMB Community Pool by a community organization.

Council employee’s review process,

the Lee County Sheriff’s Office search for a new space for the outreach center.

Lake Okeechobee water releases and Red Tide,

and ................ using feral cats to control rats. yup you read that right!


Town Council meetings are broadcast live on YouTube and Comcast Channel 98.

The next Town Council meeting will be held on Monday, June 7, 2021, at 9 a.m.,at Town Hall, 2525 Estero Boulevard.

small smiley face with sunglasses1

The Florida Legislature is sending a ratified Seminole gambling compact to Gov. Ron DeSantis and kicking questions about its legalities to the courts.

Lawmakers ended their three-day special session Wednesday by endorsing the 75-page pact that grants the Seminole Tribe of Florida exclusive control of blackjack, craps, online fantasy and sports betting at its seven casinos and on non-tribal pari-mutuels via its Hard Rock Digital platform.

In exchange, the Seminoles will pay Florida at least $500 million annually for the first five years of the 30-year pact.

But the online fantasy/sports components of the deal, signed by DeSantis and Seminole Tribal Council Chair Marcellus Osceola, Jr., on April 23, are only in principle. In practice, they cannot be implemented without enabling legislation.

Lawmakers tabled several special session bills implementing what critics contend would be an illegal expansion of gambling, such as the Fantasy Sports Contest Amusement Act, which would have created sports/fantasy gaming regulations.

Despite withdrawing the bills until 2022, and Monday’s one-page addendum deleting a requirement that the state and Tribe “engage in good faith negotiations” within 36 months “to authorize the Tribe to offer all types of covered games online or via mobile devices,” nearly all agreed Wednesday the compact is certain to be challenged in court.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of doing a gaming deal of the size and scope negotiated by Gov. DeSantis without a legal challenge,” House Speaker Chris Sprowls, R-Palm Harbor, told reporters after the House approved the pact in a 97-17 vote.

The Senate adopted the compact, outlined in Senate Bill 2A, Tuesday, 38-1. Once signed by DeSantis, it must be endorsed within 45 days by the U.S. Department of the Interior to ensure it complies with the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

SB 2A would allow the Tribe to build three more casinos, add new games and spells out a “hub-and-spoke” model between pari-mutuels and servers on tribal lands processing sports bets placed on mobile phones.

Critics say the “hub-and-spoke” provision, even if servers are on tribal land, grows gambling and therefore violates 2018’s Amendment 3, which requires voters approve any gaming expansion.House Select Committee on Gaming chair Rep. Randy Fine, R-Palm Bay, a former casino executive, said the “hub-and-spoke” model is on shaky legal ground.

“Me personally, I don’t think it’s going to survive,” he said, but added lawmakers did the right thing by adopting the deal because even if the provision is removed, “the compact still goes forward.”

“We still get every dollar we’re entitled to based on those revenue-sharing rates for the enormous business (the Seminoles are) operating today,” Fine said. “The only difference is we lower the minimum payment a little bit.”

Rep. Sam Garrison, R-Fleming Island, said there isn’t legal precedent for whether the model is an expansion of gaming.

“It is an open question, and it’s going to have to be litigated, because it’s not a black-and-white answer that specifically tells us whether the hub-and-spoke model is going to be permitted,” he said.

All 17 “no” votes were lodged by Democrats who submitted amendments stipulating how the $500 million in annual revenues should be spent. Each were deemed “outside the sole and exclusive purpose of ratification” and gunned down.

Rep. Mike Grieco, D-Miami, said it’s a slam-dunk that courts will require Florida to comply with Amendment 3 and ask state voters to approve mobile sports betting in November 2022.

“We’re going to be in court,” he said. “We’re going to lose, and we’re going to see this on the ballot.”

John Haughey
The Center Square

We are all ready for the world to return to normal. Many of us have missed vacations for the last year, avoided family gatherings, and haven’t had lunch out with friends since the start of the pandemic. But there are plenty of signs that things are finally turning around.

As more and more people continue to get vaccinated and many more have established some form of immunity via exposure or having contracted the virus, our world is starting to look more familiar. However, things aren’t perfect just yet. So if you are looking for ways to have fun — and feel fabulous — without taking any unnecessary risks, keep reading for advice.


On-the-Go Excitement

When you are ready to venture out into the world, you still have plenty of options. Fortunately, many places, including Disney, are finally starting to open back up. This means vacations and other public gatherings are back on the table. If you’re ready to enjoy travel and socialization, consider these options:

  • Vacation in your home state. The Sun Bay Paper explains that traveling within the state can save you money. Further, you get to experience your hometown or home state in ways you’ve likely never before.
  • Rent a theater. AMC, Regal, and many other independent theaters across the country now offer private screenings of classic and new release movies. This is a great way to have the theater experience without sharing the air with potentially sick patrons.
  • Road trip. Taking a road trip and renting a private house, apartment, or condo is a relatively safe way to vacation. It’s also more affordable than flying, in most cases, and will allow you to experience sights and sounds on your own terms. Use websites, such as My Scenic Drives, to plan your next trip.

Fun at Home

For many of us, finding innovative ways to stay entertained at home has become a challenge. If you and your family are not quite yet ready to venture out, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve exhausted all of your at-home fun options. A few tips to level up everyone’s mood without going into the public are to:

  • Play video games together
  • Start your own YouTube channel
  • Plant a garden
  • Build a homemade slip and slide
  • Binge-watch Marvel movies and series in order

Keep in mind that being bored at home easily leads to tension and fighting. Any of the above ideas can help alleviate some of this anxiety. If you plan to play games, stream videos, or post a vlog online, make sure your internet can handle it. If you live in a rural area, you may want a 5G connection, which will enhance gameplay and increase upload and download speeds.


Feel Great

Planning fun activities, whether at home or away, means very little if you don’t feel great while you’re participating. Elevate your self-care routine now to ensure that you have the energy, stamina, and drive to enjoy your newly reclaimed freedom. Everything you do — from getting enough sleep to using the right shampoo and conditioner — makes a difference in how you perceive yourself. And when you feel good, you’ll have an easier time enjoying your favorite activities, even if you still feel a bit anxious about the virus.

Ultimately, we have to get back into a routine at some point. Part of living a healthy life is having fun with ourselves, our friends, and our families. So whether you plan to venture out into the world or stick close to home, do not allow yourself to get stuck into a habit of doing nothing. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself — from playing video games to taking a road trip, the above ideas can put you back on the path toward living life on your own terms.

Saturday, 08 May 2021 09:05

Nautical Expo 2021 At Lee Civic Center

The 2021 Nautical Expo event at the Lee Civic Center will be held on May 15 and 16.

The expo will have Salt and freshwater fishing seminars sponsored by MirrOlure and will be held on the hour from local guides including bass fishing expert, Captain Mark King, from Lake Okeechobee.

You will also find Southwest Florida’s most popular boats and fishing skiffs, kayaks, nautical exhibits, coastal gadgets, jewelry, outdoor sportswear, as well as fly-tying demonstrations, outdoor furniture, exotic nautical wood, and metal art as they browse the indoor and outdoor coastal market.

On stage Saturday at 11 am and 1 pm will be the very first “Miss Nautical Mile” pageant hosted by Miss Global United States.

The “Go-Swim” models along with International Mermaid, Faith Lynn, will be on display in an eight-foot clamshell with her 250-pound silicone tail.

Their exhibitors are at max capacity in the 50,000 square foot air-conditioned building, and plenty more vendors will be outdoors surrounding what is being called a “Food Truck Bonanza” where multiple food trucks will be on-site both days serving $5 portions so attendees can try a bit of everything.

Open from 9 am to 5 pm, on Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, at: 11831 Bayshore Rd,
North Fort Myers,

General admission is $12, and to encourage boating and fishing in our youth, kids under eighteen are free.

On Thursday night, August 22, 2019, the Fort Myers Miracle, the local minor league baseball team from the Minnesota Twins organization, completed a three-game sweep of the Charlotte Stone Crabs with a 5 to 2 victory.

Little did any of us fans dream as we headed to our cars that it would be 628 days and almost 90 weeks before Fort Myers would host its next home game, or the monumental changes that would engulf our society, minor league baseball, and the Miracle!


Hurricane Dorian

On that late August evening, Fort Myers was the defending 2018 Florida State League (FSL) Champions. They were set to defend their title, as they won the 2019 1st Half FSL championship to already qualify for the playoffs that would begin in under two weeks. While on the season’s final roadtrip, however, monster Hurricane Dorian was ravaging the Caribbean, seemingly on her way to a major Florida landfall.
Out of caution, the FSL cancelled the remainder of the regular season as well as the playoffs, a fact made even sadder when Dorian stalled at the last moment, then veered north, sparing the Sunshine State all together.


Mighty Mussels & The Pandemic
After a 28-year run, the Miracle officially came to an end in December 2019! And....No, ....the Fort Myers franchise, the Single A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, did not fall victim to the major league owners’ ill-conceived plan to eliminate 42 minor league baseball teams. The end of the Miracle, rather, came at the birth to the NEW Fort Myers Mighty Mussels, the team’s freshly-minted moniker, along with its new mascot, “Mussel Man,” and logo portraying “Mussel Man” calling his homerun shot! ala Babe Ruth Style

Mighty Mussels1aMighty Mussels hat

These changes came through Andrew Kaufmann, CEO and Owner of Zawyer Sports, who became the principal owner of the Fort Myers franchise prior to the 2019 season.

“We are so excited by the Mighty Mussels,” Kaufmann said. “We made the decision to change our name because the name ‘Miracle’ came with the team when it relocated here from Miami in 1992 and we wanted something that more directly identified with our area. We studied the beach and found out there are over 60 different varieties of mussels in our waters, and when the sun hits them, they reflect purple, blue, and yellow, so those became our team colors. The ‘Miracle’ will always be an important part of our team history but we want our local community to think of us as their team.”

The Mighty Mussels were to debut on April 9, Opening Night of the 2020 FSL season, but the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak forced Major League Baseball to cancel all activities one month prior. The initial hope was that minor league baseball might salvage some part of 2020, but the “Summer Surge” made it obvious the pandemic would not easily let up and the FSL soon cancelled its season.


2021 Home Opener & Weekly Promotions
Traditionally, minor league baseball resumes on the 2nd Thursday of April, but in order to keep a social-distancing number of players at each team complex during Spring Training, minor leagues in 2021 had their openers slightly postponed, to Tuesday, May 4.

The Mighty Mussels began their season that night just up the coast, where the Mussels broke in their new name in style – rallying for four runs in the top of the ninth, in a come from behind win to stun the Bradenton Marauders 6-3 (a Pittsburgh Pirates organization) and then won a 13 to 4 romp the following day in Wednesday’s game.. This season they will play the same team 6 day in a row due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The team's home opener will be held on Tuesday, May 11, versus the Clearwater Threshers of the Philadelphia Phillies system at 7 p.m.

This first 6 game homestand is from May 11 through Sunday, May 16. With the Mussels actually guaranteeing a win on Opening Night, because if they do not, every fan in attendance receives a complimentary ticket to the following evening’s game on May 12!

In addition to this guarantee, fans will enjoy a special "Home Opener" fireworks show following the final out and they will also receive a Mussels 2021 season schedule "fridge magnet"

All Mussels 2021 homegames will be Tuesdays through Saturdays at 7 p.m., with Sundays at Noon, with each day of the week having its own special promotion.

“Two For Tuesdays” feature 2-for-1 hot dogs, draft beers, and sodas.

Wednesdays are “Senior Nights” with discount admission prices as well as “Dollar Hot Dog Nights” all game.

Thursdays are “College Night” with all college students with IDs purchasing tickets for just $5, along with “Thirsty Thursdays” with $1 beers and $2 drafts.

Fridays feature a “Happy Hour” from 6 to 7 p.m., with fireworks after the game.

Saturdays are “Bark in The Park” where fans can bring their dogs to the game, along with terrific giveaways, such as on Saturday, May 15, that is the “Mussel Man” bobblehead!

And Sundays will feature an all you can eat “Sunday Brunch” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for $10 on top of your ticket cost, with an opportunity for kids to run the bases after the game.

Another highlight of the 2021 season will be their Independence Day Weekend Celebration! They will be lighting up the skies with fireworks following the games on Friday, July 2nd, Saturday, July 3rd and the biggest fireworks show in Hammond Stadium history on Sunday, July 4th!

2021 Roster & Tickets
The 2021 Opening Night Mussels roster features 15 pitchers and 14 position players, highlighted by five of the Twins top-ranked prospects, including 2019 #1 selection, shortstop Keoni Cavaco, and 2020 #1 pick, first baseman Aaron Sabato, along with infielders Will Holland, Yunior Severino, and Charles Mack. Mussels players range from 19 to 24 years of age, guided by their new manager, Brian Meyer, assisted by a 7-man coaching and training staff.

Mussels tickets range from $9 to $12; purchase them online at, at the box office, which opens 60 minutes prior to each game, or over the telephone at 239-768-4210, with parking $5-per-car.

Due to ongoing pandemic precautions, the Mussels are currently limiting Hammond Stadium attendance to 28% capacity, with pod seating and social distancing, and due to MLB regulations, all fans must wear masks except for when drinking beverages or consuming food. The Mighty Mussels play at Hammond Stadium at the CenturyLink Sports Complex at 14100 Six Mile Cypress Parkway.

If you can't make it to the ballpark you can hear them live! The Fort Myers Mighty Mussels are set to broadcast at least 81 games in 2021, with 2019 FSL Broadcaster of the Year John Vittas joining the organization as the play-by-play broadcaster. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring Fort Myers fans the inaugural season of Mighty Mussels baseball,” Vittas said. “After everything that Minor League Baseball and the broadcasting world has been through over the past two years, I feel so fortunate to be able to remain in Southwest Florida and join the Twins organization. Hammond Stadium is an amazing place to watch a game, and I know our team can’t wait to provide the energy and entertainment that Lee County has been waiting for since the pandemic began.”

Listen to each broadcast 'Live': Here

I hope you'll join me and the Sun Bay Paper's owner Bobby Mimmo at the season's home opener, we'll both be there!

Gary Mooney/Bobby Mimmo

Ed. Note: I had a chance to speak with Chris Peters personally, he's the team's President, and he told me.... "We're thrilled to be back, it's been a long 20 months and were excited to have the season here and can't wait to entertain all our fans and have some fun."

so... We’ll see you at the game! 

Thursday, 06 May 2021 20:18

A Time For Purple

Readers of this paper know that our content has been focused with issues that threaten the everyday American.

Although we have conservative views, we have never held back on pointing out injustice in this world, regardless of political affiliation. Unfortunately the recent chaotic events of last summer, followed by election irregularities, and the January 6 mob insurrection at the US Capitol building have left 'we the people' even more divided.........Intentionally!

The term fake news is now levied against any who dare to look outside the lines of mainstream corporate news. Sadly, there are many who do go too far, without properly documenting or substantiating their allegations. We are not without fault here,
mistakes have been made. Whether or not it was of good intent, it essentially becomes disinformation which can have adverse consequences to those who trust that the information was thoroughly vetted.

Depending on the severity of the information presented, the ramifications can be extreme, including encouraging others to take justice into their own hands, oftentimes without a real basis in accurate fact. Well meaning citizens can be incited and steered to action, perhaps not always for the right reasons resulting in riots, looting and burning of properties. (last summer)

The one thing we know for sure is that big money rules in this world. It especially rules in politics. Those of ultra-wealth care noting about left or right. Their ideology is all about financial gain and power. For centuries these ultra-wealthy have profited on both sides of every conflict to face man.

It's time for people to start asking themselves whether or not this is happenstance or engineered by design.

With this said, we have noticed many events which appear to lead to and promote division in the US.

We are already on record about unidentified dark factions from out of state becoming involved in the Minneapolis protests over police misuse of force.

While watching the US Capitol attacks unfold on television, it very much appears that similar factions to Minnesota also embedded themselves within the Trump rally, possibly steering it and exploiting it for their own divisive purposes.

This most certainly does not account for all those who stormed the Capitol, for there were plenty of red hats and blue flags inside, but there did appear and later proven to be, an added volatile element..... “Antifa,” igniting the mix.

We have made it clear ‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) in this world do not give a rat's ass about left or right politics. The Democrat and Republican parties are mere tools for them - implements of control used by them only to divide us.

The select ultra-wealthy of this planet who make up TPTB and give vast financial support to the two-party system are the real inciters of violence and war. It is easy to look back in hindsight and recognize the manipulation and control afforded from a two-party system.

And no I am not only talking about George Soros or the Koch brothers because the wealth that controls this world is far, far greater than that. Soros and Koch are but minions to those who have the real money to control this planet. Again, the Ultra-rich profit from both sides in a conflict, thus they have a vested interest in any chaos happening here.

With all of this said, we have never promoted nor encouraged disunity or division amongst "we the people." We have always maintained, your enemy is not your neighbor (Democrat or Republican). It's the ultra-wealthy who have stolen the world around you.

Right here, right now we encourage all Americans to reconsider the engineered angst that many are feeling for the opposing political party right now, be it Republican or Democrat.

The point to remember we are all Americans first. As such, people need to think outside political lines during this time of crisis. (political crisis and Covid crisis) It would appear to some that we are being driven through Hegelian principles and steered like lemmings to the cliff's edge.

What are Hegelian principles...???

The Hegelian Principle is used to control society and really quite easy to understand.

It has three essential basic components...

• Problem
• Reaction
• Solution

The idea is...

1) Create a problem for society or a group of people.

2) Wait for the adverse reaction of pain and suffering.

3) Propose a solution to ease their pain and suffering, one that somewhat addresses the issue for the people, but benefits those who created the problem.

This method of devious control has been employed by the Ultra- wealthy for many centuries.

Be on guard and always be aware of it and on the look out to recognize it.

Once again, this plays into the hands of those who profit immensely from adversity and conflict, with "We the people" becoming the biggest loser.

We have never and hope we never will have to sanction violence as the means to regain that which we have lost in this country. Once you resort to violence against a government that possesses the vast ability and immense power to do overwhelming harm, you risk losing the moral high ground and becoming
labeled as subversive to democracy, or worse yet, you end up dead or in prison, the exact opposite of what many activists hope to accomplish. Your activist cause is thus immediately over.

No martyr. No movement.

Given all of this, it would seem apparent that persistent, articulate, peaceful protest has the best chance of enduring in the long run and thus provides the best avenue for success.

The fact of the matter is, both political parties have been exploited and used against us along the way. Truth be told, to be non-partisan about it, "We the people" have been getting screwed from both sides of the political aisle for some time now, with a see-saw of Good Cop-Bad Cop and a carousel of tainted discourse.

Make no mistake about it, if anything, the two-party system is meant to do one thing, divide this nation so it is more easily controllable by the powers that be. (IMHO) Ask yourself why you need a left or right view to build public infrastructure such as roads, schools ..... or libraries?

Why do we possibly need a left or right view for anything in life when the problems that we all face together are not exclusive to political affiliation? Real problems that affect us all are unbiased and non-partisan. Most of us are in the middle politically or Purple.

Looking at an issue simply from a left or right perspective is only using half of the options available, limiting the overall number of potential choices to find the best solution and thus solve the problem.

Kindergartners would arguably do better than today's partisan politicians in finding solutions to common problems that face them as a group, simply because they have no formal divisions and are willing to work together.

Sadly, there is more truth in this notion than most might be willing to admit.

I very much wish that all Americans would wake up and realize how easily we are coerced and steered by powers far greater than “Democrats” or “Republicans.”

Above all, the last thing this country needs is a civil war because we will lose everything in such a fight. The UN will be brought in to "save us from ourselves" and we will more than likely be issued an edict to give up our guns, "in the interest of public safety," of course... (IMHO)

Please... we need rational minds to prevail at this moment, rather than those of TPTB who are promoting impetuous extremism, continually trying to divide us and instigate another disastrous US civil war. Remember... More Americans died in the Civil War than all the other wars combined...!!!

We would like to remind you about the warning of our forefathers, who once said... "United we stand, but divided we fall."

Such a simple concept to understand, yet sadly enough, it can oftentimes, be hard to enact.

This is the time for all of us here to be “American”, not partisan.

For the sake of all, let us hope that "we the people" will recognize and resolve this orchestrated
division and choose to remain united.

I was worried about all the new people moving to our state and bringing their "blue" politics with them, but as I already said, most of us are in the middle....It’s the extreme left and extreme right that suck!!!

It is time to embrace them and welcome being one voice again “for the people.” With this in mind.... and hopes for a unified America.... “purple” is looking better to me.

Bobby Mimmo

go to this site to find out where you are on the political chart... you will see... most of us are in the middle

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When: 8 p.m. (EDT) Thursday, April 15 

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