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Sunday, 26 September 2021 08:52

There Goes Grandma Again!

Democrats have made a living in recent times with political attack ads fallaciously accusing Republicans of secret plans to destroy Medicare and Social Security. In one famous TV ad, then-House Speaker Paul Ryan was depicted as shoving an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff.

Well, Republicans may want to reprise that ad -- and toss it back at Biden Democrats. New reports in recent days from the Congressional Budget Office and the Social Security trustees show both these programs running out of money much sooner than previously expected.

Under current law, Medicare goes into the red in 2026, and then over the next 10 years, the losses mount to half a trillion dollars. Soon thereafter, the system is insolvent and flat out of money to pay the bills. Social Security's finances are almost as rickety. The trust fund starts running out of money in 2034, and the losses eventually eclipse $1 trillion.

So, the worst thing Washington could do now is add more people on to the Medicare rolls and expand benefits. This only loads more passengers on to the decks of the Titanic and speeds its approach to the financial iceberg.

But that is exactly what President Joe Biden's plan does. Instead of fixing the Medicare finances, the Democratic plan expands benefits (to dental, vision and hearing) and lowers the age for benefits to 60. That will bring forward the trust fund's insolvency by two years: from 2026 to 2024.

An analysis by health experts at the Hoover Institution finds that the Biden plan would "increase the ten-year deficit by $394 billion with about 14 million Americans enrolling in at least Medicare Part A (which provides coverage for hospitalizations). The impact on Medicare spending would be even larger -- it would rise by almost $1 trillion over a decade."

The argument has long been that even when the Social Security and Medicare funds (the "lockbox," as Al Gore once called it) run out of money, the federal government will pay back the trillions of dollars of IOUs in the fund that have been borrowed by the "general fund" of the federal budget.

But where will that money come from? The Biden plan envisions trillions of extra borrowing over the next decade alone. How can we replenish Social Security and Medicare with funds if the rest of the budget is going bankrupt? This is like the Three Stooges gambit of trying to stop a sinking ship by scooping buckets of water out of one end of the boat and pouring it into the other side.

It is because of these flimsy finances that I have always advocated letting young people put their payroll tax dollars into a personal account so the money can't be stolen by politicians. There is no way that the government will have any money to pay benefits 40 years from now. But now, the crisis isn't 40 years away. It is five years away because of Biden's gargantuan debt plan.

The Democrats say they want to impose drug price controls to pay for some of these costs, but that will have two negative effects on seniors. First, price controls are linked to less innovation and slower races for the cures for diseases that afflict seniors, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Second, price controls may limit access to lifesaving and pain-alleviating drugs, as we see in other countries. This scheme only endangers the health of seniors.


I'm all for saving money on drug costs, but given the success of Operation Warp Speed, and the thousands of lives (mostly those over the age of 65) saved through this vaccine, why would we want to slow the development of new drugs?

Seniors are by far the biggest losers from the Biden scheme of adding trillions of dollars to our national debt. Democrats say they will pay for their $3.5 trillion debt scam by taxing the rich. Uh-huh. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that even if you took every penny that the millionaires and billionaires have, that still wouldn't pay for the mountain of new spending Biden wants. The piggy bank that they will raid is the Social Security/Medicare fund.

Now who's throwing grandma from the train?

Stephen Moore

Ed. Note: this article was written prior to the warrant issued for  Brian Laundrie, when the FBI were sitting on their hands and let this prime suspect go on the run.

I’ve been pretty critical of what James Comey and his band of liars, leakers, cheaters and inept underlings did and didn’t do. What I want is for my readers to understand now, it’s the problems they caused, coming home to roost…on a Criminal investigation the FBI joined. I’m talking about the Gabby Petito case.

You see the FBI has not been conducting the volume and type of criminal cases we used to investigate. That’s because former leaders like Comey and Mueller removed those types of cases from the list of cases the FBI should investigate.

The point I’ve been trying to make is that Director Hoover didn’t insist that we investigate Bank Robberies and Crimes on Government Reservations-Murder, for example, just to keep us busy. He knew that robbery, murder and other cases are usually local crimes, investigated by local authorities.

Director Hoover also understood that in order to stay sharp, FBI Agents had to actually investigate cases to learn how to do it! Most important was Hoover’s repeatedly proven correct belief, that in order to solve Crimes…any Crimes…we needed the Public’s trust, confidence and help! By keeping with the list of crimes, that could be handled by others…Hoover kept the FBI in the Public’s eye, and the Agents sharp. Not anymore!

You know the examples…they are numerous…Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Page, Baker and all the other Agents who worked with them, knew what they were up to and did nothing… and didn’t resist! There’s been case after case the FBI has blown …like the FISA Warrants, like the 10 female athletes who said they were sexually assaulted… case after case they let them go which was worse than intentionally screwing up a case.
Why hasn’t Hunter Biden and associates even been before a Grand Jury?

You cannot teach people how to become… investigators, interviewers, and evidence gatherers, or how to make dangerous arrests and how to put it all together until they actually DO IT themselves and do it lots of times…every day of every week!!

When you know a case is as serious and fast moving, as this case, you must get involved right away and not wait to see if there is an interstate character. That’s a ploy some small offices used to avoid getting involved. This case has had an interstate element from the beginning when the two crossed state lines.

When the subject (Brian) returned home, with Gabby’s van and without her, after four months of traveling together and Brian refused any interview, as the press has been reporting, and “lawyered up”… that’s all PC that he’s hiding something illegal that he knows or did.

What should have been done, is interviews of all those involved with Brian. First …Brian is a Material Witness and any investigator with any common sense should have known he was going to flee.

How do you prevent that? Arrest him …for what you ask? Well here’s a list; Material Witness Warrant, Interstate transportation of a Stolen Motor Vehicle…Gabby’s vehicle! Also, Theft of anything that was Gabby’s with which, he returned home (credit cards, phone, etc). Obstruction of Justice, Misprision of a Felony, spitting on the side walk, any crime you can find…the idea is to keep him available until Gabby is found! Next you place those charges one at a time with a Detainer for the next. Then do it again, and again…get the idea?

We’re talking about a life and when you have seen death, as an investigator, it becomes more important to you to do everything you can… to save that life.

Maybe Agents, today, should be brought through a morgue during training, since they don’t work the type cases that often times brought us through a morgue…to fingerprint, photograph, identify a subject or witness or missing person!

Charges could/should have been charged even without a body. The girl is missing… he transported her interstate, he shows up with HER vehicle…but no Gabby?! Let him fight those charges from jail. Whoops…he ran…are you trying to tell me “you” didn’t know that would happen? Give me a break.

As far as his family is concerned…same deal, they are all Material Witnesses, and now that her body has been found, they can be charged with some of the same crimes. But here’s the deal …Brian’s family cannot plead the 5th for Brian, only themselves! If they have any incriminating information they MUST provide it, unless it involves them personally, in which case, if they committed overt acts…such as hiding evidence and now helping him run…I would've given up those charges for immunity in a heartbeat, to get her found alive! Get it?!

Where the hell did he get the money to run…it appears he doesn’t work?! Subpoena the family bank accounts… They should have forced the family members to talk. You do that by going to each family member and serving them with a Forthwith Subpoena (come with me, in cuffs) to testify before a Grand Jury. And that includes his lawyer! What can you ask his lawyer? Anything a good prosecutor wants…like when were you were contacted, who contacted you (was it Brian or his mother)…she can tell us…(is that important?)…I guess so…let him claim Lawyer client protection, don’t just give it up! Some of those questions can be answered.

If his attorney inserted himself in a cover-up of a Homicide…or if Gabby was alive, while he was counseling his client to withhold her location while someone else killed her…he’s an accomplice to a Homicide, Criminal Negligence and possible more. Attorneys can and do become subjects by accident or intentionally. I arrested more than 1 attorney who screwed up! They really need to know criminal law before they start counseling someone especially on an active investigation! Each and every person who spoke to Brian is a witness even if they didn’t know what happened. Those who “knew”, inserted themselves as potential subjects.

Ask his mother to tell what Brian told her. If she refuses, give her immunity from prosecution for anything she says about herself. If she still refuses, the Judge will hold her in contempt and put her in jail until she does talk…it works…I’ve done it. One night in jail makes a mother’ give up a son who robbed a bank!

Local PDs don’t have the manpower to surveille a house around the clock…it takes tons of manpower, technical capabilities, forensic capabilities and EXPERIENCE!

FBI Agents no longer have that experience because they don’t work the cases that teach! That’s not the Agent’s fault it’s James Comey and Bob Mueller’s fault!

A retired FBI Agent was on FOX today, said that this case has so many angles, that it is going to be the most complicated case in FBI history…no it’s not!

That goes to prove what I’m saying…she most probably never investigated a homicide or complicated case in her entire career, because the FBI no longer works the cases that generate Homicide cases…period. They don’t investigate the violent crimes that result in lots of cases and lots of interviews and arrests, convictions and so forth.

I was case Agent on two homicides in my first year…Crime on a Government Reservation…! I didn’t have many homicides and I am happy as crimes against children really bothered me but I did have a lot of cases, complicated cases, I even arrested the Subject’s lawyer for taking Robbery proceeds for his fee (he had die marked bills). We solved cases by every way you can possibly think of and then some. Todays’ technology is so advanced these Agents should be locking people up every day …but they are not…instead they are being accused of dropping the ball.

The FBI had a chance to clean up a very corrupt Clinton State Department…but it didn’t and there were many Agents who knew what was going on and did nothing…shame on you!

When the director of the FBI admits his Agency screwed up and he has no clue how it happened…and I do…it’s time for a complete revamping of the FBI…my opinion…and when it comes to the FBI …I have seldom been wrong…like when I advised the President not to hire ANY Judge for FBI Director and not nominate Jeff Sessions as AG, and to clean out DOJ starting with the Civil Rights Division and then career Left wing lawyers, to fire Comey as soon as he was sworn in and then, to fire Wray, years ago, when the president admitted it was a mistake! There are published columns on every recommendation I made... “before”…not “after”!

To fix the FBI won’t be easy. It will take a FBI Director who is strong and demands that he be in charge. He must be a former Agent who is probably in his 70s by now but still has all his “marbles”. The FBI must regain the reputation of being the best Crime fighting Agency in the world. Keep the Security, Intel Gathering capability but handle Terrorism like the Crime that it is with Criminal Agents. It was Criminal Agents that solved the Oklahoma City Bombing not the Security Side…I know because I was directly involved. The Trouble is that the crime fighting Agents are all retired, now!

You would have to get some of the retired Agents involved in rethinking things. Get back the Fugitive program, Bank robbery, and other “learning” violations…get them all back! Get rid of Comey’s dumb-ass phone answering system, that scares the Public away, and put real voices on the phones and get rid of the, “Call 911 if this is an emergency”, we liked to think that WE are the ones to call in an emergency…and we were!

We need a new FBI Director, however, do we really want Hussein Obama to pick a new FBI Director? oh for sure it will be Obama’s pick, that Obiden will submit and don’t be surprised if it is Bill Ayers, Former Top 10 Fugitive and Murderer and Weathermen charter member, also the husband of Top 10 Fugitive Bernadine Dorne !

J. Gary DiLaura


The Fort Myers Mighty Mussels finished the 2021 season on a high note, throwing a no-hitter on the final weekend of the season while winning three out of four games against the top team in the league.

Regi Grace Jr., Landon Leach, Brad Hanner and Matthew Swain combined to no-hit the Tampa Tarpons in the final night game of the season, allowing only two base runners in the entire game. It was the franchise’s first no-hitter since 2011.

“It was so cool to sit there and watch four guys who have overcome a lot this year,” Mighty Mussels manager Brian Meyer said. “The joy that all of the players had with it was special.”

The Mussels’ followed it up with an exciting comeback win 5-4 over the Tarpons on Sunday – wrapping up the season with a 60-54 record.

After the 2019 season ended early due to the threat of Hurricane Dorian and the 2020 season was wiped out entirely due to the pandemic, smiles were aplenty amongst all involved for the final weekend of 2021. Things felt normal again – and the stringent MLB COVID policies had done their job.

“It was a different year from a non-baseball standpoint between COVID and the testing,” Meyer said. “I’ll remember the players and where they are at this point of their career. We’ve had 20 guys promoted to Cedar Rapids and I’m happy that I was able to play just a small role in their overall development.”

The Mussels did not register a single positive test all season, unlike several teams around Minor League Baseball. They completed 114 games, two dozen less than usual but still a fair share given the season’s late start.

The 2021 season included many highlights – none greater than the September 18 no-hitter. Willie Joe Garry Jr. began the season with a home run in the first at bat of the season. The Mussels enjoyed three walk-off wins and several late comebacks – using the Hammond Stadium crowd to finish 34-24 at home.

Most importantly for the organization, the Mussels’ coaching staff pushed 20 players to the next level – working hard behind the scenes to get them to High-A Cedar Rapids.

“It’s an organization-wide philosophy that no one guy is less important the other,” said Meyer. “It’s a team effort to get all of our players trending in the right direction no matter how long it takes. There’s a never-give-up attitude and we do a really good job of collaborating and putting the player first.”

When the team got hot, it was led by pitching. The Fort Myers pitching staff led the league in ERA, posting a 3.96 mark. Pitching coaches Peter Larson, Carlos Hernandez and Dan Urbina all had a hand in developing a staff that had zero ranked prospects when the season began. Despite the lack big names, everyone on the staff was able to contribute and some pitchers dominated.

“They’ve really stuck to the script in terms of what our organization philosophy is, hammering that home from a development and execution side,” said Meyer. “Pete has been on top of things from day one – his drive, his passion and his resolve to see these guys grow and make sure they’re accomplishing their goals and pushing them to the next level.”

With three weeks left in the season, the Mussels were hovering around the five-hundred mark, teetering on the edge of a losing season. The Twins gradually assigned seven members of their 2021 draft class to the Mussels’ roster – a group of players whose drive and determination as newly-signed pros changed the course of the season. Two of those players really stood out to Meyer.

“(Christian Encarnacion-Strand) is relentless in his preparation – in the cage, with scouting reports and his defensive work,” Meyer said. “That’s rubbed off on some other guys. Cade Povich – you can just tell by his demeanor and how he goes about his business that he has a really bright future in this organization.”

In the end, the 2021 season ended with baseball – with weather and the pandemic in the rear-view mirror. The Mussels’ front office has already begun planning for the 2022 season – and can’t wait to announce a new lineup of daily specials and promotional nights. With the 2022 schedule being unveiled in the coming weeks, local residents and groups are always welcome to call (239) 768-4210 to offer feedback and recommendations on what they want to see next season.

John Vittas





Last week the Florida Department of Transportation made a presentation to the Fort Myers Beach Town Council about the future foot of the bridge design project scheduled to be completed in time with Margaritaville, sometime in the summer/fall of 2023.

The new design is raising a lot of concern due to the multiple Cross walks included in the design with 4 crosswalks on each of the incoming and outgoing traffic lanes at the foot of the bridge.

Many have suggested overpasses, but if you have ever been to Las Vegas, you know what a pain overpasses can be, and really require some way to prevent people from crossing where ever they like, which is the problem we have on the beach now. Most of the traffic backup that occurs is due to pedestrian crossing everywhere and anywhere they want to.

As we look at the image to the below, we can see the footprint of the land at the corner of Fifth and Estero outlined in Blue, showing how this project would fit in the space allowed.


We see incoming vehicles come over the bridge from the top left of the image and there are four crosswalks, one for traffic that is going forward which has another crosswalk immediately in the same flow of traffic, one for traffic that is going right, towards the north end and one for traffic that is coming from the north end of the island with similar crosswalks for the outgoing flow as well.

This could be a traffic nightmare, it also could work but only if pedestrians are forced to use the crosswalks and wait for walk signals before they cross, in order to do that, guardrails would be needed, I don’t know about you but I do not like the images in my minds eye as I think about that.

Bushes and shrubs? They would need to maintained continuously and could end up a possible landscaping fiasco.

Then there is the option of enforcing Jaywalking, do we really see that as our future? I personally do not like the thought of visitors getting $50 jaywalking tickets.

So, what other options are available to us?

We already mentioned overpasses, but I would rather see underpasses, these have their own problems, there would be weather related closings. but the major obstacle being the actual construction of underpasses. Our roads being just above sea level makes the soil under the road, in the water table.

There are still ways to do this, many years ago in Downtown Boston during the Big Dig, they ran into soft muddy earth while trying to submerge the Route 93 Expressway, their solution was to freeze the soft earth and scrapped it a little at a time and then advanced the tunnel pieces slowly, it is costly but doable.


I believe this design as it now sits, will be discussed in depth and will meet with much opposition as is. (In the image above, traffic from the bridge
enters the picture from the bottom right corner.)

Director Wray,


As you are aware, the FBI opens cases (investigations) when credible information is received from numerous sources. One source is the news media which has been and continues to be a source for new cases.  Although I have been retired from 29 years of service in the FBI Violent Crimes Program, I am hopeful that the FBI continues to examine Media reports of criminal acts especially when it is an allegation of Treason against a high ranking General, like the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The following is such as allegation as reported by most main Stream Medias and quoted from the Washington Post;


“WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The top U.S. general secretly called his Chinese counterpart twice over concerns then-President Donald Trump could spark a war with China as his potential election loss loomed and in its aftermath, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.


U.S. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army on Oct. 30, 2020 - four days before the election - and again on Jan. 8, two days after Trump supporters led a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol, the newspaper reported.


In the calls, Milley sought to assure Li the United States was stable and not going to attack and, if there were to be an attack, he would alert his counterpart ahead of time, the report said.”


If you haven’t already initiated an aggressive criminal investigation, I am herein requesting that you do so immediately. I would also like to note that if the Act of Treason is confirmed and neither Bob Woodward and/or Robert Costa of The Washington Post reported this information, in a timely fashion, to the proper, legal authorities, instead of a book, they are guilty of Misprision of a Felony…Treason.


J Gary DiLaura,FBI Ret

What's better than a great song from a Broadway show? Many great songs from many Broadway shows!!


Broadway Palm Dinner Theater's first production of this season is a great musical that performs highlights from smash hits such as Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, CATS, Oklahoma, Wicked, 42nd Street and more!


If you're a fan of Broadway Musicals.... You're going to love this show!

AAA Night On Broadway Christopher Lewis and Rachel Haber

From its origins, the uniquely American art form of Musical Theatre has been a response and reflection of our culture and the changing times we have experienced. Exploring composers that have influenced musical theater through the ages from which modern day composers still "borrow" from and still learn from, this original concert style musical revue features the best of Broadway musical hits combining favorites from the past that became radio hits along with recently, radio hits that have become musical hit sensations.


The talented cast sings their way through decades of Broadway hits as you are brought back nostalgicaly to over a century of entertainment and magnificent lyrics and music.

AAA Night On Broadway From Left To Right Brian Keith Graziani Lamont Whitaker Sarah Cammarata Shawday Graves and Victor Legarreta


The bright lights and hits of Broadway of this show, will shine on the Broadway Palm stage for only three weeks with this all-new musical revue that showcases some of the greatest Broadway songs of all time and with only three weeks or less left to enjoy this show (depending when you are reading this), better get your seats now!


The last show for this presentation will be on October 2nd.


Directing A Night On Broadway is Victor Legarreta. Victor has directed and appeared in numerous Broadway Palm productions. In addition, he created Yesterday’s: The 50s and 60s Musical, Groovin’: The 60s and 70s Musical, Let’s Go To The Movies, Dino and Friends, Til Theft Do Us Part, and No Claus For Alarm, just to name a few.

AAACast of A Night On Broadway


Join Broadway Palm as they proudly raise their curtain and begin their 29th Season with this great show, playing only till October 2, 2021. Performances are Wednesday through Sunday evenings with selected matinees.


Broadway Palm is offering a Season Opener Special and all tickets are just $55 for dinner and the show, with the great value of their all you care to eat Buffet or the Ala Cart dinner menu available on weekend nights... it's almost like you're getting the show for free!


Tickets are now on sale and can be reserved by calling (239) 278-4422, by visiting or by stopping by the box office at 1380 Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers.

Tell them Bobby sent you!


small smiley face with sunglasses1

Friday, 27 August 2021 15:29

Island Hoppers Songwriters Fest

After a one-year hiatus, the annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest is returning to Southwest Florida Sept. 17 – 26.

The Island Hopper Songwriter Fest (IHSF) is a 10-day music festival featuring performances by the greatest singer-songwriters from Nashville and nationwide. The festival is broken up into three locations with the first weekend kicking off on Captiva Island (Sept. 17 – 19), then moving to downtown Fort Myers during the second weekend (Sept. 20 – 23), and ends with a weekend on Fort Myers Beach (Sept. 24 – 26).

IHSF is produced by The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, BMI, iHeartMedia and Cat Country 107.1, and was recognized as a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society. It is an award-winning festival. The 2017 Island Hopper Fest received three SunSational Awards through the Florida Festival & Events Association (FFEA), and the Southeast Tourism Society named Island Hopper one of their “Top 20 Events.”

The diverse lineup is what makes IHSF different from almost any other festival. Along with seeing big-name headliners, you can also meet the songwriters behind the big hits. Their names aren’t always in bright lights, but if you’ve listened to chart-topping songs from Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan or Carrie Underwood – then you’ve heard their music. These AMA-, CMA- and Grammy-winning songwriters are the heart and soul of country music, and we’re bringing them to the heart of Southwest Florida so they can perform the songs they love.

The lineup of songwriters changes every year, but performers say IHSF is among their favorite festivals to perform at. So you can expect to see plenty of familiar faces alongside new ones. So far, more than 50 songwriters have been scheduled for the festival with performances at 15 different venues, however only a few artists are scheduled to play certain location, the website still says to check back in late summer! Late summer? HELLO... there are about 3 weeks left to summer, when will this schedule be posted? 

Meanwhile..... Most shows are free with the exception of the headliner shows.

This year’s headliners are Michael Ray. Three No. 1 songs – “Kiss You in the Morning,” “Think a Little Less,” and “One That Got Away” – plus “Get to You” and “Her World or Mine,” brings his tally to five Gold-certified singles. The poignant “Her World or Mine” from his sophomore album Amos also produced a video that has captured more than 23 million YouTube views since its debut less than a year ago. Now, two hit albums into that all-too-rare blend of critically acclaimed and commercially successful career, He is scheduled to be at Pinchers at the Marina at Edison Ford located at 2330 W First Street, Fort Myers on Thursday, September 23rd at 7pm... tickets required!

The other headliner is Jimmie Allen, signed to BBR Music Group’s Stoney Creek Records, he has already made history as the first Black artist to launch a career with two consecutive No. 1 hits on country radio – the first being his debut single “Best Shot” – which claimed the No. 1 spot for three weeks – and second being his latest single “Make Me Want To” off his debut album Mercury Lane.

He is scheduled to be at the Pink Shell Beach Resort located at 275 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach on Sunday September 26th at 4:30pm... tickets required!
Nervous Nellie’s received a special event permit for the use of Bayside Park for their Island Hopper Songwriter’s Festival event.

Nervous Nellie’s is one of six locations on Fort Myers Beach artists will be performing, they will have a an outdoor bar and stage set up on their property.

Their event will run on September 24th from 6 pm- 10 pm, September 25th from noon until 10 pm and September 26th from noon until 5 pm.

Venue locations:


The Green Flash, Twee Waters, RC Otters, Key Lime Bistro, Doc Fords Rum Bar, Mucky Duck and South Seas Resort!

Downtown Fort Myers, 

City Tavern, The Barrel Room, Pinchers Downtown, Social House and Twisted Vine.

Fort Myers Beach, 

Pierside Grill, Pink Shell, Cabanas, Matanzas, Nervous Nellie's and Yukatan.

There are a lot of artists listed on the website for the three weekend of events at :

but none say who is playing where, other than the headliners mentioned above.

There is also an app that you can download to your phone, and although it doesn’t have any more info. hopefully it will soon.

But Remember!! You can’t go wrong when you attend these shows! Call the venues directly and get their show times.

small smiley face with sunglasses1


Friday, 27 August 2021 15:25

All American Baseball!

I need a distraction! The world is going to hell in a hand-basket and I just would like it all to stop, if even for just a few hours! Enter Baseball!!!

I grew up watching The Red Sox, ...Carl Yazkrempsi, Carlton Fisk, Rico Petrocelli, and the like, at home with my dad or listening to it on the radio at my dads barber shop on the weekends, there was no TV there.

I have to be honest, I haven’t watched a pro game since the whole MLB/Atlanta fiasco a few months back, but I have been going to watch our local Twins affiliate. the Mighty Mussels, play live!

At first I was just covering the games for articles in the paper, but the live action, watching these kids play their heart out to make it to the “Bigs” has rekindled my enthusiasm for the game, don’t know that I will be watching the pros any time soon but I do enjoy going to the games... at this level anyway! It’s a great distraction !

The Mussels are home again playing a 7 game series with the Marauders, last Tuesday's game was postponed due to rain and rescheduled for this Friday.

On Wednesday they played a doubleheader (a makeup game for postponed game on 8-12 at Bradenton)

The Marauders won the first game, 7-0, in the second game, Jesus Feliz’ hit a long home run which highlighted a 12-hit output for the Mighty Mussels Wednesday, as they took the second game of the doubleheader 12-1 at Hammond Stadium.

The Mussels, now 48-45, rallied for eight runs on seven hits in top of the seventh, matching their highest-scoring inning of the season. The entire inning occurred after midnight, as a two-hour and 41-minute rain delay caused Game 2 to end at 1:05 a.m.

Feliz’ home run left the bat at 104.4 miles per hour and cleared the left field wall by a large margin.

As we go to press both teams prepare to go at it again at 7pm Thursday. On Friday the two will play another doubleheader with the gates opening at 4pm, and the early game starting at 4:30pm. .... second game, no earlier than 7:30pm. (makeup game for last Tuesday’s PPD game)

There are only 4 weeks left in the season, with 3 home stands left, including this one, the Mussels will go on the road to Daytona for a six game stretch next week and then they are back home for their final two weeks of the season, Tuesday, Sept. 7th against Palm Beach and then on Sept 14th against Tampa.

The Mussels find themselves 15 games out of first, (to the Tampa Tarpons) but only 10 games out of second, (to the Bradenton Marauders) to make it to the playoffs the Mussels need to go on a winning streak to take second place from the Marauders and they can help themselves right now by winning the next 5 games....viola.. only 5 games out! but even if they pull that off, they will have to win 3 games for every 2 wins for the Marauders for the final three weeks of season and the Mussels face first place Tampa for their last week home stretch, and they are formidable!

So put the madness of the world on pause for a few hours and come on out to root for your Minor League Baseball home team, The Mighty Mussels, it's a good old
fashioned, all American fun time!

Home games are held at CenturyLink Sports Complex, (Hammond Stadium)
14400 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida 33912

Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased online at:
or at box office on game-days with very little wait!

You'll be glad you did!

In my opinion… as a retired FBI Agent with 30 years of experience, investigating major, criminal cases… there is more than enough Probable Cause to Indict both Barack Hussein Obama and Impeach and Indict Joe Biden for Treason, Espionage, Sedition, and a multitude of other crimes relating to the biggest conspiracy to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, our America…in the history of America!!


Obama said himself that he is a Muslim, who was not born in the USA, when he ran for the Senate.  His wife said the same thing but that matters not. The Forensic Evidence alone, that he provided to prove his birth place, was proven to be Counterfeit and a Fraud, by every Forensic Lab that examined them including the most respected Italian Art experts who examined his latest, phony Birth Certificate.  He was not qualified to be President…in more ways than one.



His Selective service Card was proven to have been altered, his Social Security card is a fake that belonged to someone else…and that’s not possible because the Social Security Commission will not issue duplicate cards to anyone other than the ORIGINAL owner. Barack Hussein Obama is a Fraud from the word…go. He “changed” his religion to Christianity but never denounced his allegiance to Allah. That is completely unacceptable to Islam and is meaningless…he must denounce his allegiance to Allah…but never will.  Read their book…the Quran…I did!


He surrounds himself with Weatherman criminals, murderers, like Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dorn…cop killers, murderers and thieves.


Obama said he wants to change America, fundamentally, to a Socialist Society…a Muslim Islamic Socialist Nation. That is Treason when a President wants to eliminate our Constitution. He wants a Muslim nation and that is not possible with our First Amendment which separates Church and State. Islam is a one leader ideology of Church and state, an Ayatollah (Obama).


Now, how to complete Obama’s plan? Obamas’ efforts to get a 3rd term failed. But he had a plan…run his 3rd term from his basement…he freaking said that and now he is doing it. Get a puppet elected to be a Shadow President that is pretty much brain dead and control his every move. But who could possibly be that stupid?


Enter Joe “Obiden”…the “Howdy Doody” of Washington!


Obama is following the Cloward- Piven doctrine to a “T” to bankrupt and destroy your country and if they are not stopped, they will succeed! They were ,by his words, his favorite Professors at Columbia!


In an analysis by Conduit For Action published 7-6-18, the 4 steps to the Cloward –Piven strategy are;


  1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
  2. Have Chaos Ensue
  3. Take Control in the Chaos
  4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

How do I know that what Obama and Obiden  are doing is Treason? Remember that Aiding and abetting our enemies by an elected official is Treason, punishable by death. By Islam’s own admissions, they are at war with the US and the rest of the Infidel world. Iran, ISIS, Taliban, and dozens more Arab countries have stated AND acted on their statements to destroy America!

They are at war with the US!

Would any of the following benefit (aid and abet) our enemies…

1.      Shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline and prevent America from being energy independent as it was under President Trump…

2.      Forcing the US to buy petroleum products from Muslim OPEC Nations.

3.      Stop installing Border walls on the southern Border which walls are paid for and awaiting installation.

4.      Open our Borders to allow millions of non US Citizens to enter and stay in the US contradicting Immigration and Naturalization laws pertaining to same.

5.      Overwhelm our law enforcement Agencies on the Southern Border to the point that Covid infected aliens and thousands of illegal aliens are entering and remaining in our country.

6.      Fail to enforce Federal laws regarding friends and relatives of elected officials beginning with Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden who has violated numerous Federal and local laws, such as the Federal Firearms Act, Illegal use and abuse of controlled substances, participating in a Hobbs Act scheme with his father and others to fraudulently obtain money from the Ukraine.

7.      Withdraw from Afghanistan and LEAVE hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars of valuable, high tech, weapons, tanks, heavy armor, machine guns ,ammunition, radio equipment for the FREAKING TALIBAN to use against us! What? C’mon man, Biden, even you can’t possibly be that F------ stupid. TREASON…TREASON…TREASON!

8.      It’s not too late, send in strike forces to retrieve those munitions, you moron!

There is no benefit whatsoever to the US by shutting down the Keystone. As an Engineer by trade and having established the FBI and EPA Environmental Crimes Program for the Western District of NY, I can attest that to move product by ANYOTHER means is in no way Environmentally safe nor economically better to anyone except those with vested interest in Railroad Transportation, like Warren Buffet, for example, a large contributor to Democrat candidates like Joe Biden.

Forcing the US to buy oil from OPEC benefits our enemies…period!     

Open Borders aids and abets our enemies, allowing terrorists to enter untouched…


Handing them high tech weapons and munitions…if there is Treason…handing our enemies munitions to use against US… is Treason!


Intentionally preventing our lawmen to enforce the laws they swore to enforce is criminal negligence in the least and Treason if the purpose is to destroy our Rule of Law…which it is!


Only a moron would not realize that opening our borders is Treason…how does it benefit any US citizens or America?


Allowing 20% of the illegals who are reported to be infected with Covid 19 into the US is, criminal negligence and Treason…it benefits our enemies as a Biological Attack would…how is that any different?


People…things are going to get much worse as Obama and Obiden move closer to taking over America. 


Do you really believe that the disruptive withdrawal from Afghanistan was totally unexpected, a surprise? Think about that.


This President didn’t know that the Taliban would move right in. He didn’t know that their President loaded trucks with US cash and fled? Is our intel really that piss poor?

In O'Bidens own words...."C’mon man…"

This is another way to put us deeper in debt, spending billions to “help” people who refuse to help themselves…a ploy at the expense of Americans stuck there and thousands who helped us. It's Obama,…

That’s right, Obama, he’s running things and don’t forget it… Obama didn’t care about the Embassy in Benghazi and the Americans there…(Remember Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's "What does it matter?")

How is this different?

The TPI Hospitality FMB team has announced its groundbreaking ceremony for the Margaritaville Beach Resort is officially set for 3 p.m., on Friday, Aug. 13, at 1160 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach.

After years of delays caused by issues out of TPl's control, the 254-room Margaritaville Beach Resort will be located at the foot of the Matanzas Bridge. The development will consist of four buildings that will include the resort, restaurants, and retail shops on both sides of Estero Boulevard. A pedestrian walkway will be built over Estero Boulevard, linking the two sides of the resort. Construction is set to begin on Monday, Aug. 16.

Friday the 13th 2021 will mark 17 years since Hurricane Charley hit in August 2004. The powerful storm devastated parts of Southwest Florida and Fort Myers Beach, which was the impetus for the TPI­FMB economic reinvigoration project.

"Many of you will recognize that on Aug. 13, 2004, Hurricane Charley swept through, leaving behind in its wake, enormous physical and economic damage on this part of the island," said John Gucciardo, spokesperson for TPI Hospitality. "We are so proud to be part of the long overdue revitalization of this part of the island, and hope that we can be a catalyst for future prosperity for all."

Since the property is currently an active construction site, access to the actual groundbreaking ceremony is limited to invited guests only; however, the general public will have access to the public beach in front of and on either side of the construction area.

"We hope to see many of our loyal supporters there that day to share this momentous occasion with us," Gucciardo said.

Casual-Luxe island lifestyle coming to Southwest Florida

For more information, visit, or