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In my opinion, based upon the limited information available to me, here is what I believe is happening. Brian’s parents, to this point have been harboring their son, assisting him in all ways…money, car, food, clothing, and staying out of sight.


I do not believe that the “remains” can be positively ID'd until DNA, comes back. If it is undetermined, I would keep moving forward. If the dental is from a full skull with full upper and lower…that’s different but it doesn’t sound that way. I am a disbeliever because of how this unrolled. I suspect they may have some teeth!


Brian’s parents are completely untrustworthy, that’s why I have been calling for a Grand Jury Subpoena for them .When they plead the 5th, give them both immunity, take them before a Judge and force them to talk, or go to jail! It’s simple.


Ask the parents to take a polygraph on the “finding” of the backpack and other items …when they refuse…Grand Jury time. What reason could they possibly have to refuse, except they planted them?


Once you are given immunity, anything you say is protected, unless you lie, or withhold information, that we prove through other means or that you did lie.  Then all bets are off and we can use everything against you. You have to be smarter than the bad guys to catch them…and a smart FBI Agent would use all the tools available and the GJ works…We’ve used it with the AUSA, of course, to make cases.


So…there’s other things that need to be sorted…when did Brian contact his attorney? If Gabby could have been alive and was left to die in the wild, that attorney may have problems. Once an attorney knows his client committed a murder, he has certain obligations…and if he screws up he could lose his license and be charged with a crime. He is supposed to tell his client to surrender. He cannot give him advice on how or where to hide, he cannot help him to mislead investigators.


Put his Attorney before a Grand Jury and ask anything you want…nothing Brian told him is protected anymore! There’s no lawyer/client privilege with a dead man!


This case must turn to the family and start treating them as subjects, they are making fools out of the FBI. I don’t understand why the FBI is allowing that.


We are to believe that, knowing what their son did, and there is no doubt they knew he killed her, after helping him to evade arrest, taking him away to a park to put together a plan,…they all of a sudden, took a drive to a snake infested swamp with killer spiders, alligators… to look around and …oh…look…here’s all Brian’s stuff…?! Bull Shit…they planted that…and some teeth?


Then there’s  remains. Unless there is positive identification …and I’ll bet there won’t be DNA, Dental …nothing will be a positive ID. I don’t know where they got that body…but it’s NOT Brian’s…not possible…my opinion.


I would not quit on the case against Brian…unless there is positive, DNA ID and I would go after his parents for all the problems they caused…


J.Gary DiLaura

gary small

Retired, Extremely Dangerous

Saturday, 16 October 2021 20:42

Is The War on With China?

With each passing week, it looks like World War III -- between America and China -- is coming sooner than we think. It's not going to be fought with bullets or aircraft carriers, although the Chinese are building up their military in an aggressive and threatening way.


This will more likely be an all-out economic war for global supremacy. The yuan versus the dollar. The Nasdaq versus the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Meanwhile, America is asleep at the switch -- at least, the Biden administration is. This is the worst possible time to be raising tax rates on American companies (Our business tax rates would be higher than China's under President Joe Biden's plan!), dismantling American energy (at a time when China is running 1,000 dirty coal plants with dozens more in construction), and running up the national debt (with China a major purchaser of the bonds).


Love Donald Trump or hate him, he was a president who put America first and recognized the predatory nature of the Chinese regime. He got tough with President Xi Jinping and overturned one-sided trade deals. His strategy was to do what former President Ronald Reagan did to win the Cold War: Make America tremendously prosperous by building up our strategic industries in a way that the Soviet Union or China couldn't compete with.


The danger is that we now have a president in Biden who thinks that climate change is a bigger threat to the world than the Maoists in Beijing.


And make no mistake about it; the communists are back in charge in China. Jinping has basically announced himself to be president for life, as democracy and free elections fly out the window. China is also sprinting back to command and control fascist government and industry "cooperation." That's a model that will eventually implode, but as we learned from the Soviet menace, they can do a lot of damage to peace and prosperity in the meantime.


It's no accident that China's economy and stock market are faltering. In the last year, as the U.S. stock market has risen by about 20% (thanks to Operation Warp Speed), China's Shanghai stock market went down 15%. They are sprinting toward socialism faster than we are... for now.


The Chinese stock market jitters reflect global investors' irritation with the more frequent political interventions in business affairs. As Foreign Affairs magazine recently put it regarding these iron-fisted interferences into the business activities of its largest companies: "Xi has placed China on a risky trajectory, one that threatens the (free market) achievements of his predecessors."


In short, events of recent months both militarily and economically confirm that the modern Maoists are firmly entrenched in Beijing, and capitalism is losing. Jinping's administration simply doesn't get what George H.W. Bush once so eloquently described as "that freedom thing." Militant social controls and restraints on individual liberty are now being matched with economic controls on Chinese megacorporations that are trying to vie for industry supremacy in technology, biology, manufacturing and transportation. Is all of this reminiscent of Japan circa 1939?


What is the Biden administration's response to these threats? The massive $5 trillion spend, tax and borrow bill he is steamrolling through Congress will impair American economic supremacy almost overnight. Under Trump, tax rate reductions led to a $1 trillion infusion of capital from around the world, coming back to these shores to build up our industrial might. Biden's tax policies will have the reverse effect: deindustrialization.


We are, as a nation, now back to importing tens of billions of dollars of energy from OPEC and Russia instead of selling the hundreds of years' worth of oil, gas and coal. Do the progressives who now run Washington really believe we are going to defeat the rising Communist China threat by building windmills? Do they think that redistributing income and wealth makes more sense than creating it?


Will we be in any economic shape to repel China's militaristic advances in the South China Sea, in India, in Africa and perhaps on to the shores of Taiwan with the policies in place in Washington today? Doubtful.


The war with China is on. Right now, only one country is fighting -- China. Let's not let another Afghanistan catastrophe happen in Asia.


Reagan was right. Strong at home. Strong abroad. Today, are we either?

            Stephen Moore

Thursday, 14 October 2021 17:39

Sink the New World Order Tax!

Last Friday, in a triumph for transnationalism, 136 nations, including the U.S., agreed to mandate a global corporate income tax for all nations that will not be allowed to fall below 15%.


"Virtually the entire global economy has decided to end the race to the bottom on corporate taxation," said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who negotiated the pact.


Betraying a nervousness as to how such a minimum corporate tax, dictated by globalists, will be received in Congress, Yellen urged that it be adopted "swiftly." Yellen is right to be nervous.

The tax proposal is a giant leap forward toward a globalism that America has rejected, and its defeat should be made a priority of libertarians, conservatives, populists and nationalists alike.

What is this "race to the bottom" that so terrifies Yellen and her globalist allies? Simply the worldwide competition of independent nations to offer lower tax rates to entice successful companies to relocate to their shores and bring their jobs with them.

Yellen's "race to the bottom" is as American as apple pie.

High tax rates, corporate and personal, in states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California have proven to be incentives to companies to pick up and relocate to low-tax states such as Texas and Florida.

That 15% global corporate tax rate is designed to prevent this competitive taxation, the beneficiaries of which are companies that have moved to countries such as Ireland, which has a corporate tax rate of 12.5%. The Irish corporate tax rate is less than half of the 28% Yellen and President Joe Biden have in mind to impose on the USA.

Why would free-market and free-enterprise Republicans vote to lock into U.S. law a corporate tax rate dictated by agents of the New World Order?

To sign on to this 15% minimum tax would be to surrender our freedom of action to set our own tax rates in accordance with the values and beliefs of the party and administration the people vote into power.

Why would a great nation, especially this nation, agree to give up its freedom of action and have its surrender written into its national law and ratified by treaty?
Why forfeit a sovereign right to cut corporate taxes when and to whatever level we wish? Why deny ourselves a competitive advantage that can be gained by unilaterally cutting corporate tax rates?

Assume the rest of the world embraces this minimum corporate tax of 15% and the U.S. -- to recapture and restore a manufacturing base we gave away to China -- answered the world with a corporate tax rate of 7% or 8%.

Transnational companies would beat a path back to America's door.

While globalists might be appalled, why would nationalists give up irrevocably the freedom to act?


In the Trump era, a cut in the U.S. corporate tax rate to 21% helped to create one of the great booms of the modern era, before the pandemic struck in March 2020. Earlier that year, unemployment in all categories was at record lows.


As Ronald Reagan taught, corporations do not pay taxes; they collect them. They get them out of the revenue they receive from the customers who buy their products and services.
The corporate taxes of Ford and General Motors come out of the prices that are charged to buyers of Ford and GM cars and trucks.

And the corporate profits are a primary source of higher wages and salaries, bonuses, and the investment capital companies need to grow and create new jobs.

It is an article of faith among Republicans that lower taxes, personal and corporate, generate greater economic activity and prosperity. And that tax hikes are the ways and means by which rapacious governments consume the seed corn of an economy.

A second provision to which the 136 nations agreed is to have the profits of the world's largest corporations reallocated to the countries where their goods are sold and services are provided, not to the countries where they are located.

"Under the agreement," The New York Times writes, "technology giants like Amazon, Facebook and other big global businesses will be required to pay taxes in countries where their goods or services are sold, even if they have no physical presence there."

Adds the Times: "The separate tax aimed at the technology giants will reallocate more than $125 billion of profits from the home countries of the 100 most profitable firms in the world to the markets where they operate."

Why would an America First party inside the USA, home country to more tech giants than any other, sign on to a plan that would transfer tax revenue away from the U.S. Treasury into the exchequers of foreign lands?

The GOP should use this moment to re-declare our independence when it comes to our internal taxation on individuals and institutions in the United States, and reassert that we will decide the proper rates here, and not subject to the veto of any other nation. The U.S. is not the EU.

Patrick J. Buchanan

Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant is celebrating it's one year anniversary next weekend on October 15, 16, and 17, with fresh seafood, raw bar & food specials, door prizes, and live entertainment! And with the good fortune of Stone Crab season starting on October 15th, their own fishing fleet will be out, bright and early to bring them in..... and with any luck and weather permitting, they hope to have the freshest stone crabs available for your eating pleasure at the celebration.

I had a chance to speak with two of the owners ......Nick and Peter (locals will remember Nick and his wife Mary as owners of the famous Fishmonger restaurant for over 20 years, that was located over the bridge, next to the Moose Lodge, after they sold that business, they then took over the Ragged Ass Saloon in St. James City with their partners Peter and John which they just sold) Nick told me "It's true this is our one year anniversary of opening up the 'New' Snug Harbor, but this restaurant was a staple on the beach when I was just starting out and as it turns out it is actually my 40th anniversary here , that's when I started working for Paul Rosen at the original Snug Harbor (founded 1979), who was the owner and my long time mentor and ­still a great friend, a few years later John Shields came on as a manager and that's how I met John."

" As a matter of fact, working here changed my life" Nick continued," who knows how it would have turned out otherwise, not only for the great mentoring I got from Paul, but I also met my wonderful wife Mary here all those years ago."

I asked Peter how he came to know Nick, " I met Nick in 1992 when I leased the Backwaters Restaurant, just past the old Fishmonger, where the Sea Trek Boat sits now" he said. "I love this place, we have the freshest seafood and a great view,............. and now the family business continues as both of Nick and Mary's daughters Madison and Hanna are working here with us."

Peter has also owned the Beef O’Brady’s franchise in Estero for almost 20 years!

Taking in account the owners Nick & Mary, Peter and John and then adding in the GM's Ray and Leslie Donovan who have been each managing restaurants on the beach for over 20 years, ...there is a lot of quality restaurant experience here, adding it up, it comes to some 200 years! "And to top all that off, we have Chef Jeff Rizzo in the kitchen who has been part of Nick and Mary's Family forever!" Peter added.

The co-owners of Snug Harbor, Nick & Mary Ruland, Peter Ennis and John Shields got together and started working on this project back in September of 2019 at the suggestion of previous owner/friend Paul Rosen, the idea.... to build another Snug Harbor on the same location as the previous one which was torn down years ago when the docks that supported it, needed to be rebuilt.

They finally opened up last October to much success even though the pandemic still had the rest of the country on lock down.

The new restaurant has quickly become a beach favorite with locals and visitors alike, with their great 'on the dock' waterfront location, their friendly staff and amazing food and service, and Nick wanted to send a special mention out to Paul Rosen..."He started this ball rolling, If it wasn't for him, none of this would have happened!"

For the celebration, they will be raffling off over $500 in Gift Certificates to the restaurant, there will be 21 winners of a $25 gift certificates, when attending you will enter your name at the door and they will have 7 winners each day of the weekend celebration.

On Friday live music will be provided by Hallie and Rome from 2pm-5pm and Beach Talk. Radio will be on hand to help kick off the weekend with their show ---from 6pm to 7pm
Saturday, Johnny will be entertaining from 2pm-5pm and the Reggae Sounds of Ragady Lapsey will be playing live from 5pm-8pm. Sunday Mary Winner will be on hand to entertain from 2pm-5pm.

This will be a great celebration all weekend long with .... hopefully.... the best Stone Crab Claws picked fresh from sparkling gulf waters... right to your table.

Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant is located at 645 Old San Carlos Blvd and is open from 11am until 10pm.

Happy Anniversary Guys!

Oh, one more thing! If you haven’t stopped in and had some of Mary’s incredible home made and fresh baked’re really missing out!

Bobby Mimmo

Monday, 11 October 2021 08:03

Stand Up For America!

To The Editor,

Most Americans agree that Washington DC is criminally insane. Our civilization is being destroyed by criminals and perverts, like an out-of-control train with no brakes.

We've been hijacked. And according to the Constitution, only We The People can end the hijacking.

Complaining on Facebook or other social media accomplishes nothing. Listening to 'conservative talkers' on the radio accomplishes even less. Waiting for Trump to restore our country is an exercise in frustration; presidents cannot do the job of We The People. Getting more 'good guys' into office or into precinct chair positions in the GOP is like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We can't arrest DC organized crime with partisan politics. That's always been just a distraction.

Tired of doing all of the above, I finally discovered the only full-spectrum plan of action that's lawful, peaceful, powerful, and perpetual; a Christian mission called TACTICAL CIVICS™ . It's already in over 180 counties, now including ours. The chapters will restore the Grand Jury and Militia in each county, coordinate them to work together, finish ratifying 'Our First Right' (the original first right in the Bill of Rights) so that no congressional district can exceed 50,000 people. They're 15+ times larger than that today, so big cities control elections and America's 31,000+ small towns have had no voice in the US House or Electoral College for a century!

We also plan to pass the Bring Congress Home Act, launch the Indictment Engine™ mobile app, and pass 18 other draconian reform laws when we have Congress broken up and working from their hometowns where We The People, not lobbyists and billionaires, will control them. ..............But that's the long term.

For the short term, we're building our numbers and learning the civics. Will you join us? Membership is FREE. go

We will offer videos and meetings to help us all get trained in civics so we understand how this all happened, who exactly is doing it, and how exactly we will end their criminal operations when enough American counties have an active TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapter. Incidentally, this responsible mission only requires about half of 1 % of the American people to take responsibility. Just one American in every 200 because it's oversight and law enforcement, not politics.

I can promise you one thing. If you tune out the Fear Porn that's driving you crazy, and start learning TACTICAL CIVICS™ (what we all should have learned in school) you will have more true peace than you've had in years. Together, with very little real work but just faith and self-discipline, We The People CAN take our civilization back and restore our rule of law.

Bruce Gillikin - David M.Zuniga

Ed Note: Thank God for our Constitution! Our forefathers were truely brilliant statesmen and had foresight to put verbiage in it to ensure that the people could rise up and reign in our overgrown, over-reaching Government.

I checked out the website and this looks promising, I hope many of our local
readers join forces with you and help get this well established in this county and I suggest that my readers from across the states and other counties around Florida also get involved establishing this in their counties too.

Beijing often sends military aircraft into Taiwan's air defense zone in a show of strength and last Friday, October 1st, they flew 38 planes into the area after Taiwan applied to join a major trans-Pacific trade pac as Beijing marked the founding of the People’s Republic of China when Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic of China (PRC) from atop Tiananmen, after a near complete victory (Oct 1, 1949) by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the Chinese Civil WarThere have been other sustained military displays, including combat engagements, such as the air and artillery battles in the late 1950s.

On Oct. 4, 5 & 6 mainland Chinese combat aircraft crossed the Taiwan Strait and illegally penetrated sovereign Taiwanese airspace. That aerial "show of force" rated as the largest mainland Chinese airspace violation since 1949 when Chinese Nationalist soldiers retreated to the island and dug in.

According to numerous media reports, the 56-plane demonstration by the Chinese Communist Party's Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) culminated three days of sustained military saber-rattling harassment. 

The Eisenhower administration's support for Taiwan led to a stalemate and a ceasefire. But with Ike in charge the Communists thought twice.

In the 2021 President Joe Biden geopolitical context, the Oct. 4 violation was a multidimensional diplomatic and military probe in the form of a calculated outrage designed to generate maximum media headlines.

The headlines erupted. At the military tactical and operational levels behind the headlines, the intrusion probed Taiwanese air defenses. It was recon. Very possibly the CCP's military gleaned valuable intelligence on technical capabilities, such as radar range and missile battery readiness. The probe could have provided insight into the Taiwan military's decision-making. How long will the Taiwanese wait before intercepting the PLAAF attack formation?

The strait is narrow. Delay has fatal consequences.

At the strategic level, the penetration was another provocative Beijing test of Taiwan's faith in reliable American support of its defense. To be frank, U.S. support for the defense of Taiwan translates into protecting the small democracy's very existence.

In a theoretical frame, the Chinese show of force air operation was a classic example of a "power cocktail," mixing what strategists dub basic elements of power, in this instance diplomatic, intelligence/information and military power.

However, Communist China's threat to Taiwan isn't theory. From Mao Zedong on, senior Chinese Communist leaders have vowed to seize Taiwan. Often Beijing obfuscates that vow with rhetoric like a "formal declaration of Taiwan independence" will immediately lead to a cross-Strait war.

The Pentagon and several open-source analysts also identify other camouflage for Beijing aggression. In addition to formal independence, the cases include:

No. 1: Unrest within Taiwan, and note Beijing could seed unrest

No. 2: Foreign intervention in Taiwan's internal affairs, and that could mean anything from selling Taiwan F-16 parts to providing loans

No. 3: Taiwanese acquisition of nuclear weapons -- and like Japan and South Korea, Taiwan has the brains to produce them

No. 4: A foreign nation stationing military forces on Taiwan.

That is a warning to the U.S. Every so often commentators -- like me -- mull deploying a U.S. Army armored brigade combat team to Taiwan. Think tripwire forces in South Korea and, during the Cold War, West Germany.

In the larger lens of willingness to fight a war for freedom: The probe was a material manifestation of the giant sucking sound, the huge Asian power vacuum and credibility vacuum created by Biden's disastrous Afghanistan bugout.

The withdrawal was a self-inflicted disaster. The world knows it, even if the Washington Beltway media refuses to admit it.

Power abhors a vacuum, and autocratic states and tyrannies like Communist China rush to fill power vacuums. The Oct. 4 show of force suggests that after the post-Afghanistan debacle Beijing senses opportunity.

Communist China is America's foremost security threat. Chinese president Xi Jinping is already arguing Biden's bugout demonstrates American promises are unreliable. China wants South Korea and Japan to observe closely, and India as well.

Without strong leadership by democratic nations, primarily from the powerful U.S., our weaknesses, especially our self-inflicted weaknesses, could quickly become debilitating wounds the authoritarians will leverage, to our great loss.

sm no smile face with sunglasses

Sunday, 26 September 2021 11:07

US, UK & Australia Forge Military Alliance


“Aukus” partnership will enable Australia to have nuclear-powered submarines for the first time


The US, UK and Australia have begun setting up a trilateral security partnership which will include helping Australia to build nuclear
powered submarine, the goal? Preparing for China!

US president Joe Biden and prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, joined virtually by videoconference made the announcement this week, The initiative, called Aukus is the next critical step in an old alliance.

Teams from the three countries will draw up a joint plan over the coming 18 months for assembling the new Australian nuclear-powered submarine fleet. The project will make Australia only the seventh country in the world to have submarines propelled by nuclear reactors, Morrison said.

“This will include an intense examination of what we need to do to exercise our nuclear stewardship responsibilities here in Australia,” the Australian prime minister Morrison said, referring to the international treaty obligations on handling nuclear fuel. Morrison added: “But let me be clear. Australia is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons or establish a civil nuclear capability.”

China was not mentioned by any of the three leaders, but there was no doubt that the Aukus initiative was in response to China’s expansionist drive in the South China Sea and increasing advancment towards Taiwan.

“We need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region, and how it may evolve, because the future of each of our nations and indeed the world, depends on a free and open Indo-Pacific enduring and flourishing in the decades ahead,” Biden said.

Speaking from London, Johnson said the three countries were “natural allies” even though “we may be separated geographically” and said the alliance would create “a new defense partnership, driving both, jobs and prosperity”.

Pertaining to the Australian submarine-building plan, Johnson said: “This will be one of the most complex and technically demanding projects in the world, lasting decades and requiring the most advanced technology."

This agreement binds Australia to the United States and Great Britain for generations and puts an the end to the$90billion contract Australia signed with the French company Naval Group in 2016. That deal had become bogged down in cost over-runs, delays and design changes. It marks a huge setback for President Emmanuel Macron and he is pissed!

Calling American and Australian behavior “unacceptable between allies and partners,” France announced last Friday that it was recalling its ambassadors to both countries in protest over President Biden’s decision to provide nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

It is the first time in the history of the long alliance between France and the United States, dating back to 1778, that a French ambassador has been recalled to Paris in this way for consultations. The decision by President Emmanuel Macron reflects the extent of French outrage at what it has a called a “brutal” American decision and a “stab in the back” from Australia.

“The world is a jungle,” the former French ambassador to Washington, Gérard Araud, observed on Twitter. “France has just been reminded this bitter truth by the way the US and the UK have stabbed her in the back in Australia. C’est la vie.”

In July, the UK’s new aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth, arrived in the South China Sea, the focal point of US-Chinese tensions, triggering denunciations from Beijing. “Great Britain is very focused on the concept of global Britain, and their tilt is about engaging much more deeply with the Indo-Pacific and this is a down payment on that effort,” a senior US official said.

Nuclear power will allow Australian attack submarines to remain at sea for as long as five months and operate more quietly than the country’s existing Collins class diesel powered vessels, allowing them to better evade enemy detection.

“This has only happened once before in history, when the US helped the UK develop its first nuclear-powered submarines, said David Cullen of the Nuclear Information Service

“What’s interesting is that the US appears to have thrown the UK a bone by allowing Britain to help design and build the new Australian submarines,” Cullen said.

Meanwhile in France, Mr. Macron faces an election in seven months. With right-wing nationalists challenging him strongly, the way he responds to what is being portrayed as a serious insult will be closely watched.

Macron is certain to turn to his European partners, and particularly Germany, as he reassesses the Western alliance and Asian policy.

As the French Daily Newspaper 'Le Monde' put it, “Beyond French sensibilities, it is the place of Europe and its role in the world that have been thrust into question. Where does Europe want to stand in the global realignment happening in the shadow of the America-China confrontation?”


sm no smile face with sunglasses

Sunday, 26 September 2021 09:50

Americans Souring on Biden -- and Washington

The California recall election turned out well for the Democrats.

With Gov. Gavin Newsom sinking in the summer polls, the party had been staring starkly at the prospect of losing the nation's largest state and seeing its governor replaced by talk-show host Larry Elder, who had vaulted into the lead among the 46 candidates seeking to replace Newsom.

Elder had rallied Republicans and started to surge, which terrified the Democrats. Not only might they lose Newsom, but they could get in the governor's mansion in Sacramento what leftists took to calling "the black face of white supremacy."

Result: A panicked Democratic Party defeated the recall by nearly 2-1, with Californians voting to retain Newsom in roughly the same percentages as they had voted to elect Joe Biden president almost a year ago.

That leaves California securely in Democrat control.

Not in 15 years has a Republican won statewide office. Every elected governor and U.S. senator after 2006, every lieutenant governor and attorney general, has been a Democrat.

The Congressional delegation has 53 members, and the Democrats outnumber Republicans 42-11. Democrats also have 3-1 majorities in both houses of the state legislature.

Richard Nixon carried his home state on all five presidential tickets on which he ran, and Ronald Reagan never lost California. But the era that began when Barry Goldwater won the June 1964 primary against liberal Gov. Nelson Rockefeller is history.

Yet, everything is not coming up roses for Biden.

An Economist poll finds his approval rating underwater, with 49% disapproving of Biden's performance in office to 46% in approval.

The latest Quinnipiac poll, out Tuesday, is more ominous. It has 50% of the country disapproving of the Biden presidency, with only 42% approving, the first time Biden's rating has fallen into negative territory. More worrisome: Independents disapprove of Biden by 52-34.

When broken down by issues, the news is no better.

On his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden's rating has plunged from 53-40 approval in August to 48% approving and 49% disapproving now. Fifty-five percent disapprove of his handling of his duties as commander in chief.

His mastery of foreign policy was supposed to be his strong suit. But here the numbers are even worse. Only a third of the nation, 34%, approves of his handling of foreign policy, while 59% disapprove.

On the economy, Biden also gets a negative rating, with 42% of the country approving of the job he is doing to 52% against.

With Biden's numbers underwater overall and on the three major issues -- the economy, foreign policy and his handling of the coronavirus -- Democrats have to be looking nervously at November 2022.

"If there ever was a honeymoon for President Biden, it is clearly over," says Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy. "This is, with few exceptions, a poll full of troubling negatives ... from overall job approval, to foreign policy, to the economy."

What makes this especially ominous for Democrats is that the recent negative news is likely to continue on many fronts, while the possibilities of positive achievements appear limited.

Biden conceivably could pull off twin victories this fall in Congress -- with passage of both the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package and the $3.5 trillion family infrastructure bill. If so, this would put him in the history books as a transformative president alongside Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.

But Biden faces problems on many fronts.

First among them is the return of inflation. The soaring price of food and fuel is beginning to be felt. There is new skittishness in the markets. And the jobs picture is not as rosy as was anticipated this summer.

While the country credits the president for ending America's longest war, the future news out of Afghanistan is likely to be filled with stories of the Americans left behind and Afghan allies facing executions.

The invasion across our southern border is now producing 220,000 border crossers every month.

We are still in the fourth wave of the coronavirus, with the number of American dead, already over 670,000, rising at a rate of 2,000 a day.
If the wave does not break, this will depress the mood of a country that believed, just a few months back, that the worst was behind us and brighter days lay ahead.

And the poll numbers are not only the worst Biden has received. They are not all that good for the nation either.

Seventy percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the USA. The president's disapproval exceeds his approval rating by eight points, just eight months in office. Republicans and Democrats in Congress both get negative ratings from the American people. And only 37% of registered voters approve of the Supreme Court's handling of its role. Half the country disapproves.

If all three branches of the U.S. government have lost or are losing the confidence of their countrymen, what does that suggest is the future for our democratic republic?


patrick buchanan small

Patrick J. Buchanan




President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate sparked controversy among Americans, but one of the nation’s most elite fighting forces may be hit harder than other groups by the new requirement.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced in August, with Biden’s approval, that all U.S. service members must receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The decision came after the Pfizer vaccine received full approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

That mandate, though, leaves many U.S. troops facing a tough personal decision. Just the News reported this week that hundreds of Navy SEALs have been told they will not be deployed if they don't receive the vaccine and will no longer be able to serve as a Navy SEAL.

“We generally have about 2,500 Navy SEALs,” said Robert O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL who claims to have killed Osama Bin Laden in Operation Neptune Spear. “It takes time to get to certain levels. Hundreds are leaving because of nonsense.”

Some on the right have lambasted Biden for his vaccine mandate both for civilians and service members.

“This is wrong for national security,” Missouri’s former governor, Eric Greitens, a Republican, said. “The only people who will benefit from destroying the combat capacity of Naval Special Operations are the Taliban, Russia, China and other adversaries around the world. This is also wrong at a human level.”

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., raised the alarm about a mass exodus from the military this summer. He said in July that several service members had told him that resignations would come if the vaccine was mandated.

“According to the GAO and congressional testimony, there were similar results (departures) when the military mandated the anthrax vaccine,” said Massie, who introduced legislation that would “prohibit any requirement that a member of the Armed Forces receive a vaccination against COVID-19.”
In response to the vaccine mandate, several Republican senators introduced legislation this week that would prohibit the Department of Defense from issuing service members a dishonorable discharge for refusing to be vaccinated.

U.S. Sens. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., Ted Cruz, R-Texas, James Lankford, R-Okla., and Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., expressed support for the legislation.
“As a physician and veteran who is confident that the vaccine has saved countless lives, I believe vaccinating our servicemembers against COVID-19 is an important effort; however, whether or not to receive the vaccine should be a personal choice between an individual and their doctor,” Marshall said. “Servicemembers who refuse to get vaccinated, and are subsequently separated from the service, should not receive anything other than an honorable discharge.

There is no question about it: American heroes should not be treated as felons because of their personal medical choices.”

Being dishonorably discharged has implications for service members, including stripping their rights to own a firearm and use the GI Bill for education. A dishonorable discharge also prevents them from federal health and housing benefits normally available to veterans.

“It’s an insult to our servicemen and women who have served with honor to dishonorably discharge them for refusing the COVID vaccine,” Cruz said. “It is the same way we dishonorably discharge those convicted of serious crimes such as treason, desertion, sexual assault, and murder. Forcing all service members, including pregnant women and those who have already had COVID-19, to receive the vaccine is just one more example of President Biden and his administration putting politics ahead of science.”

For now, though, no legislation has been passed, but Biden is still taking criticism from those on the right, many of whom have military roots.
“Biden's latest disaster just made us all less safe…” said Jessie Jane Duff, a 2020 Trump advisor who served as a Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Casey Harper
The Center Square

Sunday, 26 September 2021 08:57

Ivermectin: Why All The Fuss?

The FDA is busy emphatically reminding us that several promising off-label drugs haven’t been approved for therapeutic use against COVID. The approved for humans, anti-parasitic drug ivermectin, is the topic here. Criticism and comments from the FDA and other naysayers are numerous and colorful.

From “Why are people taking horse medication for COVID-19 infections?” The NY Post: “People taking horse, cow de-wormer for supposed COVID-19 treatment.” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow repeated reports of veterinary drug overdoses. Her colleague Joy Reid scoffed at people self-medicating by ingesting “horse paste.” USA TODAY reported on prominent podcaster Josh Rogan being prescribed deworming medicine. CNN referred to it as “horse-dewormer.” They all seem to avoid the part about ivermectin being approved and safe for human use.

Making matters worse, the FDA tweeted “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” That’s a cruelly misleading official warning and has been widely exploited. And the “horse-paste” story lives on.

The source of some reports came from an inaccurate Rolling Stone article that was later corrected. A doctor told a local news station that Oklahoma hospitals were overrun by patients overdosing on ivermectin and gunshot wounds were being neglected. The hospital referred to in the story rebutted the claim by reporting the quoted doctor hadn’t practiced there for months and had never treated ivermectin overdoses.

The animal formulation of ivermectin originated in the 1970s. The human anti-parasitic version was approved in 1996. In 2015, scientists who developed ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. The drug “revolutionized therapy for patients suffering from devastating parasitic diseases.” But how about use fighting COVID?

Even though the FDA hasn’t evaluated ivermectin for COVID treatment, much supportive information is available on government websites. Here’s a sampling:

• …Ivermectin, an FDA-approved antiparasitic previously shown to have broad-spectrum anti-viral activity in vitro, is an inhibitor of the causative virus (SARS-CoV-2)…Ivermectin therefore warrants further investigation…

• …Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin… American Journal of Therapeutics 28, e434-e460 (2021)

• …more than 20 randomized clinical trials have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses…found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities…

•…Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality…time to clinical recovery… American Journal of Therapeutics

• There are numerous reports coming out of India regarding their success using ivermectin. India’s vaccination rate was under 10%.


Clarification of abbreviations: PMC=PubMed Central, nlm=Nat. Library of Medicine, ncbi=Nat. Center forBiotechnology Info, nih=National Institute of

There’s much supportive data, but the FDA doesn’t seem inclined to officially investigate ivermectin’s efficacy. Some confusion may have come from the disconnect created from recommending an anti-parasitic drug for use in treating a virus. I read an explanation stating that ivermectin’s effectiveness comes from acting upon cells to help them accept anti-viral drugs which inhibit virus replication. I’ll leave further explanation to experts.

If a doctor or institution is convinced a safe, off-label drug had lifesaving potential, why wouldn’t they simply step up and start using it. Here are excerpts from retired physician Dr. Ted Noel ‘s 9/22 article in American Thinker: “The failure of the CDC to endorse any treatment that did not emanate from its exalted halls should give us our first glint of clarity…Ivermectin isn’t on the Medicare/Medicaid approved list…for COVID…The financial risks (of prescribing it) may be extreme.” Therefore, if the physician or group flunked government protocol, a charge of “fraud” is quite likely.

Many credible medical professionals believe in the effectiveness of ivermectin for battling COVID. Contrary to the mocking and criticism, much of the privately gathered information is more than just wishful thinking.

During a pandemic, pharmaceutical companies and their government regulators should shift thinking from “peacetime” to “wartime” protocols and processes. That should apply to off-label therapeutics, not just vaccine development. It’s a tragic embarrassment that this investigative responsibility has been relegated to others, who then struggle to get attention, let alone approval.

We’ve spent far too little energy exploring the lifesaving therapeutic potential of off-label drugs, while wasting far too much energy on political squabbling. I pray we’ve learned a lesson.

Steve Bakke,
Fort Myers